ReTropical Your Eyes And Keep Summer Sizzling


Eyeshadow in threes with summer shades at the frugal price of $10 is it possible? You bet with the ReTropical Eyeshadow Trio from Yves Rocher. Summer has many shades of sizzle to it, so let your eyes offer the sultry looks of the tropics without traveling there.

Three colors in this collection are Eucalyptus which offers a green to intensify the eye color, but this green is ultra-pigmented which means all eyes will be on you! Bleu des Bermudes: a flashy shade, subtly pearly for deep Blue Lagoon, and PĂȘche Melba: an ultra- pearly Nude shade to light up your eyes.

This collection is perfect for teens to ladies as it offers the trio and something for every eye color. You can wear them alone, or combined depending on the effect of color you want. Since the colors are silky, you don’t need a brush packed up in your cosmetic bag to spread the beauty, just your finger! The color is intensely tropical. 2 big tropical eyes up for this great tropical frugal find!