Royal Simplicity In A Bootie

Booties on the ground

My feet get me from place to place and meeting to meeting.

More often than not, my workdays are long so comfort is mandatory.

I believe that ever bootie that I put on should be able to transition from day to night.

Booties should treat my feet like royalty.

Each and every pair should provide royal simplicity in a bootie.

What do I mean?

My clothing is an extension of who I am so my booties finish the look and keep me ‘on-trend’ if styled right.

Royal simplicity in a bootie comes in many styles.

So what do I mean when I say, Royal Simplicity in a bootie?

Booties should be sophisticated-looking but generous in cushioning and arch support.

Thereby giving feet the royal treatment.

Last, sustainable design and manufacturing matter as well as what a brand gives back after they use resources.

The booties I have from this brand, meet sustainability head-on as well as providing trees for the future, and jobs from some in Haiti.

It’s important to give back as a brand because borrowing from the earth comes with a big price tag.

You’ll find that each of these shoes in the brand’s portfolio gives back through jobs or donations of trees, so a great company/brand providing a solution to today’s most current environmental issues.

Do you want Royal Simplicity in a Bootie too?

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases read more on my disclosure.Booties on the ground in leaves from Earth Origins Whether I am traveling and packing less (ha, ha good one), or working locally, I need one reliable pair of booties, even if I own many!

These booties are the booties that ‘go’ with me as the day moves along, often all day long!

Because travel is so much a part of my life if I pack one good pair of booties, I should be in good shape for most outfits (ha, not this shoe addict, but these boots could go the long mile!).

Also, as an active mom, my feet need royal simplicity, soft rebounding soles, easy to take on and off openings, and naturally a solid heel for no missteps.

My Royal Simplicity In A Bootie Journey Around My Home

We live deep in the suburbs on old farmland where you can walk and walk for miles.

Yes, we certainly spend a fair amount of time outside to keep active.

Pittsburgh has so many different options of areas to live in from the city to suburbs, farmland to neighborhoods.

One thing is certain in Pittsburgh, the trails and beautiful landscape beckon you to connect with the earth and we do.

Royal Simplicity In A Bootie

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The booties from Earth Origins can be worn without socks.

In fact, the insole is so soft in fact it is made of premium leather uppers and offers a glove-soft leather lining (think soft as butter).

I love being able to be sock-free because some days are long and if the only freedom I have on the job is letting my peds feel free then so be!

My toes are fostered in a very supportive environment and they look trendy big wins!

Earth Origin Shoes

Earth Origin's Booties on a fence post

If you know me, you know I love to know more about the shoes that are on my feet and how they came about.

Behind every good pair of shoes is a great story and Earth Origins Brands Footwear has a great story that I have already kind of shared.

You can actually read more about their ‘giving back’ efforts on their website!

For those of you looking for shoes or booties and crave authenticity in a brand and styling that offers original innovations, this is your new fave, I am sure.

The boots I have been trotting around in have been both stylish and comfortable.

My Booties provide Royal Simplicity

Earth Origins Bootie on a basketball

The Royal bootie provides a comfortable footbed, arch support, and heels that are over padded which provide you with comfort for day-long wear.

Why ROYAL is Perfect For Me

Neutral color is where it’s at in styling for me.

My current bootie is chestnut-brown which allows me to easily mix and match it with leggings, and denim.

Suede jumps the booties from basic to fabulous and the faux zipper and buckle on one side give it that ‘western’ look that is kickie with jeans!

Don’t like heavy booties?

No worries, booties from this brand are not heavy on the foot

Instead, you will find a bootie that’s right for you, and it will be light and airy to stride in.

Trust me, after playing an impromptu game of basketball in them I know!

Exploration Of My Farmland Neighborhood

Park trail with cloudy skies

We spend a lot of time out and about and one of our favorite spots is right on our walking trails and at our neighborhood park.

My kids love to run the track, hit baseballs, play tennis, and roam the trails.

Really with this for a backyard could you pass it up?

More often than not, after school, we will head on over to the park with them so they can have fun.

One day, after work, I actually forgot a change of shoes and I had on my booties on (it’s not the first time)!

We literally parked the car in our driveway and just took off for the hiking trails. Earth Origins Boots in the leaves with no feet in them

The booties from Earth Origins are super comfortable so I forget I am wearing them.

As we were walking along, we were collecting, leaves, and acorns and naturally the boys were looking for toads.

Did I mention that the footbeds in the booties are cushioned and comfortable?

It is their premium standard on each pair of booties!

Heel of a boot from Earth Origins

Gotta admit that padded heel displaces shock through arch support!

Along the way, we shot a few hoops, walked a bit more and my feet were comfy the Whole-time, and after I took them off as well! We walk our trails, and we shot a few hoops and then we headed home.

My Earth in Pittsburgh

Versatility, coupled with neutral color choices allows me variance in what I dress in while providing my feet Royal Simplicity in a bootie.

What I love about my ROYAL booties are their wear-anywhere look and that fact that they can be professional or casual looking just by changing up an outfit.

From our walking trails to the basketball court I am set to be stylish and comfortable.

I put my booties on and just live life out loud.

A bootie out loud and make a fabulous fashion statement being simple yet sophisticated.