Shimmer Branches and Tinsel Pop-Up Trees

When I start cleaning up the house for the holidays, all I think about is the chaos of opening totes and cleaning till the house shines.  I know once all the glitz and glam is up, I won’t be cleaning that hard for about 6 weeks, so woo-hoo to a clean vacation.  I want to make sure that what I put up is no longer time consuming. I can remember building Christmas trees that took hours to match the branches to their pole spot, and that was just no fun.  With kids, a house, a job and a life, decorating takes a back seat and it has to be easy, fun and readily available.  Let’s face it the ambiance of a holiday is often built into the decor that surrounds it, so if we can make home decor for the holidays, fun, and simple to display, it pretty much is a go, right? Have you ever been envious of other’s and their great looking decorating, yet you have come to learn they put very little time into the decor, and the decor makes them look like a regular Molly Pro Home Decorator?  I can help you get that look.  Here is how I lavishly live holiday decorating out loud with Tinsel Pop-Up Trees and Shimmer Branches.

A few years ago, I watched a show where they were offering these ‘Pop-Up’ Trees, and I thought there is no way these things can work because it just looks too easy. In fact, fast forward about 2 years later and the trendiest decorating on the market is all about the ‘Pop-Up‘ and easy take down which in turn leads to less space being taken up because the trees that are out here now, fold flat as a pancake. I have been updating many of the things we bought  years back, claiming old space in my home and and pitching the garbage.  What our parents might have called gifts for hand-me-downs and treasures I am now calling trash.  I know for a fact that my kids won’t want what we have in our house when they get their own places, they will want the latest, and trendiest, easiest stuff, because life just leaves no time for all the prep work the old decorating items required.  Look at this great Tinsel Pop-Up Tree I just got in from BrylaneHome.  This was so easy to build that it went from box to display in under 3 minutes, and I am not kidding. I built both of these in 3 minutes flat.

Shimmer Branches and Tinsel Pop-Up Trees , decor, holidays, flat, pop up, easy to do, BrylaneHome, dana vento

The poles place into one another, and the tinsel pop-up happens just by draping it over the poles, it is fast and easy and beautiful. The best part is how flat it is for storage later. I mean we have trees that take up so much space that we are moving ourselves out of living spaces so we can store trees, it is just stupid, but these Tinsel Pop-Uptrees are smart! These are a set of 2 that measure  3’H and 5’H and their colors are lime and red( I saw dark green).

Shimmer Branches and Tinsel Pop-Up Trees , decor, holidays, flat, pop up, easy to do, BrylaneHome, dana vento

Now as I fidget and decorate the mantel it is always a struggle.  I want things I don’t have to plug in, but I can illuminate, which means battery powered items. I don’t do garland, because I think as a child I saw too much of it, plus, if you look around, they don’t really sell it that much anyway, that is old school.  I do love fresh boughs of pine, but that gets too dry, really makes a mess, and it often has bugs and sap not to mention that it can be a fire hazard, so no thanks.  I love this find from BrylaneHomeit’s called a Set of 5 Cordless Pre-Lit Shimmer Branches with Timer.

Shimmer Branches and Tinsel Pop-Up Trees , decor, holidays, flat, pop up, easy to do, BrylaneHome, dana vento

These are 40″ H.  You need three AA batteries, a screwdriver and a fireplace and you are set. That’s it.  Simply put the batteries in, and go, the time will do the rest, in fact from the time you put it on, until 8 hour later it will stay lit and then not relight for another 18 hours. These are pretty and come in a few color options.  I believe that you could use these for any holiday party during the year as it adds a bit of glam.  Stick the branches in a tall vase or just let them lay flat on the mantel, either way you have a great, easy way to decorate. The listing price on these is Under $20 making it quite the deal.

If you are looking for easy, trending decorating solutions, I have to say that BrylaneHomewould be your one stop to let your fingers make. Illuminate, decorate and don’t overspend, that’s how the holidays are done lavishly and that’s how I lavishly live the holidays and home decor out loud!

*product was provided to facilitate review, opinions, and  images are all mine but of course as I lavishly live life out loud!