Sophisticated Aruba Dining Experience For Brunch

Our meal was hosted by Windows on Aruba. Thank you for the exceptional cuisine and views! ~ Dana XO
Windows On ArubaTwo very steadfast parts of any day, morning and night.

Vacation seems to be when most of us step back and appreciate each of these.

After you’ve taken your Sunday morning run, enjoyed a bit of beach time and are ready to relax a spectacular brunch awaits.

I may be jaded, by my personal experience, but I will say it is the best brunch on Aruba.

aruba druif beach Conversely, as the day draws to a close, the sun sets in Aruba.

The sunset and a glass of wine alone are something to behold, yet it can get better than this.

Sparkling windows from floor to ceiling in this same restaurant allow more than formidable views of both the Caribbean Sea and the Divi Links Golf Course.

As minutes march forward on the clock, so too does the sun, as it prepares to set.

Caribbean Sea waters seem to tuck in the last rays of sunshine, alongside it, a million-dollar view, right at the vista in front of your table.

Smart, sophisticated, fine dining, an Aruba not-to-be-missed foodie experience awaits.

Come here for a masterfully executed dinner and sunset or to welcome your new week for a Sunday brunch.

Whatever you do, just don’t miss out on the sophisticated Aruba dining experience for brunch or your vacation will not be complete.

Where is this sophisticated Aruba dining experience?

windows viewDivi VillageGolf and Beach Resort houses one* of the most sophisticated Aruba dining experiences you want to reserve a space at.

Windows On Aruba.

Windows On Aruba is..

champagn at windows on aruba Truly Windows on Aruba is an upscale experience, offering foods for the sophisticated palate.

The Brunch menu is large enough to provide plenty of choices for any type of lifestyle.

Croissant at Windows ON Aruba Unending orders make it an excellent value and probably the only meal you will eat all day.

Portioned plates allow you to eat, try and repeat.

Service is on par with pricing and friendly.

Beverage of the brunch service are Mimosas and water.

Dress to impress, it’s not an ordinary ambiance.

Tall windows, allow the light to filter in and the beach and golf course to show off their grandeur.

Reservations are necessary.

Allow your tastebuds to indulge in savory, beautifully presented, appetizing foodie-pleasing options.

WINDOWS on Aruba sign

Where Is Windows ON Aruba?

Head towards the Links Golf COurse the Sports Shop.

Up a set of stairs, or in an elevator (if your heels are too high to walk-in), and you’ve arrived.

There may be a line if you are first to arrive for the Brunch.

Reservations are necessary if you want to get in, as are dress clothes.

Brunch attire for guys, golf shirts, golf shorts, dress shoes. You get it.

entrance to host at Windows ON Aruba at Brunch Ladies, resort wear such as sundresses and fun pants, sandals, etc.

Go sparkly, stay reserved, just keep those short shorts for the beach!

You are entering a classic restaurant and you want to look the part.

I saw dresses to the floor, snappy looking sundresses, and elegant swingy pants, all completely rocking it.

Brunch with an old-school atmosphere for classic dress, yet islandy enough to be comfortable.

See our Dinner Experience at Windows On Aruba HERE!


Entrance and Restaurant at Windows ON Aruba What’s special about this destination are all the windows and the Divi Links Golf Course with the Caribbean Sea view straight ahead.

No matter WHAT table you are at, your view will be spectacular.

WINDOWS is set as a circular restaurant, no tables are behind, and all tables have a view.

open kitchen in Windows ON Aruba On the back half of the ‘circle’ you are in, you will find the kitchen, with ‘windows’ you can look into.

As you walk in, to your left is a bar area, and in the morning, a seat for a Violinist!

bar area in Windows On Aruba

Being honest, it was very awkward for me to photograph, please forgive the lighting.

We were not right next to a window and people were watching every time I tried to photograph.

viloinist chair at Windows On Aruba Generally, I try to keep it to a dull roar when working as to not disturb anyone else and to be inconspicuous but it was obvious.

With that said, some of these photos will not be the best that they could be as I had people behind me and in front of us, etc.

Trying to not impede anyone’s vacation was mandatory, so please forgive the less than perfect images and enjoy the great ones!

I do think I should have gone to the table in front of us, that ordered 8x and asked to photograph their food, lol!

If you are really curious, head to Aruba and experience it, you won’t’ regret it!

Brunch ~ A Must Experience: Sophisticated Aruba Dining

Mimosa Champagne and OJ at Windows on Aruba Start off with a mimosa, and follow that by another and another.

Cheers to Sunday.

Then there was the all-celebratory table behind us, who told the server, ‘stop playing with the orange juice, leave the bottle of champagne only!”

Yes, to answer your question, the server complied.


Windows Brunch and Understanding How It Works.

Don’t be afraid to order. Eat. Repeat.

Yes, that is how it is done.

The server will take ONE item at a time.

Once it is served, the server comes back and asks for additional orders.

You are not ordering everything at once.

Order. Savor. Repeat. As much as you want, as long as you want!

brunch menu Windows ON Aruba

Divi Properties & Is It All-Inclusive?

For those staying at Divi Properties (all-inclusive Tamarijn and Divi Divi, as well as Divi Village AI), there is an additional charge.

It is not part of the AI Program, but it is a straight charge per person.

It’s one fee per person and it’s all you can eat, however, it does not appear that way on the menu.

brunch menu at Windows Aruba Basically, the menu is provided and you begin ordering.

Choose one item at a time, and the food is delivered to the table.

windows pastry basket and menu page 2

While you wait there are ‘brunch appetizers’ which really are outstanding pastries.

pastries to table Warning *** don’t fill up on these, there is a large menu and you can order off of it over and over and over until you are ready to ROLL out of Windows, LOL.

Truly, a couple dining around us, ordered 8 times. I was just in awe.

We did not come anywhere near that amount of food nor beverage.

Pastries that are outstanding, will be presented.

DO try to not eat them all.

They are filled, and definitely pleasing.

Look Outside, Enjoy the View during your sophisticated Aruba dining experience.

What a brilliant blue sky right?

Amazing, and you can’t help but smile, but I think the food has something to do with this happiness as well.

windows viewRemember, it’s not just the food that is delicious, it’s the ambiance.

Hmmm, which is it? How about both!

The way the light hits the windows that again are floor to ceiling.

It’s almost like you are inside of a Terrarium!

windows divi links course

Food, Glorious Food at Windows on Aruba

To not spoil your future sophisticated dining experience, I will just share a few pictures of the food.

Watermelon Feta Salad

I could have eaten about 5 plates of this, I stopped at one.

Sweet, succulent watermelon bites, amidst greens and a balsamic glaze, just danced across my tastebuds. Mmm.

watermelon feta salad

I’m A Sucker for A Caprese Salad

Oh, what a salad.

A slice of fresh mozzarella, tomato and topped off with very fresh arugula.

Delish. Refreshing. Beautifully executed.

Caprese Salad Brunch at Windows On Aruba

Scallops and Lobster

Seafood. It’s a must-order especially because it is so fresh we are right at the sea!

Lobster sauce atop the scallops and the mango chutney to top it all.

lobster scallop and pasta at Windows On Aruba

Allergen Friendly Dining Pros & Cons

I’m going to be brutally honest, not to dissuade you from dining here but…

My son has serious food allergies.

They could not have been more accommodating, but it was busy.

Above you see his plain pasta, so he had an option.

Below the waffle, which he could have ordered more, but read on as to why we stopped.

windows waffle nikoI personally felt bad having to impost our son’s allergies onto the Chef who had to make special food due to his allergies.

There was a gap between the timing of the order (it is so busy) and what all he could order.

The waffle above is what he dined on and a pasta.

pasta Honestly, it is very limited and if you have food allergies, while they go above and beyond, I think this may not be your stop.

Where Niko Travels had a special set of waffles and a bowl of pasta. That was it. It was too busy to ask for more and we felt that.

Also, don’t forget, he has multiple food allergies and as we were advised all of the food is prepared ahead with latex and no concern (as it should be) for cross-contamination.

He could not eat the pastries or the bread that was sent to the table due to nuts.

Most of the menu was off-limits too, so very restrictive and there are other more suitable options for the food he required.

Our Thanks

My thanks to Windows on Aruba for hosting us.

We had a very memorable and beautiful dining experience both at dinner and at brunch.

windows exiting

The staff is welcoming, warm and kind.

They, in fact, go all out to make this the best dining experience you will have on the island and it is heavenly.

Scenery, coupled with a brilliant menu truly creates the quintessential brunch visit on the island.

Don’t forget to make a reservation and I suggest arriving when it opens as it does get busy!

Enjoy this fabulous restaurant with Windows from floor to ceiling.

May the sun shine on your day and the food taste spectacular ~ DANA XO

*there’s another, but it is not on Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort, I’ll share that soon too, but it is at a Divi Property! Stay tuned!