Spring Cleaning Meets The Fellowes Shredder

Mail leads to paper, works leads to paper and it seems that paper clutter is everywhere.  I try to be vigilant and recycle papers that can be but paper just gets ahead of me.  Now as I am dusting off the window sills, cleaning windows, rooms, doors and baseboards, it is increasingly  apparent that I have lost the battle against paper, but I will again reign supreme! One thing is certain, I don’t just toss papers out because we have had problems before with a Garbage Creeper and I don’t want any other problems, as it is really hard to get your identity back! Since I won’t toss papers out, it is very important that I have a way to get rid of my papers and keep my identity safe.  As spring cleaning brings on the need to, toss, recycle and reuse and it demands clearing up paper clutter I keep safe from those lovely creepers that want my info.  Here’s my story on lavishly living spring cleaning out loud and how to clear paper clutter without comprising your identity as Spring Cleaning Meets The Fellowes Shredder.

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Spring Cleaning Meets The Fellowes Shredder P-12C

Once upon a time in the driveway of my home was a total creeper.  This man circled our neighborhood weekly for the ‘goods’ and anything else he could get his hands on in the trash bins.  Funny thing, this man was actually not on the road, he was IN my driveway, on our property and rifting through my trash cans.  Every week he would slow down, drive to my home and 3 others on the street(there are over 48 homes on this road) and he would STOP and get out of his car.  One morning, as he was clearly IN my driveway, on my property, I was sitting in the car, that I pulled out ahead of the creeper getting to my home and I sat ready and waiting for him! As he approached, he slowed down, without a second thought and when he did I lit that sucker’s eyes up with my high-beams and then I confronted him and told him he had to leave, he was trespassing and that he COULD NOT GO THROUGH MY TRASH BINS.  Needless to say, I did go to the police, they have had so many others in our surrounding area turn him in, and has been questioned, but he still continues. I felt violated and worried about the papers with our personal information on them!

Fellowes Shredder, paper, spring cleaning, papers, identity theft, small office, home office, paper shred, dana vento, office supplies,

What has me going is what he sees when he gets into our trash, our account numbers, our personal items, but, that all is changed with a shredder.  The Fellowes 12 Sheet Shredder is perfect for my home office that is not large, and gets just enough papers in it to trash a desk top.  The Fellowes Cross-Cut Paper Shredder actually eats up to 12 sheets at a time.  Well, I call it eating, but you would call it feeding papers up to the amount of 12.

Things you will love: You don’t have to sit there and feed them in one-by-one, just stack them together, and go.  If you get your hands too close it has an auto-sensor that will not allow the shredder to function until your hands are clear.  The Fellowes Cross-Cut Paper Shredder includes a 4-gallon bin which is easy to remove for emptying.  You can run this particular shredder for up to five minutes before it sets itself into cool down mode.  I tend to run it in short spurts as I accumulate small piles. Don’t worry about staples and paper clips as this will destroy them! Woot Woot! This particular shredder can be found at Walmart and it retails for only $89.97, saving your personal documents from identity theft, making it a priceless purchase!

Identity theft is such a concern today and it can be eliminated from your trash cans if you shred your papers rather than just toss them out, because short of burning your papers, this is the best way handle your personal information. Now this information is what you really want to know: the paper that you toss into the shredder is cut into 309 particles per sheet as it cross cuts, talk about identity safe!

If you really want to be environmentally friendly, as we are, you can take the newspapers you might otherwise be tossing into the recycle bin and shred it into this shredder.  Use the shred in your garden beds, it truly helps to hamper down the weeds and it holds water nicely to keep those plants saturated. We have been doing this for a few years as has my dad and we love the results.  You do want to make sure to wet it so it does not fly away on the first application.

The Fellowes P-12C offers a very slim profile design and it is perfect for your at-home office.  The blades will cross-cut up to 12 pieces of paper at one time and it has the ability to shred credit cards too.  Have a garbage creeper like I did? Shred and end the problems, keep your identity safe and lavishly live spring cleaning and year round cleaning of personal papers and documents when you shred them!

*product was provided for review by a PR Company, opinions and images are my own as I lavishly live life out loud!