Fabulous St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort

Are you searching for a fabulous St. Maarten All-Inclusive resort?

How about a mile of private beach, great snorkeling, warm water, and multiple pools?

Vacation is about options and the resort I am about to share has lots of options including All-Inclusive or pay as you go!

Your Google Search for “St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort” stops here!

What I know for certain is that once spoiled by location, and destination, St. Maarten will steal your heart and beckon you to return!

After experiencing this resort, I know you will want to visit this St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort!

St Maarten All-Inclusive Resort Seeking a vacation to have the time of your life?

A St. Maarten all-inclusive resort on a secluded peninsula will provide that beach vibe and energy you want to harness!

Saltwater is good for the sole and vitamin d is free!

Take advantage of the optional St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort offerings and relax!

Do know that the All-Inclusive is not a requirement, you can also pay as you go, so one fabulous St. Maarten resort offers great options for vacay!

My Trip was sponsored. Opinions are all my own!

Let’s Dive In: St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort: It’s Fabulous!

An island that has rebuilt after hurricane devastation awaits our arrival and it’s just about 4 hours fromNew York!

We arrive at Princess Julianna Airport in Sint Maarten (the Dutch Side) and that unto itself is its own is a big deal.

Traveling to All Inclusive St Maarten ResortWhy? Read more on my article about the fun we had watching Big commercial planes, on a little landing strip.

Once the plane lands, real-world time stops, and our daily clocks convert to island time.

Island time transitions into vacation time are it 3, 5, 7, 9, 16 days, whatever it is!

Truly, this is the stuff great vacations are made of.

Destination: St. Maarten!

We have arrived at Divi Little Bay Beach resort, a.k.a. a St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort.

I’ll repeat: Divi Little Bay Beach Resort is an optional All-Inclusive, but we OPTED for All-Inclusive! Read on!

Divi St Maarten Beach Front of Property: St. Maarten All-Inclusive ResortWe are here!

I am worse than a child, I want to open the van door and move like ‘the Flash’ to experience everything in a minute!

So much travel time under my belt and yet nothing could have impressed me more than the secluded peninsula we were about to gaze at!

WOW, Island life is crazy good, and we have not even stepped foot on the sand!

This Might Be What Heaven On Earth Looks Like: St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort

St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort from the TopSide. Divi Little Bay Our driver, Robert, showed us the view of the ‘Pink Resort’ on the secluded peninsula from atop. Divi Little Bay Beach resort jettied as far as the eye could see below.

In fact, it was a sea of pink, that seems to form a crescent around the Little Bay itself.

White glistening sand, and water so clear we could see right to the bottom of it from above.

The property boasts 2 bays. Little Bay and Big Bay. Big bay harbors the cruise ship ports!

Guess what? Little Bay is where this fabulous St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort resides and Little Bay offers shallows perfect for all guests young and old to get into the water and enjoy!

Fabulous St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort Ahead

Fabulous Entrance exterior of buildings to the St Maarten All Inclusive ResortChecking in is a cinch and you can make a spur of the moment decision to go All-Inclusive once you are there

You don’t need to book your vacay at Divi Little Bay Resort that way, so go for it and have the time of your life!

Oh, The Options at this St. Maarten Resort!

When you plan your fabulous St. Maarten vacation, I suggest reviewing your options.

Consider this St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort before the pay-as-you-go.

Decide if you will be drinking your whole vacay or if you are going to leave Divi Little Bay and eat out more than in!

Why did we opt for the St. Maarten all-inclusive resort package at Divi Little Bay?

Because short and sweet: the St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort package makes vacation easier! Fabulous St Maarten All Inclusive Resort: Getting All Inclusive band on but you don't have to be all-inclusive!

Instead of digging in my beach bag for my card to charge it to, and wondering how much I am tacking onto my bill, I’ve already conceded to go with the All-inclusive.

Rather than stopping my ‘go mode’ or my ‘slow mode’ the St. Maarten all-inclusive resort package just lets life move on without an extra beat, no moments lost, no wallet needed.

Kids + St. Maarten

My No. 1 Reason for Seeking St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort, KIDS!

I should wear a sign: “have teens, they eat everything all day long!”

That translates to, “Mom, I’m hungry” statements round the clock and “can I have cash, a key, or the CC.” No. No and No!

Add that to random charges teens make, and well a recipe for vacation financial disaster. Instead, we took advantage of the St. Maarten All-Inclusive resort plan!

Drinks. Eats. Sip, Sip, Hooray I’m at the St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort Today!

With so many possible beach drink concoctions, buckets of beer on the beach, and delicious foods, I believe that all-inclusive is perfect.

Choose what I want, when I want, and let life just be. We know Divi Little Bay as the ‘St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort’!

Divi Little bay Beach Drinks All Inclusive St Maarten Resort

However, as it is not always the right fit for everyone staying there, and the fact that the casitas have kitchens, having the option to pay as you go is cool too!

Flexible is the perfect mix for balance and DIVI Little Bay Beach Resort has that! If you are staying longer, you might be cooking and budgeting differently so the fact that this St. Maarten beach resort (Divi Little Bay) has so much flex power makes it uniquely perfect for all vacationers!

Fabulously Upscale without Pretentiousness

Divi St Maarten Beach Front 1 1I prefer non-pretentious, upscale resorts. Translation: No snobby lobby, and not a place where I have to dress like a queen to go out, that’s not vacay.

When you look at this destination resort, you have to admit, it should be pretentious because its ambiance is beyond spectacular!

Thank goodness it’s not or it would have been a bad choice.

The causal relationship I prefer is gorgeous to look at, providing all those extra elements of upscale without the ‘snob on the side’.

Divi Little Bay Beach resort is an excellent location, resort, providing upscale ambiance without the phony-baloney bs!

St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort: Upscale Yet So Basic

Packing luggage should never have to require bringing your Sunday best for every day of the week. Not in my world

To transition to vacay mode, I prefer bathing suits, shorts, tees, and one cocktail dress. Beyond that, may the wind have its way with my hair, and the sun kisses my skin.

Showers are great for rinsing off the saltwater and reviving tight skin from the day, and naturally to feel refreshed after long walks and big adventures!

All good here, and our room had a washer and a dryer, so less to pack, less to tote, AMEN!

St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort On A Secluded Peninsula

Here’s what else my ‘St. Maarten All-Inclusive resort package included a room with a killer view of the Big Bay, where cruise ships port!

Divi St Maarten Big Bay View From RoomBright-eyed, because I opened the window that starts this vacation!

What was the only thing between me and having fun? Nothing.

Whether we were in our casitas or out on the property every moment glistened, like the sparkling water!

St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort Tip:

Check-in on a weekday and out on a weekday to avoid the total chaos at the airport!

Front Desk Area at Divi Little Bay

Divi St Maarten Beach adironack beach chairs 1 1Fresh florals, plenty of seating, cold towels, and to the left the most awesome view of the Little Bay.

Your life just got made with this arrival at the Divi Little Bay Beach Resort (a.k.a. St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort!)

Breathe in deeply to enjoy the fresh air, gaze at the swaying, breezy palms and the sun, it’s yours as long as you are there!

We are off to a One Bedroom Studio, and a 2 Bedroom suite.

On-Premises of St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort

Situated on the property for ALL Divi Little Bay guests: (all-inclusive or pay as you eat and drink)

  1. 3 bars offering unlimited beverages,
  2. Restaurants from dressier to laid back (3 to be exact)
  3. Beach bar service

Reception Area To Room

We were fortunate to be taken to our room by golf cart.

I should pack lighter, I will pack lighter!

No matter where you are in this resort, you are close to the beach or a pool.

Pretty much the beach is 150 feet from most rooms (other than hilltop)

St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort directional Sign Divi Resorts

Entering Our Rooms

The casitas just added to the vacation excitement, room by room and step by step. Our adventure had begun.

To experience our rooms, it is best to watch the video here as it captures the rooms at their best!

5 People- 2 Rooms & Tons of Amenities

Divi St Maarten in one of our casitasSO much space, great amenities, and the kicker: we spent so little time in our room and so much time at the beach, pools, and dining!

Yes, I said rooms, because, with 5 of us, it is much more prudent to give space and privacy to young adults! We had a Single for the boys and our room had the 2 bedroom suites with a common living area, kitchen, and patio.

Our Room

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One of my favorite things about our room was the washer and dryer! I am kidding, but it was a nice perk and such a MOM thing to say right?

Our terrace was the masterpiece for time well spent just doing nothing.

Private, large and perfect to sit on during the night to watch the moonlit sky dance across the water. We did this a few nights.

We would eat, have a drink or 2 with dinner and then walk the property a bit.

Afterward, we would just head to our room and lounge in our PJs on the terrace.

The tranquil sound of the water against the wall and the gentle sound of the palm tree leaves swaying in the wind is the best of nature.

The Gathering Zone

Luxury All Inclusive Resort In St. Maarten On A Secluded Peninsula, St. Maarten, SXM, Vacation, Travel, GlobeTrotting, Passport required, Caribbean, Traveling around, beaches, water, snorkeling, drinks, food, Pools, Divi Little Bay Beach Resort

In the hope that we all would be together and not separated just because we had an extra room for the boys, we had a family living area and a large kitchen.

Now, I could have cooked in there but as the mom that cooks every meal while we are home, I put on my ‘Mom On Strike’ face while on vacation.

Don’t let that deter you from cooking or using the kitchen.

I still made coffee here, popped open a wine bottle, cracked open a beer, made a cup of tea, etc.

Yes, I was all too happy that the kids would come in to use the kitchen and then stay with us.

Grocery shopping can be done right on the premises.

Alternatively, if you hire a private driver you can head into town to the fresh markets and grab food there as well.

Last, I remain envious of those people staying at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort that had a delicious loaf of French Bread from this market.

I saw so many people hauling loaves of french bread.

Naturally, as a foodie, I swore I was going to bring a loaf home and then in true Mom mode, forgot!

The Kitchen & The Kids

The kids used our kitchen to pop their nightly bowls of popcorn and watch some television together.

Of course, we also had a few family discussions of what to expect for the next day and to make sure that everyone was doing everything they wanted to.

We know well, that vacation is for the WHOLE family, not just Michael and I.

In fact, the best vacations stem from everyone chiming in and requesting things to do so we all have our moment.

Our fridge was kept stocked with beer and wine, and soda.

There’s no other time to indulge more in those things we love than while on a trip right?

Utensils, bottle openers, glasses, mugs, plates, pots, and pretty much anything you needed to create meals could be found in your kitchens. Loved this!

Our Foodie Tradition Traveled With Us

Now you might find this funny, but we have a Vento tradition. Any time OREO offers up a new flavor, we grab ONE pack.

However, no one is allowed to taste that package until EVERYONE is together to taste at the same time.

It goes something like this. MJ opens the package, Michael smells them first, then Kallie, Niko and Me.

Last, MJ distributes them one-by-one and we all bite at the count of three.

Then we vote on the flavor. Guess what? We hauled one package of OREOS with us that no one had tried and did this tradition in our Divi Little Bay Beach Suite!

Yep, we are foodies and the apples don’t fall far from the trees!

Did I Mention?

Before I forget this, there is a washer and a dryer in some of the units (be sure to ask) and ours had one.

If you are not frequent flyers with an airline brand, don’t hold a particular credit card, etc. luggage can be a huge expense.

The answer at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort: bring less, and enjoy more.

Trust me, there was plenty of time to do a load of laundry at night, and we did not overpack. For me, it might have been a first.

Between our 2 rooms, we had 4 bathrooms. We’ve had good travel accommodations before, but this experience was FABULOUS.

The closet space was immense and there was a safe.

Something that is very important to me, and is lacking in so many places I travel.

Additionally, large screen televisions and a double bowl sink in our bathroom.

Couches in the living space in our suite and Kallie’s room also offered additional bed sources if so needed.

Which, Niko decided to use partway through the trip. We suddenly had a filled-to-capacity room!

Across The Hall in Room 512

The swinging Single Studio Room was perfect for the boys. Albeit I thought Kallie was going to take the room, the boys wanted it.

So we just adjusted. They loved their small patio area and their privacy.

We loved it because they were right there, yet, had a space of their own.

And To The Beach, We Go…

Divi St Maarten Beach sunsetQuickly, we began to settle in, unpacking, filling the enormous closet space and drawers.

Then, we changed into our swim apparel and headed outside.

Almost overwhelmed by the immense spread on the peninsula, I started wondering how we would possibly see it all.

My husband, always quick to notice my facial expressions, recognized the panic one, “layer by layer, Dane, we have a week.”

St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort Dana Dressed for beach

The Famed St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort’s GIZMO

Gizmo and Kevin at the bar by the Divi Little Bay beach

She’s the Divi Little Bay Beach Resort mascot, and she’s a total DIVA. Ladies, watch your man because our fine-feathered friend will get her ‘claws’ into his affections.

Trust me on this, she loves men way more than men. Gizmo’s got more personality in her than some people I know and she’s a treat to watch in action.

Do adhere to the NOT FEEDING her signs, or she will get sick.

Gizmo the Iconic Parrot

Play By Day and Rest By Night With a Splash of Night Life

Head over to Gizmos. Here you will find some form of entertainment. Sometimes it is a singer, sometimes a band, but no matter who it is, they rock, literally.

Generally, I am not too moved by most people who sing. Often places put people behind that mic that should not be there. Not Divi Little Bay Resort.

WOW! The locals here are entertaining and really have awesome voices.

Entertianment part of the St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort

The Party At Night ends, so it can start again tomorrow!

Beautiful, crisp and clean, and with elegance you just don’t hear anymore! Amazing is the defining word for his performance.

Since it was the winter season, most of the nightlife (bar performances) ended by 10P.

By all means, if you have spent the day in the sun whether beachside or poolside, you will be drained.

Things To Do At Divi Resort

Divi St Maarten Beach wave runner 1For those that want to just sit poolside or oceanside, Divi Little Bay Resort gets you!

Vitamin D Served In Big Doses At No Extra Charge!

There are plenty of cabanas, chairs, and full beach service.

Want an umbrella? The Aquamania Water Outfitters will set those up for you.  Beach cabanas and umbrellas! Suck up free Vitamin D!

Our umbrellas were connected and we had 2 side tables, plenty of shade, and of course beach service with a smile from Emily.

We ordered buckets of beer, Margaritas, and tons of great beach eats.

St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort Divi: Margaritas on the beach

More Fun By Beach and Bar

On the beach, there were a few organized competitions by Tony. Also, some guy brought a bunch of crabs in a cage, all marked with numbers.

He had people place their bets on which crab would win. It got crazy for a few minutes watching this!

Things to do at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort

Take a walk up to Fort Amsterdam early in the morning. I suggest an early morning walk as the day does get warm and the view in the morning is fabulous.

You can watch the cruise ships come into port.

Plus Philipsburg is super close, so take time to go there and explore and discover!

Kids Get To Experience So Much

Pier jumping at Divi Little bay beach resort

I used to swim in our river, ski off of a boat, spend time in the ocean, skip over waves, collect shells, and then somewhere along the way I stopped.

Childhood is a short span of time. Traveling together is my time with my kids. Here, my kids were the best new versions of themselves I have seen in years.

No experience was turned down from paddleboarding to snorkeling to jet skiing. Of course, there was this moment with MJ jumping off the end of a pier without any way of knowing how deep it was!

And Then They Found The Gelato!

No the Gelato at the Amsterdam Cafe is not part of the St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort package, my kids enjoyed it a few times both here and in Phillipsburg!

Its’ vacation and cool treats are always welcome!

gelato break

Pools & Fun

Pick one of 3 pools at Divi Little bay beach resort (a.k.a. St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort) and jump in.

Try any or all, they are at your disposal as a guest!

Pools of Divi St MaartenYou know how I am the person that always says, “More is never enough?” I think Divi Little Bay Beach Resort is related to me.

There are 3 pools and each one has its own vibe and 2 of them have bars.

Infinity Pool

There’s that one place on every trip that inspires me and makes me want to capture its beauty that is not possible.

I tried, but pictures, don’t do this justice. What you need to know, is the Infinity pool is OPEN!

Infinity Pool at Divi St. Maarten

You’ll need to walk closer to the base of the hill before Fort Amsterdam. I highly suggest this pool area for an evening sunset opportunity.

Seabreeze Pool

Centrally located: Seabreeze Pool and Hot Tub. While we spent the least amount of time there other than passing by to head to the Infinity pool, walking pathway, or up to Fort Amsterdam.

Seabreeze pool at Divi resorts

Pure Ocean Pool By Day: Definitely Bar Time!

I spent a lot of time indulging here and this I believe is the perfect example of how to truly enjoy the St. Maarten All-Inclusive resort!

A swim-up bar, a fire pit with an area to sit around and gaze below at the pool and hot tub.

There are plenty of lounge chairs including chairs in the pool at the top tier, and of course, you can swim off and down to the bar.

Plus some really cool steps that are between the pool on one side to the other, that you can walk across (shoes on and street clothes if you like) and head over to the opposite side of the pool.

Pure Ocean Pool at Divi Little Bay

Food – Chairs – Look at This Pool

Divi St Maarten Beach full image 1 1This pool, is atop Gizmo’s, parallel to The Shack and you can order food from The Shack, Gizmos, or the new Pure Roc for delicious poolside eats and drinks.

Also, the Pure Ocean Pool sits right across from Gizmo’s Cage, so you will normally find her in this area, walking around on the rails or at the bar.

Traverse to the very top of the Pure Ocean pool, where you will find a very well-defined line of chairs in the water.

While you are not getting wet, you can stay cool. There are even places to hold your beverages. LOVE this.

Pool Food TipsPure Ocean Pool with Strawberry Daquiri

Hungry? Who’s not hungry and thirsty on vacay. Divi Resorts has made it easy.

Food is available from The Shack by the Pure Ocean Pool, and of course, libations are available right at the Pure Ocean Bar, swim-up or sit at.

Gizmo’s Bar and Grill is below The Shack if you want other types of food.

You do have to go order and pick up your food, but it is available to eat by the pool.

Pool By Night

At night, there is a lovely hot tub. It’s large and perfect with the cooler air outside. From inside you can see out to the ocean as vessels sail away, all lit, we did.

It’s romantic and beautiful.

Also, it’s a great time to take a walk along the pathway above the pool, just to see the true views from the property.

It’s quiet and lovely all in one big capture.

St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort Pool Pure Ocean by night

What You Will Find Here – Pure Ocean Pool

The pit fire in the middle. Want to gather with a purchased bottle of wine? Take it up to the fire pit.

Sit, sip and enjoy. It seems that every 1/2 hour or so the seats are free.

It is a popular spot but never taken over by anyone in particular.

Further, there are beautiful ‘futon-like’ seats to snuggle up on and enjoy the scenery as well in the same area, so make use of it all.

Bar Scene – What They Are Made Of Matters

At night, the on-property Gizmo’s Bar and Grill is where all the action is. Here, you can get a great cocktail, beer, etc. I had the best red wine at the Divi Resorts that I have had at any ALL-INCLUSIVE resort.

In fact, after I spoke with Leroy (the Pure Ocean bartender) I understood why.

Divi Resorts cuts no corners on their brands of alcohol offered and truly only has 2 options that are TOP SHELF and billed differently.

Everything else is great brands and the wine was dry, oak-barrel tasting and perfect. So impressed and I miss it.

We had crappy wine at one All-Inclusive in Mexico, so this was a pleasant surprise.

St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort

Want a drink? Your All-Inclusive can be used for libations at Gizmo’s Bar and Grill, The Pure Ocean Poolside Bar, and at the Seabreeze Bar (by the pool) as well.

The drinks are all-inclusive from soda to alcohol.

Steps by Gizmos to the Bay

Food is available from Gizmo’s Bar and Grill, Seabreeze Bar and Restaurant, and Pure Ocean.

Just read my article on The Shack and Beach Food at Divi Little Bay to learn more.

Grab and Go – Fort Amsterdam

While not included in your St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort package, you will come to find Fort Amsterdam quite useful and reasonably priced.

Want a quick cup of coffee? Perhaps a gelato? Just a sandwich?

Fort Amsterdam Cafe eats, not part of the St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort Package

Maybe you want some cheese and fruit or a quick breakfast sandwich. Fort Amsterdam will be the star attraction.

This stop is so useful and on the path no matter where you live. Also, the young girl that works behind the counter is fantastic, I can’t urge you enough to fill her tip jar!

We did every time we were in!

Amenities Of Staying At Divi

Some might say the pools are where it’s at on the Divi Little Bay Beach Property, but honestly, we spent such a great bit of time on the beach, I am torn.

There is no right or wrong answer. If it is a windy day, I might say head to the pool.

Beach time at Divi Little Bay Beach

However, the water is warm, clear and so perfect, we just kept on going in for more. Emily (of Gizmo’s Bar and Grill) will add a flag for food and beverage service.

Really, kick back, let every wave that rolls in, roll out with the stress in your body.

Enjoy The Time of Your Life at this St. Maarten All-Inclusive Resort

The time to just let life pass by is right now. Live in the moment, eat chips, drink beer, margaritas, wine, soda, and just be.

beach eats at Divi in St. Maarten

The food is all delicious and we chose from healthy to fun foods. Go for it! YOLO! As a vegetarian, I can’t commend the resort enough for all the options they have for me.

Water Sports Anyone?

There’s the perfect snorkel spot right on the property at the pier. There are simple steps down into it.

Now, what if I told you that Aqua Mania Adventures provides free snorkeling gear for you to enjoy the snorkeling?

As a guest, on all-inclusive you get the non-motorized at no additional charge!

Go Snorkel It’s Where The Cruise Ships Send their guests

If you really want to snorkel and see a helicopter, toilet, a Neptune Statute are all at the point right beyond the Infinity pool.

Can you swim there? Yes. You could also use a kayak if you like. They swam out, it was not a bad swim, they used float belts.

Aqua Mania Adventures provides non-motorized water sports equipment for the Divi Resort Guests.

Paddleboarding, kayaking, snorkeling, it’s all yours. The equipment is all well-maintained and works!

Jet Skiing Divi Little Bay

Towel Tip:

Since we had all-inclusive, our towels were included with our stay. We got our towels either at the concierge at the front desk area, or at Aquamania at the pier.

Time For The Wet Towel – That’s A Wrap

Playing in Divi Little bay Beach

I’m not going to tell you that you are going to party all night, or get sloppy drunk by day, that is NOT how we travel, nor what we want to be in.

Here, at the Divi Little Bay Beach Resort, we drank during the day, played in the ocean, splashed in the pool, hung by the bar, ate when we felt like it, and had refined fun.

As I said, I am NOT ostentatious, nor is my family, but we are polished and refined and like the best of… without feeling like the ambiance does not cater to that.

You’ll Enjoy The Ambiance and Remember the Fun!

Divi is about having fun, in an upscale environment.

The kids could let out a scream, laugh as hard as they wanted and no one turned ahead. A family next to us on the beach had the same age kids and they had driven across the island to come to the resort.

Our kids totally hung with theirs and WE adults chatted about the resort and teens!

Luxury All Inclusive Resort In St. Maarten On A Secluded Peninsula, beach at sunset

People that we were around have been coming there anywhere from 5 years to 20+ years and would not change their vacation spots ever.

Every person there is made to feel special and wanted. We seriously had the best time.

NO matter where I have traveled, this vacation destination will stand out as outstanding.

Make your reservations and just be. Epic. Relaxing. Special. I can’t wait to go back to Divi Little Bay Beach Resort in St. Maarten. ~ DANA XO

My trip was hosted but all images, content, and thoughts are my own, based on the trip I experienced. ~