The Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri

Have you ever cooked in a nonstick pan that gives off foul odors and then later found out that it was not quite so non-stick? I have and with all the cooking and meal preparation I do, trying out new pans has become second nature, as I am always looking for the next best thing. Ozeri presented an opportunity to test out their Stone Earth Pan.

The Stone Earth Pan is 100% free of PFOA for safe cooking and there are no heavy metals. The pan is non-stick and I can tell you it is non-stick. I cooked zucchini in it and did not put any oil in and the zucchini cooked perfectly with very little effort put forth on my part.

The pan is 10″ and very easy to clean up as nothing sticks. The pan is durable, and eco-friendly and induction stove safe. The handle offers comfort as it is coated in silicone.

I have tried cooking starchy potato cubes with success and peppers which all slid right out of the pan once cooked. I love saving time on clean up which is a great frugal reason to purchase the pan.