● Jenn-Air offers a prestigious, super premium luxury brand. Its reputation is based on leading-edge design and technology with sleek aesthetics and elegant precision. It’s about the look, the feel, and the Décor.
● KitchenAid is for the consumer who’s passionate about cooking, who views the kitchen as the hub of the home. Superior performance enables creativity, and products are seen as timeless and authentic.
● Maytag offers those appliances that are durable, reliable and prioritize function over forms.
● Whirlpool is the flagship brand and has been the authority on family care for more than a century.
● Amana is about simplicity in technology and value-driven. It offers families straightforward functionality that meets the needs of homeowners who prefer a relaxed lifestyle.

Tips For Integrating Kitchen Areas To Living Areas

Imagine standing in a very open kitchen, where the center island offers seating as well as wine refrigerators, warming drawers and more. The floors are wood, or faux wood, perhaps bamboo, but they match the décor because it too is styled and warming.

Mastering a renovation of a well-appointed kitchen living area is all about getting the look and the feel of the space refined and harmonious.  Harmony of appliances meshing with the style of the home is what creates mastering a well-appointed kitchen area.

It’s not just about the kitchen counters, and cabinets, it’s about the design and integrating the appliances with the design of the home so rather than being stand-out they blend-in seamlessly to a thriving environment.

Imperative to styling the living area (kitchen) it’s important that the appliances offer finishes that allow them to blend into the open living space.  Style, functionality, and durability also count.


To effortlessly blend the appliances into the living space, refinish kitchen cabinets, change the hardware on the cabinets, paint the walls and change up the hanging items on the walls.

In case you are really into simple DIY, you can take on making faux granite countertops by painting it on.

Your Living Area

Cheers to the foodie inside of you that found the passion you thrive on you now have the inside’s Tips For Integrating Kitchen Areas To Living Areas that will let you lavishly live life out loud.