Tips For Planning A Fabulous Cruise


Every season is the reason for a cruise and I love them.  My kids are completely infatuated with the high seas and all the destinations.  Cruises are the best way to see a little bit of many places and then be able to retreat for a bit and recoup.

From fantastic ports of call to the dining room of the cruise ship, adventure is the main objective, because no matter what you are doing on a cruise from land to sea, you are always uncovering something new!

Education for families with teens is priceless from history to culture to learning how to travel, the experience of cruising is invaluable.  These tips for planning a fabulous cruise are based on our cruise travel experiences, as we lavishly lived travel out loud and share it with you!

Tips For Planning A Fabulous Cruise

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Perhaps you are not sold on why to cruise or why families take cruises, but I can help you along a bit! After all, there are the best reasons to cruise are those you have not even thought about yet! Wait until the cruise begins, it is heaven. But you can’t cruise if you have not discovered which brand you want to go with. Holland America? Royal Caribbean, etc,

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Before you step into the world of cruising you want to learn about how to choose a cruise line! There are cruises for every genre and brands that specifically cater to you, who will you choose?  It’s not the brand choosing that gets me every time rather the packing! You are going to need my tips for packing and cruising!

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Oh my, there is nothing better than a cruise and once you have figured out what brand you want to sail with, it’s time to get packing for a cruise!  Cruising is second to none because you unpack ONE time and visit multiple destinations.


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However, each visit may require different clothing or personal items so you will want a well-packed excursion bag for when you go onshore and discover! Everything you need for the day should be carefully planned out. We have done multiple cruises before and after kids and it is best to get this together before you leave your home. Planning and execution make the days go easily!

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Now for those of you that have never cruised before, you need the secrets of cruising so you can have a blast! I can share those incredible cruise secrets everyone should know for you!

Dining Options

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Cruise ships are so much fun and they are known for their food.  Check out our little bit of fun in the cruise ship dining room on a recent cruise with a large brand.  We traveled with a child with food allergies and yes it is possible to have food allergies and still enjoy cruising. Check out this article of Cruising with Food Allergies.


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The life of the party is not just the alcohol that everyone consumes, (lol) rather it is the entertainment. The entertainment on a cruise is like being on Broadway or out in Vegas, it’s all good!

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While you might have read this whole article, don’t listen JUST to what I have to say, rather my teens sum it up rather well for you in their article: Best Cruising Tips From Teenagers To Teenagers after all, this age is the hardest to please.

It’s time to set sail, and lavishly live travel out loud on a cruise, get packed and get going!