Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Smartphone

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What can’t I live without? My smartphone. I mean I lose it all the time around the house, probably at least 3x a day, but I always find it and I always need it.  One of the things we all use the most in our daily lives is a smartphone. 

Smartphones are used to carry on conversations, block out conversations with people standing next to us, play music, help us surf the internet to gain solutions, buy tickets to events, schedule dinner arrangments and so on.  Wow, now I know who wears the pants in this relationship or should I say the germs and the baggage?

The item I tote around the most is the item that I clean the least and I can attest to the filth that it collects, but spring cleaning a smartphone goes way beyond the exterior grime and bacteria and into a deeper level we all need to consider. Lavishly live your favorite smartphone out loud grab these tips for spring cleaning your smartphone!

Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Smartphone

I am not your average smartphone user, in fact admittedly I spend too much time on my phones, but they are my life, my work.  Today’s post is a sponsored post on behalf of Verizon Wireless, but all opinions and thoughts are my own. You know that I only share what makes life easier to lavishly live out loud and today I have some awesome tips for Spring Cleaning that smartphone. Let’s start!

Screen Cleaning

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Have you looked at your screen? Is it a total nightmare with fingerprints and grime? Did you know that more smartphones have more bacteria on them than some bathrooms? It is true. In fact, some phones even have fecal matter on them. It’s time to clean these phones up. Phonesoap is a tool you can use to sanitize and clean!

Clutter Apps

Really look at the apps on your phone, most of us have several apps we NEVER us and they just take up space, get rid of them. If you have not used the app in the last 6 months, ditch it (ok other than the DISNEY app because we all want to see the wait times, lol!)


Are you a procrastinator about updating your apps and always thinking that you will get the update when you slow down? Don’t forget to update it let’s the apps you use each day run more smoothly, and often it takes away glitching! So update weekly just before you go to bed!

Purging Password Holders

Here’s the thing about password holders, they can be great or they can be evil, my suggestion, get a password, get a few and use them, rotating as necessary, but don’t use a password holder, it is a license for trouble IMO.

Case Removal 

While we discussed cleaning the phone, I also suggest a deeper cleaning, not just for the face or for the outside of the case, but actually the CASE itself. Take it off, sanitize it then replace it, you will be surprised at the residue all over the camera.

Photos & Storage

The biggest space suck on a phone are often photos and videos. Get GOOGLE to hold those photos. I mean you need space and this easily backs up and take them into holding. I love mine and it makes it easier for me to never worry about hogging space on my phone!

Old Phones

Cleaning up and cleaning out also means properly recycling, or donating your old phone equipment. Call your local borough or municipal to find out how to properly discard or try out sites for selling your smartphone and making a little money like Gazelle or EcoAtm.

It is about purging what we don’t use, merging what we do, combining real life activities onto our virtually recorded life. Get green, clean well and spring clean your smartphone. Lavishly live tips for spring cleaning your smartphone out loud and get springing to clean up and clean out! What tips do you have to help out ?

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