Tire Tread Matters

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Have you ever been at a stop sign, then called for the gas, and the ground was just a tad wet?

Next, suddenly your tires spin, rather than moving?

In fact, the tire spinning is an indicator that you may need to understand why tire tread matters.

The last thing you want to worry about is a tire spinning when you need it to take on a turn with oncoming traffic.

Your tires are your first line of movement, the rubber that makes your world spin and moves, and tire tread matters.

Whether you are braking, taking on corners, or going from no speed to acceleration, your tire tread is what makes driving possible.

As a girl that test drives a lot of cars, I can say this, “no matter the car, the ride is only as good as the tires!”

The Beginning of Tire Tread Matters

When you get a new car, the tires are new, the driving is fun and you go, go, go.

The tires are brand new.

Great right? Traction, perfection in balance. Go You!

As Time Wears On, Tire Tread Matters.

As you progress with driving you suddenly realize that tires are an expensive item on a vehicle, that with much use needs to be replaced.

Driving may or may not be so fun anymore because the expense of burning through tire tread takes its toll on your bank account.

Tire tread wears as you drive through all elements and all-weather.

Further tires need to be kept in good condition to keep you rolling all over.

Did You Know

Tire tread isn’t just a design, it’s what gives the actual tire the ability to grip the road.

Tires without tread (bald tires) open your vehicle up to the possibility of skidding out of control and that could cause an accident.

Tire Tread Matters

The tread on a tire is more than just the raised pattern you see.

Take a look at what makes up tire tread to have a better understanding of why tire tread matters.

  • tread grooves – another term for tread voids
  • tread lugs – chunks of rubber that stick out from the base of the tire
  • tire shape – the shape of the tire
  • sipes (optional) -narrow grooves, sometimes cut into tread lugs, which help to increase traction on wet surfaces
  • wear bar – a small line of rubber, located on the side of tread blocks, used to measure a tire’s wear and tear
  • tread voids – spaces between tread lugs that help tread lugs to flex

Tire Tread Has A Purpose

Remember at the beginning of this article I stated, ” have you ever called for gas, and then tried to go from 0-15 to engage in a turn and the tire spun rather than engaged? ”

Tire tread not only grips the road, but it also assists your vehicle with breaking more quickly, smoother acceleration, maximum fuel economy, and the ability to take corners tighter.

Different Tread For Tires

There are specialized tire treads that are designed to accommodate any ground surface, no matter how rough, wet, or cover with mud or snow.

These tires are typically used on vehicles such as 4×4 trucks, tractors, Jeeps, and various types of commercial machinery.

Replace Tires

Tire tread is so important to the safety of your vehicle in all types of weather and driving conditions.

It is so important that you replace tires when the tread is worn.

While tires are not cheap they are the things that make your car roll smoothly baby!

Don’t take any chances, and don’t let tires be bald as a baby’s butt, that just does not work.

Replace, renew, and keep your car journeys safe with the tires that are rolling on all four sides of your vehicle.

Lavishly live your journeys in your vehicle out loud and keep those tires updated and tread loaded.

Remember tire tread matters.