How to Enjoy Unparalleled Views of Myrtle Beach

Enjoy unparalleled sky-high views of Myrtle Beach!

Sky High Views of Myrtle Beach Inside GondolaGet ready to sit in one of 42 top row seats at one point or another and absorb a bird’s eye view of the Atlantic Ocean!

Do you love thrills and seek adventures?

What about heights?

Climb aboard with 4 revolutions and on an adventure of about 15 minutes!

Each of the 42 seats offers air-conditioning and seats for up to 6 people or 1300 pounds!

Enjoying Sky-High Views of Myrtle Beach

My experience was hosted by SkyWheel.

Visit Myrtle Beach for the Sky High Views of Myrtle Beach
My crew

Adventures & Visiting Myrtle Beach

Often what is old is new, and our trip to Myrtle Beach was more nostalgia-filled than anything else.

Wanting to provide my kids with my earlier romping days, we headed to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a good, old-fashioned vacation.

Years later, Myrtle Beach still offers a reasonably-priced laid-back vacation place.

Naturally, there are adventures beyond the beach in Myrtle Beach you definitely want to experience.

However, the sky-high views of Myrtle Beach are right on the beach and share a panoramic view beyond belief!

Destination: SkyWheel Myrtle Beach

Sky High Views of Myrtle Beach SkyWheel Image and BeachMyrtle Beach has lovely beaches, a fun boardwalk, and plenty of shopping!

However, the truest thrill of thrills is the SkyWheel.

Yes, my article is from a few years back, but that does not change what the SkyWheel offers.

A ride in an air-conditioned gondola, high above the hotels and buildings.

Once at the top and all the way along the ride to the top, you will experience the breathtaking view of the Atlantic.

Depending on where you look and what time of day, you might even see dolphins swimming along the coastline!

News About The Sky-High Views Of Myrtle Beach

skywheel myrtle beach
SkyWheel Myrtle Beach before its 2021 update

The SkyWheel just got deep-cleaned and revamped (2021) including new flooring and seat covers on the gondolas!

Sky High Myrtle Beach Adventure Buildings and Ticketing boothPlus, there’s going to be a new ‘center’ on the wheel with a logo and fun lights!

I can’t wait to see that up close!

Why Would I Want To Experience Sky-High Views of Myrtle Beach?

Sky High Views of Myrtle Beach Inside SkyWheel Gondola ImagesThere are a lot of reasons to take part in this epic ride.

First, if you love heights, experience them here at 187 Feet up in the sky from your air-conditioned gondola.

Do not expect a ‘Ferris wheel carnival ride’ that is NOT what this is.

Sky-high views of Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area as you begin to ascend in SkyWheel Rather, it’s a height lovers observation-like tower that will move you effortlessly from the low point (beach level) to about 187 feet up in the air!

Experience Myrtle Beach in a whole different way, as you will have grand views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Myrtle Beach strip left to right.

Sky-High Views Of Myrtle Beach & Fears Of Height?

My Personal Story of Fear of Heights and the sky-high views of Myrtle Beach

I rode the tallest Ferris wheel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina without my husband by my side!

Heights and I are not best friends and to share more, earlier on in my life, on a Banff, Canada, helicopter ride, I passed out halfway up in the sky!

All I can say is this, “I came, I rode, and I did not hit the emergency call button!”

I experienced the sky-high views of Myrtle Beach and loved it!

42 Best Seats for Panoramic Sky-High Views of Myrtle Beach & Things To Know

Inside the glass-enclosed gondolas, are 2 seating areas for UP to 3 persons on each side.

The seats are bench-style.

You won’t ride with anyone other than the PEOPLE you came with!

Though the people you came with may never speak to you again if you are the party pooper that screams for mercy at the top, LOL!

FYI: There is no bar in the middle and you do feel like you are falling forward, even though you are not when the gondola is moving, it is the wildest feeling!

The car does feel like it is swinging, but please note, it can sway a bit (YIKES!), or YEAH as my kids were saying!

Last, (and I am repeating myself) by the good grace of luck air conditioning in each unit does help to keep you cool under fire.

Even before COVID, the ride was clean.

Sky-High Views Of Myrtle Beach & Simple Tips

Sky High Myrtle Beach Adventure AheadThe SkyWheel is centrally located with plenty of paid parking.

Use the bathrooms before you get in line.

Purchase your tickets ahead online.

Listen to everyone in front of you and behind you panicking before they get on, you are not the only one, LOL!

The SkyWheel at Myrtle Beach from land.

What is the SkyWheel Ride Like?

Honestly, you have to see it and Myrtle Beach it to understand, so take a look here for an insider’s view.

Everything looks so amazing. Jump in here and take a look.

PS: In my video (from nerves) I mistakingly say ‘rocking’ but it is actually swaying, not rocking and there is a difference!

Would I Recommend the Attraction?

I would tell you to definitely get there and bring your camera.

The ride runs day long and night long.

A view from the SkyWheel with Sky-High Views of Myrtle Beach

Go to see the ocean, but remember with all the new renovations, it will be dazzling at night too!

My only caution to you is this: if you really don’t think you can take on the heights, steer clear so your group can enjoy without stopping.

However, if you just think you hate heights but don’t know for sure, do it.

You will be well rewarded with the unparalleled spectacular sky-high view of Myrtle beach.