Keep Your Air Cast Fresh & Sanitized

The unimaginable has happened! I ended up in what many refer to as a walking boot. Walking boot. Air cast. Whatever you call them, I was in one, because I over-exercised and over-worked my foot!

Unlike a shoe, that I take off, and change to match my outfits, the aircast stays on round the clock. Which translates to one dirty aircast.

Walking boot. Air cast.

walking boot. air casts. Gym and boot

While an air cast is a bit different from a walking boot, most use the words interchangeably without knowing. Second, the word Aircast is actually a registered trademarked name and refers to a particular brand of a walking boot.

My job today is no to decipher what you call the splint upon your foot/ankle, rather help you keep it clean. So call it an air cast or a walking boot, my info will still help you do just that!Fitness Disclosure Affiliate

Personal Plight in the Air Cast

Air Cast or walking boot after too much exercise. I cannot wear all of my favorite shoes and you all know I am a shoe-lovin’ gal! Oh, the joys of exercising too much to stay in shape and ending up in an air cast. However, no matter how ugly it is, the truth, in the end, is that an air cast is helpful in healing.

But, wearing a walking boot or air cast (whichever you call it)outside, then coming inside is an absolute NO unless you know how to clean and maintain it. I’ll share how to keep that dirt, bacteria, and germ-gunk outside.

Where You Go 24/7 comes along with your walking boot.

Consider that my air cast goes with me, everywhere I go, each day. Same thing with your walking boot. Now consider the end of the day. You are back home in your walking boot. Returning home, I am still in my walking boot. Guess what? Everything that I walked over in that air cast, walking boot, whatever you call it is with me.

Nothing Good Is Ever Beneath Your Air Cast

Debris, dirt, other people’s spit, oil, gasoline, mini pebbles, and food. Additionally consider every public restroom you were in as well while wearing your air cast. Now bring that all back into your home via the bottom of your walking boot! Sexy huh? Not happening in my house.

Here is my crash course with 7 tips to clean and maintain your walking boot. This will help you to not trail that junk back into your home, or bed, while you continue to wear your air cast!

The Good & Bad of Wearing an Air cast

However and whatever ended you up in the air cast, all I can say is I am sorry and I hope you get better soon. I can tell you the worse 6 months of my life were in this aircast and I NEVER want to go back.

As a result of hobbling around lop-sided, my right hip had some serious issues, and I am still working through them.

+’s & negatives to air cast/walking boot

I did appreciate that I could take it off to shower, that was its biggest plus, but beyond that, there were a lot of things I did not like. From the Velcro fasteners that truly snagged a lot of stuff, to try to keep the air cast clean!

tennis shoe on not an air cast or walking boot

Have you considered all the ‘stuff on the bottom of your air cast?

Whatever I step in, is coming along for the hobble ride. Then, it comes into my house, flooring, carpet, etc. No!

Do you have kids that crawl? Or do they that jump in your bed? Congratulations because they just snuggled with all of that great bacteria from the outside world? How? They put their faces into it! You are getting the idea.

Air cast/Walking Boot. What You Are Not Told & Should Be!

Cushioning of air boot/walking boot.

When you receive an aircast no one tells you that the cushioning will begin to smell and that your foot, calf area will sweat. Plus, I guess they take for granted you just want to haul the bottom of the walking boot into your home, even if it’s been in every element out there?

So this is my version of instructions to ward off the smelly funk, and the bacteria that are all being carried along for the walk on your air cast while strapped to your foot, ankle, and calf.

How Do you keep your Air Cast fresh and sanitized?

The Interior Liner Of The Air Cast. Walking Boot

In the summer (really almost any time of year), they do tend to pick up foot perspiration. If you are cringing, we all sweat through our feet, so it’s not a shameful thing to talk about. The issue actually is that this cushioned sock is wrapped around your calf/leg or foot and it will perspire.

Therefore the walking boot cushion or air cast cushion traps moisture which converts to a funky smell.

Take The Stink Out of the Walking Boot Cushion

Tip No. 1 Stink Out via a Wash Machine!

So, take the STINK out of the interior sock of the air cast and wash it. That will at least make it fresher for you.

Tip. No. 2 How To Wash it!

Wash your walking boot liner on a gentle cycle.

Tip No. 3 ~ What to Put The Liner in

Make certain to place the air cast liner in a lingerie bag as it might snag other items with its velcro.

Tip No. 4 ~ Make it smell good longer!

I always added these to my load of laundry to get the best smell so that I could have a wafting smell here and there!

Tip No. 5 ~ Drying Method For Walking boot/ air cast

Hang the air cast liner to dry, or use a gentle drying cycle.

Tip No. 6 ~ The Bottom of your Walking Boot / Air Cast

Get the filth off the bottom, that is what drags across your floors and carpet! Ugh!

The tread of the walking cast picks up so much yucky stuff.

Tip No. 7 ~ Frame of Air Cast

Don’t let laziness contribute to bacteria. In fact, once you get home, you’ll need to wipe that boot off with some antibacterial wipes. Just have a stool or chair at the entrance and sit down. Wipe off, then go!

Yes, I am being a little over-the-top but, it is to make a point. Bacteria and dirt travel and get locked in those grooves. Why would you want that in your home, or on your furniture and floors?

My Personal Setup For Air Cast Cleaning

First, at every entrance, I have somewhere to sit and I have placed a small throw rug. I planned this all out ahead of leaving, set it up once and use it over and over. A planned way to take care of incoming boots!

Second, I have either paper towels or a dry cloth. After you wipe the boot off, no matter what you use, you MUST DRY It or you will slip and well, you get where I am going. Albeit a bit tedious, this regime works.

Third, just put a container of disinfecting wipes at your entrance, and use them to clean the boot. I thoroughly wipe the BOTTOM of the boot, between the tread and the sides. Don’t forget the front part where your toes are because that part generally takes on everything outdoors first.

Last, dry your boot, as mentioned above, so you do not slip. Then, toss the wipe into the trash and WASH your hands, since you’ve touched all that funk. Now you are ready to go!

Alternatively For Days when you just keep running in and out of the house!

Days that I am not working, and instead of running errands are the toughest. There is not enough time to stop and clean my walking boot each time. The kids keep me hopping.

Dana in air cast

My alternative is a stock of boot covers. As soon as I get into the house, I use the elasticized bands to stretch the boot cover and I go on my way. Then at the end of the day, when I am IN for the rest of the night, I wipe that boot down.

Cover your air cast,

Styling Up The AirCast – Cast Covers for your Aircast

Also, you might have seen in the picture above, my boot was covered with a pretty design.

I got a bunch of these because I prefer to style the boot if I have to wear it. Those covers are machine washable and I use different ones each day. There are a lot of choices for walking boot/air cast covers, just buy whatever design you like best, even solid colors!

Your Walking Boot. My Air Cast.

Consider this, whatever you step on in the real world, will transition into your home. Plain and simple. air cast or walking boot tips to keep it clean Gym and walking bootRemember if you walk into your home, so does your boot. If you sit down and prop that boot on the table, couch, or bed, you are introducing everything nasty that you stepped on, into your bed, table, or couch!

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