What Is The Secret To Great Veggies In Soup

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Often the busiest days of the week are the days that I mess up on my eating lifestyle. I am not a junk food junkie, I mean I love my french fries but that is hardly a healthy option. Planning ahead is key to any successful eating lifestyle and of course it keeps a busy lifestyle quite manageable.   My world is not about canned soups, there is just too much sodium in them and quite honestly, cracking open a can of soup does not really make me feel like I am feeding, it more appears like a snack. Soup Mania is what I will call this little offering as I am going to provide you my most downloaded soup recipes that are not only easy to make but taste delicious.  What I know will astound you and help you prepare veggies in your soup like never before.  In fact, I can’t believe I have not shared this tip for the secret to great veggies in soup before.  Soup does not have to take all day to cook, but do you know what is the secret to great veggies in soup?    Now are you ready to learn what is the secret to great veggies in soup?


If you want the soup to cook all day, use a slow cooker and walk away, but don’t expect the same taste.  Soup Mania will offer you one tip that will allow you to lavishly live soup out loud and help you plan ahead, are you ready to see what that tip is?

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What if you could make delicious Cream of Ham Soup? What about a Roasted Eggplant with Lentil Soup? Or maybe even a Rustic Italian Soup? Let me offer you soup mania, a few downloadable, popular recipes that I have crafted and use over and over in my own home. Soup mania will offer you both the option of vegetarian and meat-hearty soups.  Remember, any recipe can be made meatless by subbing in Vegetable Broth and eliminating meat!

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Veggies Going to Be sweat and buttery

What Is The Secret To Great Veggies In Soup

For years I have cooked vegetable soup with veggies that are hard like celery, onion, garlic, and carrots, and these veggies can either make or break your soup.  I attened cooking school about 5 years ago and what I learned was a tad amazing, I mean it was something that I already knew just never really applied.

frozen veggies

First things first, chop your veggies up, after you have rinsed them and peeled those that are needing peeled.

Second, get your favorite stock pot out and add just a tablespoon of olive oil, or avocado oil, depending what you prefer.

Third, on medium low heat, place your stock pot, and then your chopped veggies and cover.

Fourth, Get ready to Sweat, not you silly the veggies. You are going to sweat those veggies to the point of lightly cooked, so they are soft, and ready to finish cooking in your soup broth.  More taste, spoon-per-spoon will be delivered when you sweat your veggies than if you don’t.  What is the difference between a sweated vegetable and a non-sweated vegetable? The softeness and the tenderness of the veggies.

Have you ever had someone’s chicken soup and the celery was ‘crunchy’ ? I find that totally gross. So, you sweat the same stalk of celery after you have ribbed it and of course you are off and running. The celery will be fork tender without a question, if you sweat it.

Do you love cooked carrots, but hate the stores’ frozen carrots because they taste freezer burned? Buy a bag of carrot chips in the produce section or cut up your own (seriously buy them chipped it is easier).  Place a few tablespoons of water into a pan, and place the lid on.  The veggies will change color from Optimum Orange to basic orange, and they will be fork tender after about 5 minutes. They are awesome buttered and tossed with a tad of cinnamon.

Nothing is easier than a sweated veggie and the return on investment in the soup is taste that is beyond grand. Now how about a few recipes for you to test out your new culinary skills?

  1. Rustic Italian Soup
  2. Roasted Eggplant Lentil Soup
  3. Holiday Hangover Soup
  4. Potato Soup
  5. Chicken Gnocchi Soup
  6. Cream Of Ham Soup
  7. Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Now get ready and start creating some delicious soups, that are not from cans, and come from your own creativity.  Use these recipes as springboards to create your own delicious soups.  Don’t forget to let those veggies sweat it out and you will have some of the most lavish tasting soup! What is your favorite soup to create?