Why Families Take Cruises

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It all started years ago, when my parents wrapped up an itinerary, and placed it our stocking at their home on Christmas Eve, we were childless and our first cruise was bestowed upon us. It was our very first experience of  Why Families take cruises?  We really had no idea what to expect, but I can tell you, my parents knew. My parents, world travelers, had been on several cruises already and wanted us to share in the experience. My husband and I were working and each arranged time off, and well the rest is pretty much history.

Our invitation was to a cruise ship line named Carnival, where Fun Times happen every day, every week of the year your family vacation on a cruise ship pretty much assure you a smile from ear-to-ear and tons of relaxation.

As it comes time to plan a family vacation, you definitely want to consider cruising as a family.  This is my story of lavishly living cruising out loud and It was our very first experience of why families take cruises.

Why Families Take Cruises?

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Home Rentals And Family Time

I am sure you have all been to a hotel while on vacation, it is a great escape, a clean (ok, objectionable) room with a made bed, and sometimes a pillow with chocolate on it, it is a quick home away from home. There is nothing like getting to your destination and knowing the room is waiting, hot water is there and you can just worry about tending to you, and nothing else.

Your rooms are lovely, your room attendant (butler, depending on the cruise brand) makes a huge difference in your stay, with his/her availability and attentiveness to details.  The rooms are pristine and whether you are adjoining, in the same room, or across the hall, there is nothing like taking a cruise as a family.

Hotels versus Staterooms 

Beyond the room, a hotel does not offer much, except, paid for room service, which you definitely consider and then just decide to order that pizza service you saw at the front desk and meet the pizza person in the lobby!

The continental buffets that come with the room you have are often lackluster, consisting of some basic toasts, and a few meager offerings of some pastries and some rendition of scrambled eggs that are often rubbery, if not totally dry and not edible! That is great if you are looking for basic, but there is so much beyond this in vacationing.

Rooms for families when traveling are tough to come by, suites are even harder, many ship brands have made them standard and you can pack up to 6 or 8 in a room depending on the line you choose.  Or, your other option is adjoining, remember separate rooms are only available when a person is above 25.

If you have rented a home with other families, you know the cost can grow steep, as what started out as a deal now is escalating, between the food costs, the trips to the store, the gas or flights to get there and then of course the boat rental for daily fishing and the night life.

When you realize the costs, that nothing is built-in and everything is an extra the bills start to add up and you could have had a vacation that includes it all, you just bring you! Cruising becomes your all-inclusive: 1 stop, one set itinerary, and everyone under one ‘roof’

Why Families Take Cruises?

Cruises are multi generational, so just because Grandpa wants to hit the slots but the kids want to hit the arcade, it becomes possible.  No one is restricted to a particular activity.  The fun on a ship is as simple as the ice cream machines (where my Father-in-law could always be found when MIA) or the movies at night with popcorn and provided beach blankets.  Fun comes in every variety on the ship from Clubs you can check the kids into to entertaining dinners in the dining room.

You might beginning to see now why families take cruises as it has something for everyone without having to scatter, drive, pack and unpack to find it.  The trip is completely luxury from start to finish because cravings on every level from shopping to entertainment are met with one family cruise, not multiple trips to amusement parks, malls, different dining areas, etc.

WHY Cruise

What I am not going to do is convince you that Cruising is the only way to travel, and that there are lots of wonderful brands out there.  Do your research and see who offers you the best options, we are hardly bias to one cruise ship versus another.

Once you start researching cruising you will see that It’s A Small World After all in the cruise arena.  A few cruise lines to check out: Carnival, Holland America, and Royal Caribbean.


Traveling with children is always hard, but choosing the best dining option is even harder.  Finding food often means ending up in a fast food place because they are so picky and there is just no time to make decisions.  Traveling with multiple generations of families really adds insult to injury when trying to agree on food and dining places, so STOP THE MADDNESS— Cruise.

Meals in the dining room are not only entertaining, but a great bonding experience. We have had wonderful experiences with each cruise we have been on and once your server learns your preferences (which happens immediately) they take care of you the whole trip. (remember to tip accordingly)

You don’t stress over finding food and you dine together.  It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s included in your cruising price.  If you don’t like the dining room, there are other restaurants available on many ships that you can dine at and pay additional for, which leaves you with more choices, just in case plan one fails you!

Snacks, Room Service & Fueling Up

So you missed breakfast, that’s not a big deal, food to the room is an easy fix and an option, or there is always somewhere on the ship serving food and it’s included with your package!


The excursions off the ship are just as fun and multi generational.  Gramma and Grandps might opt for the taxi tour, while you all climb the ruins, go caving, snorkeling, whatever it is that gets your cruise groove on.  Want to stay together? There are tours that buses take you on, and you can find minimal walking, or maximum excursion fun, just base it on what your GROUP wants to do.  There is truly something for everyone.

Perhaps someone wants to stay back on the ship (and our group has had this happen) then they do. They hang out, and have food, and water and fun, it’s that simple, because even the ship is a blast of an adventure.

Why Families Take Cruises

Cruises are about taking the stress out of vacation time, providing fun for everyone no matter what that EVERYONE wants. Food, beverages, music, clean rooms, fun adventures both on board and off the ship are just waiting for you.  Planning ahead let’s everyone clear their schedule.  The luxury of the cruise is the end value, time spent together.  The pricing of a good cruise on a reliable cruise line is equal to what you would spend for a bit of time in a beach house, or traveling to an theme park and paying for hotels, and travel.

The beauty of the cruise ship is that so much is built into the package you really need not worry about much other than getting there, keeping your passport handy, and having clothing with you.

Want to lavishly live a cruise out loud? Make sure to check out the luxury of a cruise, you will be surprised at the price tag for fun, so much less than you will believe and worth every penny. Cruising is priceless and family valuable and it gets you those Fun Times and all of this is why families take cruises   ~DANA    What is your favorite Cruise line?

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