WOW Moment With Oral-B WOW Experience

oral b deep sweep

It’s time to get swept away by the Oral-B Deep Sweep toothbrush, I sure was ‘Wowwed’ .  My mouth felt like it traveled to the dentist and back without ever leaving our bathroom.  You know how it is when you open a package and just can’t wait to see how that product works? That was the occasion when I received the Oral-B Deep Sweep.  I was definitely wondering if it would hold up to the basic manual toothbrush I have been using.  I have wanted to switch to a power brush before, but I had just not taken the plunge.

Unlike the traditional manual toothbrush there seems to be a great sweeping motion from side-to-side that gently and effortlessly cleans away plaque in hard-to-reach areas.  It is amazing how it polishes tooth surfaces.  The feel is different than other brushes as it offers 3 separate rows that brush, Light Blue, White, and Dark Blue.  2 rows move and one row does not.  The stationary brushes are what seem to be polishing my tooth surfaces as the other sweep side to side.  There is a pressure sensor on the brush so that if I press to hard, the pulsation will stop but the brush head continues to clean.  The Oral-B Deep Sweet Brush Head offers a way to clean plaque even between teeth.  My teeth feel refreshed, smooth and clean once I brush with this brush.  It is unlike anything else I have ever used and it actually feels like my mouth traveled to the dentist even though we never left the bathroom.  Would I tell you to hurry up and purchase this brush? I definitely would.  It is different than traditional manual toothbrushes as it really feels ‘clean’ or like you water picked, flossed and cleaned all in one felt swoop.

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