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Fudgy Sweet & Salty Brownies

These brownies are the most amazing brownies you will eat.
Enjoy a range of taste from sweet to salty, chocolatey to fudgy. 
Truly,  scrumptious divine intervention brownies are the ultimate in craveable desserts or that 'snack' you need after a terrible day!
After all, we've all had one of 'those' days, where nothing but sweet, salty and chocolate can help! Nom, Nom, Nom. 
Divine Intervention Brownies just hit all the marks.
Of course, there is a story behind the name of the brownies.
These are a conversation starter.
I bake this for my kids when I am struggling to fill in the blanks on a story my kid sare not telling me.
Since I know something is disturbing or frustrating them, the brownies become the Divine Intervention brownies.
There's just something about the sweet, salty and chocolate pan of goodness that brings the conversation out.
Maybe it's a good sugar buzz, or maybe it's that we just stop and chat over brownies.
From chewy marshmallow bites to a firm side texture, the Divine Intervention Brownies just dare your fork, to take another bite.
It's funny how a sweet treat can uplift a less than a grand day, yet take a grand day and make it even better.
No matter what, you are sure to hit chocolate in each mouthful of your brownie.
After all the brownie is chocolate, and you are going to add more chocolate and of course top it with chocolate.
It's not overpowering and one piece is never enough.
You can add or diminish the amount of each and every ingredient in this recipe to better fit your preferences.
In fact, you can even add different chocolates and add nuts too!
You all know my kids have food allergies, so adding nuts in does not happen often unless they are not eating them.
Do make certain you are ready with all of your ingredients before you start, and that your brownies are warm and just out of the oven.
This recipe will elevate your brownie-eating experience to a whole different level.
I always suggest doubling your batch of brownies and using a commercial baking pan in order to really have enough.
Don't forget, you can freeze any leftovers (Please there won't be) and anything that falls off the brownie (pretzel or chocolate) is free to steal to any passersby! Enjoy ~ DANA XO
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Course: In the Kitchen with Dana
Cuisine: dessert
Prep Time: 7 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Additional Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 42 minutes
Author: dana vento


  • Double batch of brownies warm from the oven
  • a handful of pretzels pieces with salt mini morsels, mini M&M's, and mini marshmallows
  • 6-8 Miniature Kit Kat Pieces 1/2'd
  • 6 Rolo's 1/2'd
  • 8 chocolate wafers melted for drizzle
  • Caramel sauce for drizzling


  • After your tray of brownies is removed from the oven, immediately and lightly press in broken pretzel pieces. 
  • Next, add in Kit Kat pieces, and Rolo pieces. This will allow them to melt into the warm brownie just enough to stay put. 
  • Then add, Mini Morsels, M&M's then marshmallows. 
  • Melt the chocolate wafers (8 of them for about 20-second intervals until you can stir smooth)
  • Drizzle across using fork tines. 
  • Last, drizzle generously with Caramel Sauce. 
  • Serve. 


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