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DIY Paper Lantern Hot Air Balloon

There's nothing more gratifying than a DIY Craft. 
Something that I construct from start to finish with everyday items is fun and distracts me from everything else. 
Taking my mind off of everyday life and focusing on something that allows my creativity the blossom is a great way to pass time. 
Paper lanterns are more common than I ever realized. 
Hot air balloons are beautiful to look at in the sky and ride in (yes we know, as a travel writer, we've experienced this). 
Transitioning a paper lantern into a hot air balloon is easy, and allows you so many optional customizations. 
Shortly I will share my DIY Paper Lantern Hot Air Balloon project with you. 
Parties, Showers, Gift baskets, are just a few ways to use these DIY paper lantern hot air balloons you will make.
Do remember as you see mine, you can change colors, and substitute materials used and anything else in the project. 
Use my DIY Paper lantern hot air balloon as a springboard to create your very own. 

Searching for a Great Family Craft? 

My products were all provided by Oriental Trading Company. Images and project are my own based on my DIY spirit~ 
For those of you looking for a great family craft, this is it! 
It will take you a few hours to complete so it is a great way to pass some time during the day! 
Purchase your paper lanterns anywhere you like. 
Personally, I suggest a larger paper lantern such as an 18" one. 
Consider how you will support the balloon from the basket. 
I really thought a lot about this and can't wait to share my project. 
What I thought might work, did, but needed tweaked, so be flexible in your ideas! 
Use the paper lantern hot air balloons for parties, showers, gatherings, centerpieces.
Allow them to hold flowers, candies, pens, paper, crayons, or make them into Easter Baskets.
These are very versatile balloons and anyone you give one to is sure to love it!
Prep Time15 mins
Active Time2 mins
Additional Time30 mins
Total Time47 mins
Yield: 1 Paper Lantern Hot Air Balloon
Author: dana vento
Cost: $10


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Scissors


  • 1- 18 " Paper Lantern
  • Cardboard Box Base at least 9"x9" based on Paper lantern diameter
  • Irridescent construction paper
  • Glue Sticks
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Satin Ribbon
  • 4 Large Floral Lollipops
  • Large Pixie Sticks 4
  • Paper Straws 4
  • Tulle with Glitter
  • Sparkle Ribbon optional
  • Press on Gems optional
  • Purple Crystal Garland Gem optional
  • Drawstring Treat Bags
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Curling Ribbon
  • Iridescent Ribbon optional


  • gather everything you will need.
  • heat your glue gun.
  • assemble paper lantern.
  • Cut a ribbon of choice (iridescent green on mine) to the length of top to bottom of paper lantern.
  • Follow seaming and repeat around the entire paper lantern.
  • Make a cluster of curly ribbon. Place at top of the paper lantern.
  • Do this for each side x 2 total.
  • Add your purple jewel garland, making sure to mark an even line AROUND entire paper lantern to ensure it is all evenly spaced.
  • Affix garland with the glue gun, being certain to allow for fall.
  • Next, cut the box to size.
  • Glue iridescent paper onto exposed box sides.
  • Next, measure level space around middle of box and mark with Sharpie to place middle ribbon (used for hanging sandbags later)
  • Use Glue gun to affix purple sparkle ribbon around the entire mid-section of the box.
  • With Glue gun, attach a pixie stick to the lollipop.
  • The lollipop should align with the top of the pixie stick at the head of the lollipop surface (see video)
  • Attach the straw to each with the glue gun and the bow.
  • Allow them to dry.
  • Now affix the pixie stick trio to a corner.
  • Go heavy on the glue.
  • Repeat this 3 more times for each corner.
  • Attach the paper lantern to the pixie stick trio.
  • Do a trial run before gluing.
  • If you can have someone help you this is the time to ASK.
  • Have them hold the paper lantern evenly (eyeball it) while you apply glue to the top of the lollipop & pixie stick.
  • Hold in place while hot glue dries to alleviate fall of any sort or ripping (yeah we experienced that!)
  • Attach sandbags, one per side on the hot air balloon basket.
  • Add a gem to each bag (optional) for a bit of color pop.
  • Construct the burner by rolling and gluing 2 small iridescent pieces of paper together.
  • Attach them to the bottom loop of the paper lantern.
  • To show flames, add some curly ribbon and glue it to the interior of the burner.
  • To cover the TRIO of Pixie Stick, Straw and lollipop, wrap and intermittently glue with tulle and sequin ribbon.
  • Load and enjoy it!



Oriental Trading Items if you want to order online
I used 18" Italian Plum Hanging Paper Lanterns #13654761 from Oriental Trading
Large Flower-Shaped Swirl Lollipops #13683237 from Oriental Trading
Pixy Stix® Giant Candy #/K2134 from Oriental Trading
Super Sensational Ribbons #57/9084
Purple Crystal Garland #13773163
Iridescent Paper Pack #13828914
Vintage Easter Drawstring Treat Bags #13788157