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How To Make Slings For Use In The Instant Pot

For anyone that has ever struggled using an Instant Pot with bulky items like roasted chicken, small cornish hens or hams, you want to know how to do this.
A sling is helpful and you can make them on demand.
This simple DIY will be one of your go-to tricks when you use your instant pot for creating great feasts with bulky foods.
Use this sling for cakes, lifting dishes, etc. You will want to change it up a bit each time you do! Here we go!
Prep Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Course: In the Kitchen with Dana
Yield: 1 Sling
Author: dana vento
Cost: $2


  • Your hands


  • Aluminum Foil


Materials You Will Need TO Make a Sling For Instant Pot Prepared Foods

  • You will simply need a nice grade of aluminum foil.
  • Don't use CHEAP foil.
  • There are foils that tend to break down with cooking heat.
  • Use Brand Name Foil.
  • Really, use heavy-duty aluminum foil or at least Brand foil because if you drop what you are lifting out, you will cry (been there done this, and I hate messes!)
  • Rip a Rather large piece, at least 2 feet " x 9".
  • You are going to be folding this lengthwise in order to give it strength as you fold for lifting food out of the Instant Pot.
  • Once folded layer after layer you have a sling that can lift without exception!
  • I'll say it again... "If you are Using Cheap Foil (non-brand) please double up your sheets otherwise you might have a rip, tear or mishap you don't want to experience (been there, done that!)"

Watch The Sides 

  • Fold, the piece over the piece, about ½” each time, until you have evenly folded this from side to side, you have now created a sling.
  • Let's again refer to the original photo so you can see what the sling does for the bowl lifting process.
  • Use the sling for lifting out cakes, pies, anything awkward where you really can't get to the basket insert. I love it with ham, and large chicken pieces and huge meatloaves.
  • You will place this between the rack and the cooking bowl you put in with the food. 
  • When the food is done cooking, the sling helps to pull up the pan without ruining or dropping your food. 
  • Often I make this on-demand, however, I do make and store inside the foil container.
  • This is my time saver.