DIY: Under Sink Dowel Rod Hanger

DIY Under sink dowel rod hanger completeTake a look under your kitchen sink, is it a mess? Tame the chaos.

Change the mess with 7 simple ideas to organize under your sink!

DIY Under Sink Dowel Rod Hanger

BEFORE installtion of DIY Under Sink Dowel Rod Hanger

Welcome to my mess!

Using this DIY will help to organize the under-sink area in any room.

Hang what is on the ground so you can see what you have and get to it easily.

Plus, tension rods are never strong enough for what you might need to hang, so this will be a really simple solution!

under sinkStart cleaning out underneath the cabinets and organizing to reap the rewards of knowing what you have!


Need inspiration and some ideas to organize under their kitchen sink, read my latest article on 7 Smart Ways To Organize Under the Kitchen Sink.

Key To Organization

Knowing what you have and using it!

Plus, you won’t overbuy or buy what you already had and could not find!

Tension Rods Create More Tension – Under Sink Dowel Rod Hanger is the Solution!

After purchasing at least 3 tensions that were broken before ever used, I stopped. There has to be an easier way.

In fact, there is and it’s also sturdier than those flimsy tension rods.

Now I want to share a quick DIY tutorial with you on how to make an under sink dowel rod hanger.

You can use these under any sink in your home, providing you have 2 walls of some sort under there! Let’s go make this!

Please Don’t: I Have A Plan to make an Under Sink Dowel Rod Hanger – just go with it!

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After a trip to a local home improvement retailer, and a male employee who ‘didn’t like my idea’ I’ve come to the conclusion that I made a very good decision.

He said, “hate to guide you and tell you what to do, so I will just offer you my disapproval and hope you will change your mind and use a drill and screws!”

Additionally, he had severe doubts that 3m hanging strips would be the necessary adhesive, but fast forward a few years later, we are going strong and still hanging!

I never doubted myself and it is my most simple creation that solves disorganization!

Under Sink Dowel Rod Hanger Because:

  • unlike a tension rod, I am mounting it to sit and stay, not sit and slide.
  • it’s fast and easy and won’t untwist and break
  • the rod is wood, not flimsy aluminum
  • no twisting to open and adjust
  • you can cut a dowel to any size and there are thicker dowels and thinner depending on what you need to hang and the length needed.

Best Way To Understand What A Difference an Under Sink Dowel Rod Hanger Makes

Underneath the sink was a mess. First, I ripped everything out and you can read how to organize under your kitchen sink if you need some motivation!

Then, I wanted to create a fixture that could come out, not be installed with screws but would STAY IN PLACE and not slide or need to be adjusted.

In fact, the DIY for this under sink dowel rod hanger solves all of that!

Under sink mess before a diy dowel rod hanger

What Is The Functional Purpose of A DIY Under Sink Dowel Rod Hanger?

  • Organize your spray bottles, by hanging them.
  • Hang your bottle brushes
  • Rubber gloves will have a hanging spot and dry
  • Be able to see what you have and use it, and not buy more than you need.
  • Scrub brushes can hang (spare ones too) rather than sitting in the sink

DIY Under Sink Dowel Rod Hanger holding spray bottles so you can find them

At its most basic function, it’s organization. However, it is also functional and useful when it comes to air drying a pair of gloves, etc.

Get Shopping To Create Your DIY Under Sink Dowel Rod Hanger

Items needed to make an under sink dowel rod hanger

How To Assemble Under Sink Dowel Rod Hanger diy dowel rods under sink command strip to bracket

  1. Figure out the height you want to hang the brackets at, and mark it off.
  2. Check for clearance of mounting spray bottles (nozzles) and make certain you are not too close to your sink bowls.check clearance of spray bottle nozzles when installing a DIY under sink dowel rod hanger
  3. Also, make certain it is high enough that it does not interfere with items stowed below.
  4. On the back of the brackets, add the velcro strips.
  5. Next, measure the space you have and take the bracket width into consideration.
  6. Now, cut the Dowel Rod To Size. After the rod is cut, snug it into the brackets.

*NOTE: before you Hang the Brackets, do make sure you are hanging at the appropriate height.

diy dowel rods under sink command strip to bracket height

My Method To Tighten The Grip

Use the ‘V’ as the midpoint for the dowel rod to push on, allow it to pressure, and set the mounting strips.

DIY Under Sink Dowel Rod setting velcro

Simple. Easy. Done!

The Happily Organized Ever After…

Installing a DIY under sink dowel rod hanger was fast, simple, and practical.

While I know you have already seen the after, I will happily show it again because I think it makes the best statement of what a difference this can make.

BEFORE the DIY under sink dowel rod hanger

Now that the rod is installed it is much more organized and my spray bottles are hanging as are my rubber gloves.

The After Is So Much Better

I can see the things I need without sifting through a pile of crap!

DIY Under sink dowel rod hanger

The new dowel rod allows the under-the-sink area to be defined as ground or hanging!

IN fact, I hardly have to bend to get the spray bottles which is kind of nice! As a bonus, there’s nothing permanent about the hanger.

organization by using a DIY under sink dowel rod hanger

Total Cost For DIY Under Sink Dowel Rod Hanger?

My whole spend on the project was under $3.75 including the hardware, so that is pretty much nothing.

However, the return is organization. It does not get better than that!

Let me know how yours turns out! ~ DANA XO