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When I Owned My Name I Owned My Destiny: DanaVento.Com

about me danavento

Hello, I am Dana Vento, and you have found my working portfolio, my life, DanaVento.Com.

It’s About Me to help you make a decision.

I live in Pittsburgh, PA., but did you know I was born in Chicago?

My blog is National, my readership is 90% USA Based and my travels are large.

Travel, Recipe Creations, and DIY are my leading niches, but I’m a techie kind of girl and I’ve been test-driving vehicles for over 11 years!

From numerous appearances on our local television stations to magazines published across the USA, I have shared my knowledge on Adventure. Eat. DIY. Repeat..

ABOUT ME is just a light sprinkling of who I am.

I’m not a lifestyle writer, not just a travel writer. Instead, I am a person with more than one talent.

I’ve been a chef, traveled a lot before my website, and always been inventive with DIY.

Now I am an influencer (♥ IG), an award-winning travel writer, a DIY’er, and a recipe curator.

My world of blogging and social influencing has changed a lot over the years and (2 websites later) I just roll with it.

Did you know that a company hired me to work just to acquire my website? I did not let that happen!

When I Owned My Name I Owned My Destiny

Now, after all the changes, my Brand is me.

In fact, I just spoke at a huge Women’s conference discussing, “When I owned my name I owned my Destiny!” a theme I created.
I led the speaking panel on such a topic! Read more on When I Owned my name I Owned my Destiny!
My voice is real and I only work with brands and destinations that fit my readership.

In fact, you might say that my job is like living a fairy-tale out loud.


This is my real job and it’s a business!

Travel, tourism, recipes inspired from travel, working for large online kitchen appliance brands to create downloadable recipes, DIY’s so big most would be scared off, and that’s just the beginning of who I am!

I wish everyone I interacted in this world, realized their job is their business and treated people well.

Unfortunately, I’ve had experiences that have truly gone ‘south’ and I don’t shy away from detailing those, but I also share the GOOD.

NO need to be negative! Dwell on nothing, remember good and bad, it helps keep me in step!

Learning. Experiencing. Understanding

Travel = Seeking out that grand hospitality, places that want to be discovered, and traveling deeper are my guiding lights.
Sharing where to find it, and details of every trip down to where to find pool towels are who I am.

What is in the destination, who are the people and how do they make that place what it is?

In-depth, honest, and appreciative of every experience I am involved in.

Yes, I do upscale travel and I am not ashamed to tell you that.

Where you won’t find me traveling?

I don’t do RV’s or camping, it’s not me, sorry not sorry!

No, I am not a granola-loving, backpack, trekking, mountain climber, but I do love hiking!

When I Owned My Name I Owned MY Destiny

That says a mouthful. I know who I am, what I like, and what I don’t.

I am very specific about what I want and what I don’t.

Additionally, I know where I want to travel and where I don’t.

Last, when I make a decision, I tackle it with full gusto!

Each and everything I do, share, enjoy, take part in, I tell the truth because there’s no use sharing if it’s a lie!

About Me: Dana Vento

It’s about lavishly living my experiences out loud, sharing them with others to gravitate to the same zest for life.

Sometimes I reflect back to the days of hearing this, “If You have to ask!” well, I have to ask, so that I can tell, and I do.

We all want to know right!?

Information I portray has to be spot-on and reliable.

DanaVento.Com has the strongest readership bases that are concentrated in California, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Ohio, Chicago, Texas, Pittsburgh, and the Carolinas.

Instagram is my favorite social followed by Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

LinkedIn is an amazing tool when used to work the right way!

D is Not For —

D in Dana is not for Diva, I’ll set that up right now.

Know this: I am a vegetarian who will eat some seafood so maybe I’m not fully a converted, over-the-top vegetarian but I do give most animals a break, LOL!

Coconut milk is my favorite coffee sweetener and I drink more water than anything.

D is for dedicated: I’ve battled breast infections, asthma, health issues beyond the norm, and yet, I keep kicking, because that’s life!

It also might be for ‘delighted’ when there really are clean pillows, linens, and beds wherever I am staying!

About Me: One Of My Biggest Issues with Travel

My biggest issue is overpacking because ‘that outfit just might….’

And if that is the worst of it right?

About Me: Fun Fact From A Recent Trip

My Facebook page gained over 30,000 followers with ONE simple unadvertised post on a trip.

I could have worked all my life and not gained that many fans.

What I like, they like and it was solidified in ONE 9 second post in Colorado.

What’s funny is when I started back in 2009 (?) I was all video, and now I’ve gone strong back into video.

Video is captivating, raw, and real.

About Me: Yes, Dana Vento is More Than A Website – I’m Social

What do I prefer social or a website blog?

No preference because every destination or presentation is different, so I roll with that!

Social is fast, and easy to share, but so very crowded.

A good website shares the stories that cooperate with those telling images on social.

Good collaborations, in my opinion, work with a little of both.

Really, social influencing versus blogging stories truly depends on the timing of trips.

2-day trips, really just need social media, whereas those extended trips need the stories with the images!

Food needs to be on IG, with the recipe to be relevant, but for those not on IG, a website answers the call.

DIY is part video, part written process and Pinterest is needed!
Upscale & Luxury, Better & Best, Improved, New and Why Not?
Since I started traveling, my parents always provided the best.

Whether poolside food service in Hawaii during our 2 travels to all the islands or staying in the Penthouse of a very popular hotel during Christmas.

My dad was a pro-traveler, due to his job and we reaped the benefits as a family.

Traveling across the USA multiple times, trips to Italy, Canada, up and down the East Coast and more, all enlightened my pang to travel.

Luxury to me is a 5 star, that is not ‘stuffy’ and where I can be me, around people who are real.

Upscale is clean bedding, towels, floors, and no worn down mattresses.

All while being closer to those places I want to explore.

I am simple, yet refined. If I can’t laugh while I am eating or am forced to use particular utensils, we are not talking about my kind of Luxury and Upscale.

Life is a series of lessons, learning is part of it and enjoying is the other.
Better & Best?
What works better might there be best?

Kitchen appliances like the Instant Pot changed my food game.

My Instant Pot Ham Recipes hit one million views years back and continue to grow.

I took what others might not have and put in in the Instant Pot.

Always creative, never following what others do is how I work!

New & Why Not? Before and Afters Are Hot!

Walls are boring, I wanted a brick wall, we installed one!

Working closely with the faux brick company, we have accomplished a great accent wall.

Bathrooms get old, even if they are only a few years old. We moved in and it’s time to update.

Our start with KOHLER was a new bathroom and 3 renovations, ripping the old all out!
Start to finish.

IKEA collaborations included updating a 10-year-old office into new one.

Then an entertainment system for Big Game Day to better display and store!

Granite counters, flooring, paint, refurbishing furniture with Chalk Paint, new and why not?

about me
Inspired Travel
Travel and food are incredible niches and being able to interact with the brands is just so ‘bucket-list’ fantastic.

Does a brand have to be popular for me to visit? Absolutely NOT.

The best GEMS are discovered, not told. Known to locals, found by tourists, shared with the world through social!

I’ve spent a month in Sardinia and Milan with a family to learn the language and enjoy all those areas offer.

I Learn For Travel

Learning how to freestyle dive 20 feet down was a summer goal and met!

While there I tutored a girl in English and I quickly picked up Italian.

Spanish is a language I have used over and over and thankful to myself every day for the Dual Major of it and Pre-law in college!

Currently, I am using an App to learn French, as my travels shortly will take me to Europe and Canada this year.

Working towards being able to speak and understand is my goal.

Adventure. Eat. DIY. Repeat.

I am living my own tagline through each interaction “Adventure. Eat. DIY. Repeat.!”

Loving the ‘best of‘ every facet of my life, and my kids often travel with me.

Traveling often consists of one of my 2 teens and a twenty-something, and once to twice yearly my husband.

We’ve cruised, skied, visited beautiful beaches and resorts and travel internationally together.

What Makes Me The Happiest?

Every trip is different. Working with food and creating recipes is a passion. DIY is always a new challenge.

Sometimes food is the story, a brand, people, a resort, etc.

Because my job is forever different it is interesting. While always micro-focused on each project, I have a wide scope for balance.

But simple things like really getting up close and personal with a town, or a city.

Discovery. Exploration. Side streets, people.

Being afforded the ‘long leash’ to just get the job done and focus on how I see fit.

Before and afters rock my world, change is great!

My gut is a good lead and I can find a story on levels never thought!

I am a person that LOVES to talk and meet others who share. My gift.

Culinary satisfaction is about gourmet eats, lovely wines, and artisan prepared foods.

Challenging myself for the next best image is what makes me work harder, better is never enough.

The Kids Can Write

Did I mention my three children are travel writers? Meet the teen writers here!
It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere Right?
I do love my libations however I am a bit of a wine snob, or maybe someone with very definitive tastes drawn to red, full-bodied wines that are sinfully dry!

What travel would be complete with a few cocktails?

Every beverage is its own journey and I sip and tell!

So if you are asking will I politely throw one or 2 back? Yes!

mango margarita

Some of my most popular articles are about popular resort drinks! Others love to drink too!
About Me?
About me, is simple, “you have found me, now let’s work, so I can tell the world about ME and YOUR destination, recipes for your brand or appliances, or with DIYs!
What Other Brands Know About Me….
Relevancy is important and so is authenticity.

First-hand experience allows proper discussion on a topic.

Personally, I am about authenticity, I do not alter photos (old school in me), and everything I write is based on my experience.

Ask me if I have walked away from opportunities?

Yes, I have. When the offers do not fit like matching, comfortable shoes, I don’t do it.

So, a lot of firms and destinations seek me based on knowing the power of realism, that’s me! The reality of life has to be in truth.


Buying a vehicle at an incredible price, it was all about being a woman and negotiating TOUGH.

I was after all an iconic money-saving blogger, you might know me formerly as Pittsburgh Frugal Mom, resulting in a feature in Redbook Magazine.

Further articles have appeared in USA Hockey, Real Simple, as Popsicle PopUp Local Spokesperson, just to name a few.

Yes, that is my official Logo, the DV~Dana Vento, Dana, Adventure. Eat. DIY. Repeat., travel, fashion, food, diy, dana

Brand Partnerships ~Those that know about me already
Tech is a given in my life, after all, I used to work for a massive wireless phone retailer.

HP Moms, lets me learn tech from experiencing it, and as a former Verizon Wireless Brand Partner, later T-Mobile for 6 months.

I tested to push the limits of photo clarity and coverage as I travel the world, using my phone to capture images!

Of course, there were partnerships with Best Buy (remember I came out of a tech world (Bell Atlantic), ALDI, Shop n’ Save and these are just a few examples of great former working partnerships.

When it comes to DIY tasks, partnering with RYOBI Power Tools and KOHLER provided me some of the best ways to show off me and Michael.

We are DIY active! Inside Casa Vento it gets crazy. We’ve assembled brick walls, bathrooms, disposers, dishwashers, entertainment centers, and that’s the shortlist.

Shortly, we will be installing a full walk-in closet renovation and bathroom number 4 with a one-ton cast-iron tub with claws.

More to the luxury side of Dana, I’ve even enjoyed auto partnerships with Lexus, and other brands keep me relevant in the car industry.

Tech brands like Hello Nomad, Safego, and luggage with EagleCreek, are all part of my stories.

I’ve worked with Nook, Newell, Brylane Homes, Oriental Trading Company, Calphalon and more.
When I would do radio spots with Star 100.7 I represented my own brand.

Speaking is easy when you have a Masters’s Degree in Presentation Skills and HR Management.

After that, speaking on behalf of a large brand like

Gabe’s as a Media Representative was easy.

Getting to dabble right from the start into the position of Shop ‘n Save online partner was yet another way to share my ability to speak professionally both on brand and on camera.
“When a trip makes it feel like a vacation and not a vacation that is a TRIP you know you have found a winning combination. ” ~Dana
What makes me unique is that I dish all the details and leave no covers un-turned(literally)! Family fun is important and it is possible to build a trip that every genre in your family will enjoy.

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So Let’s Chat About Me Working With You! I am Waiting To Meet You and
CONTACT ME If you are press, media or marketing, email me directly for my Media Kit and Rates.

Are you my readers and want to chat?

Write to me dana(at)danavento(dot)com and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Please know, I do my best to respond within 48 hours.

I lavishly live travel, culinary bliss and DIY out loud! ~Dana XO

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