15 Laundry Room Organizing Products on Amazon

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Laundry Room Organizing

The laundry room in your home, be it big or small has to be organized.

Consider how often you use your washer and your dryer area.

How many times have you visited this area of your home in a week?

Is your laundry room disorganized?

This problem of disorganization in your laundry room hs to stop immediately.

I will help you solve your dilemma by sharing 15 laundry room organizing products from Amazon.


If you can’t function properly in this room, you really can’t effectively use this room then can you?

Want to get more out of your space and get organized at the same time?

Stop piling clothes on the floor and tossing oodles of stuff in your closets, that is solving nothin!

Let’s solve your laundry room issues by organizing it with 15 things from Amazon to organize the laundry room you.

All you have to do is click and order, organize!

Not being able to hang a pair of pants to dry, or not finding your cleaning stuff stops now.

We are solving the disorganized laundry room right here and now, through a simple DIY with huge results!


Laundry Room Organizing Products

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You can short cut and see the full list of my chosen products at any point in time here on my Laundry Room Organizing Products List.

#1 Tackling Hanging with Laundry Organizing Products

So what happens to your laundry after you wash it?

Where does the stuff you don’t toss in the dryer go?

On the back of the door or in the doorway on a hanger?

Stop that.

Potentially you risk that stuff falling off the doorframe or jamming up the door.

Plus, when you run out of doorways, doorframes, and doors, where do you hang your stuff?

It’s scattered everywhere and anywhere and that’s not your laundry room, keep everything in ONE Room when doing laundry!

Chances are it’s a hot mess!

First things first, do you have a collapsible hanging rack?

These are great for on-the-wall and you can find some for on the door!

Hang one of these over your door and increase your hanging capacity in ONE area, right in the laundry room.

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#2 Hanging and Laundry Room Organizing Products

Even if you use your dryer more often than not, you still have that favorite pair of pants you hang.

Above, we solved where to hang them, but what do you have to hang clothing on?

You have 2 different options and both work well, depending on what you are hanging.

For undergarments, these ‘S’ hooks are worth their weight in gold!

Clothing, like shirts, etc can be hung on these hangers with notches in them, adult-sized.

#3 Brooms Mops and Dusters

So if your brooms, mops, and dusters are together in a corner behind the door in your laundry room, you get a star!

You’ve at least got them all in one place, but, they are space-sucking demons that have to go!

First, your door does not open right, and second, the sticks often fall and jam the door.

An easy fix and one of my favorites is a simple to use mop and broom holder, really a game-changer.

It gets the brooms and mops and dusters off the floor and hung and to hang them it’s just too easy!

No more jammed doors or hogged behind-the-door space!

Open that door with freedom!

There are all different kinds, even mop and broom holders with hooks in addition to the mop holder sections, so find one in your price range and order it!

You can short cut and see the full list of my chosen products at any point in time here on my Laundry Room Organizing Products List.

#4 The Lint Master

What happens when you have lint in your dryer?

If you don’t have a trash can close by, the lint may not get cleaned.

But, let’s use a lint container instead.

Clean the lint out of your dryer every single time you run the dryer for both efficiency and safety.

I love this magnetic lint container because it is magnetic and is always handy!

Want a useful way to use the lint from your dryer? Read this article on using Lint!

#5 Lint and Laundry Room Organizing Products

Albeit not an organizing product, this particular item is a must-have for all dryers and laundry rooms.

In fact, this item will need to be hung, so it does have to be organized.

I own this particular lint brush, and it cleans my vent and loosens any debris, not on the lint remover shield.

You can really get a lot cleaned out and as a bonus, use it under the dryer as well!

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#6 Catch-All

Do you find loose change or maybe earplugs, small items in the base of the washer!

Wow-what treasures, but someone must own them right?

Using a catch-all magnetic basket that easily attaches and detaches to the washer is the answer to sharing the wealth and finding an owner!

#7 Cubes In Cabinet To Use for Laundry Room organizing Products

When you open your cabinets, are they sorted?

Why Not?

Grab a set of fabric cubes (a 6 pack) and start organizing.

Make sure there is some sort of handle system, like on these organizing cubes so you can easily pull the cube out and get what you need.

There are cubes in every color, price range, and size, so don’t be shy, click on Amazon until you find organizing cubes that fit your space and preference!

#8 A Good Trash Can

Keep the trash can in the laundry room, both slim and modest.

Why would you do this?

So that you regularly empty the slim can and so that you don’t toss recyclables in there.

Be kind to the environment.

#9 Recycling is Environmentally Friendly and Required!

This one is easy, just get this blue one, it’s marked RECYCLING*.

In fact, it’s a great idea and foolproof, because you won’t even have to think about where to toss that empty, rinsed bottle!

*do note this is a 12 pack, but you have other rooms so…

#10 Tension Rods are a must for Laundry Room Organizing Products

Whether you use a tension rod inside your cabinet, between door frames, wall-to-wall, under cabinets, you will never do without them again.

Tension rods come in every size you could need, I am the queen of using these.

Use them to store extra hangers or to divide things into cabinets.

Buy tension rods in larger packs (6) or individually.

Change the color of your cabinets? Check out this DIY for Cabinet Painting.

#11 Wall Space that Needs A Real Shelf

While I shared hanging on a wall with a collapsible storage item, this is different.

Do you have an actual shelf and rack that are affixed to your wall?

This is great because you can use the top to store Cubes with organized items and the bottom for hanging.

#12 Cleaning Storage Thin and Compact Laundry Room Organizing Products

If you have space between your washer and dryer or even on the side of either, this little trolley will make a world of difference.

However, do keep in mind, if you have children, these products will not be locked up.

#13 Laundry On The Floor Nevermore!

Why is there dirty laundry on your floor?

It’s dirty, has germs, and needs to be cleaned, yet it is sitting on your clean floor and your cat or dog then sits on it.

Gross, no, nope!

Here’s what you need and it’s slim and sleek and keeps the laundry off the floor until you can wash it.

Plus, you can’t overstack it, so you will do the wash more often!

Again, it takes up almost no space at all which makes it a practical way to keep laundry off the floor and your room more organized.

#14 Pressed and Ready To Go

If you have your iron in one room and the ironing board in the other, you are fighting an uphill battle.

You will never be pressed and ready to go.

Get it together, and make life easy!

The Wall-Mounted ironing board and iron holder I am sharing also hold the starch and you could toss in a mending kit if needed!

#15 Getting Carried Away with Laundry Room Organizing Products

After you wash, dry and fold your laundry, it’s time to get carried away, one last time (for this article).

Don’t use those clunky, large laundry baskets, they hog space and are just inefficient.

Instead, get what I have found to be incredibly-space-saving in my own home: these collapsible large laundry baskets.

Store them behind the door (where the mops used to be) or hang them on hooks on the wall, or between the washer.

Slim profile, collapsible large laundry baskets make so much sense.

Recap OF All Laundry Room Organizing Products

I know there was a lot of information here, so to make it easy for you, I’ve pulled all the products together.

You can find and purchase any of these products and search thousands more right there>> Laundry Room Organizing Products.