3 Foods To Pair with Gourmet Hot Chocolate

3 Foods to pair with gourmet hot chocolate

As the days get cooler and the nights are downright chilly, it suddenly becomes the season of hot chocolate.

Unlike traditional drinks of tea and coffee, hot chocolate is perfect for everyone as chocolate is always a welcome delight to the palate.

Did you know that Gourmet Hot Chocolate can be paired successfully with many different foods you might never have considered?

In fact, gourmet hot chocolate served up with snacks is perfect for both adults and children.

What makes Gourmet Hot Chocolate so good is the creamy consistency it offers against the roof of the mouth and cheeks.

When you watch all those Hallmark Movies from Fall through Winter, you will see hot chocolate carts everywhere.

Hallmark is right, Fall through Late Winter is the perfect time for hot cocoa, but it’s more than just sipping that cup in front of you.

What 3 foods do you pair with Gourmet Hot Chocolate?

Allow me to introduce you to 3 foods to pair with gourmet hot chocolate so you can warm up with a lovely cup of cheer and delicious foods!

Grab a blanket, a great movie, and your family it’s time to lavishly live the season of cool out loud.

Gourmet Hot Chocolate

Gourmet Hot Chocolate with a snowflake marshmallowCall it hot cocoa, or hot chocolate, or snub it up a bit and call it gourmet hot chocolate, it’s all relative!

The Trendiness of Hot Cocoa

Perhaps my favorite movie of the holiday season is The Holiday with Cameron Diaz.

When she meets the family of Jude Law and they are sitting at the table enjoying hot chocolate and being reminded that ‘everyone has the same amount of marshmallows’

The beverage is perfect for everyone and the pairings can be made to make it even more heavenly.

Let’s Discuss Hot Chocolate BOMBS

Have you tried crafting Hot Chocolate Bombs?

I’ve even made variations of them, including a White Chocolate Frosty Peppermint Hot Chocolate Bomb, mmm!

Once you’ve made ONE Hot Chocolate Bomb, you’ll never go back to basic Hot chocolate!


This presentation is half the fun and the deep taste of chocolate is the other!


Hot Chocolate & Pairings

Hot Chocolates and Food together First, we should really discuss what this chocolate beverage I am sharing?

Again, the beverage that is chocolate can be served in a glass, a mug, a cup, etc.

You might know this beverage like hot chocolate, hot cocoa, or gourmet hot chocolate!

If you have not had the pleasure of tasting this gourmet cocoa you have been missing out on cocoa that is rich, creamy, and quite simply the tastiest out there.

I consider myself a hot chocolate connoisseur and nothing out there comes close to this flavor.

Plus, did I mention that this particular can be made HOT or COLD.

While you might say this article is all about HOT Chocolate, I will say that in the summer, I don’t give up my chocolate craving.

Rather than a HOT beverage, I just make an iced Hot Chocolate with this divineand then the world spins right!

Diabetic But Craving & Hot Cocoa?

I totally feel for you, because we have someone in my home who has had to watch their sugar intake and it’s not fun!

So, don’t think I’d leave you hanging, because there’s nothing like a good cup of Gourmet Hot Chocolate right?

This is a Diabetic-Friendly Hot Chocolate!

Call it Keto-Friendly, Low-Sugar, Low Carb, or whatever you want just call it, so you can indulge!

It’s not hard to make, and it’s GOOD!

While that brand is delish, this brand is even better, you didn’t think I’d offer you just one choice did you??

Choose from several amazing flavors such as Amaretto, Irish Cream, and Raspberry!

Each offers a generous portion of PROTEIN and keeps the sugar at 2 g!

Hot Chocolate and Gifting

You can share your love of Gourmet Hot Chocolate with anyone.

Simply, grab some Gourmet Hot Chocolate, and then try any of these options!

A Mug + A Spoon + A Plastic Bag + A Container of Gourmet Hot Chocolate = A Gifted Mug of Decadent Gourmet Hot Chocolate.

One canister of Gourmet Hot Chocolate + A Spoon in a gift bag!

When would you gift gourmet hot chocolate?

For the person who clears your snow, the UPS driver who is always dropping packages, a teacher, a neighbor, the postal worker, etc.

It’s a simple gift that is sure to bring smiles and warmth!

3 Foods To Pair

Orange You Wonderful, But You Are Not An Orange

Start off trying Mandarin oranges dipped into a glass of hot chocolate are amazing, truly unbelievable.

IN fact, totally unbelievable to taste!

Fabulous Red With Plenty of Sweet and that Dark Hot Chocolate!

Try out fresh-cut large strawberries truly offer a tasty treat your mouth will thank you for this tasty combination

However, one better is a chocolate-dipped strawberry and when the chocolate is dipped in the gourmet hot chocolate it melts into the chocolate!


Angel Food Cake with Caramel Sauce

angel food inverted cupcake

There’s nothing like Angel Food cake and caramel sauce to accompany a glass of Gourmet Hot Cocoa.

Angel food has an awesome texture that actually melts away when met with a mug of Cocoa.

BONUS a 4th Way To Enjoy Delectable Hot Chocolate: Skew Me, Baby!

Skewed cheese and grapes offer a different taste.

The sweetness of the grape, the mildness of the cheese, and the taste of gourmet cocoa all dance against the palate.

Every day Is Better with A Hot Chocolate

Just imagine your next holiday gathering, or night after sledding with family and friends and everyone sipping cocoa!

The food pairing is ultimately limitless and don’t forget to add some foods with peppermint, which just amps it up even more!

I’ve even shared my favorite gourmet cocoa so now you have a foodies insider’s secret as well.

Enjoy the season of Gourmet Hot Chocolate. Cheers! ~ Dana XO