3 Jeep Friendly Winter Getaways

3 Jeep Friendly Winter Getaways

The exhilaration of driving a Jeep through the snow is one best experience behind the wheel.

If you have watched movies that are filmed at winter resorts, you often see Jeeps as the vehicle of choice!

Jeeps have an incredible ability to travel through the snow like a one-horse open sleigh.

As a result of their fantastic ability to take on the elements, the sportiness of a Jeep is both sleek and rugged at the same time.

Jeeps appeal to the masses and those of us that crave adventure from time to time surely will appreciate a Jeep!

Today, consider these 3 Jeep friendly winter getaways that will bring a smile to your face and a challenge to your driving.

Lavishly live life out loud with travel and Jeep getaways.

3 Jeep Friendly Winter Getaways

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1. Ski Resorts

skiing, cottages and snowboarding for getaways in the winter Ski Resorts like Pine Knob Ski Resort and Mt. Brighton Ski Area are perfect getaways for the Michigan area!

It may come as no surprise to you, but Jeeps and ski resorts pair like Cabernet Sauvignon and filet mignon.

It’s true, skis fit nicely onto the back of a Jeep.

You do need to grab a SKI & spare tire mount, but once you have this accessory you are ready to hit the trails.

Further, skiing is rugged just like the Jeep and transporting your equipment is easy.

Check with your local Jeep Dealer service and parts department to see if they can order these parts in for you.

2. Romantic Cabin or Cottage In The Woods is a Jeep Friendly Winter Getaway

We’ve all seen cabins we would love to go to and especially during the winter.

Sometimes the location of the cabins (atop a mountain) or way back yonder kind of changes our want.

A JEEP will get you there.

Jeeps to consider for this getaway are the Jeep Grand Cherokee or the Jeep Wrangler as according to Consumer Reports they are among the best of the best in the snow!

Finally, don’t worry about getting snowed in, your Jeep is made to drive and play in the snow!

3. Snow Boarding

Did you know that snowboarding is epic in it’s ‘wintertime presentation’ of winterscape?

Get ready for snow-capped mountains, untouched, virgin snow just waiting to be photo’d and of course lots of fresh air!

You gotta board it to enjoy it! Your Jeep and roadways waiting for your Jeep to rip on through (cautiously) of course!

Make sure to get your Jeep Snowboard rack and head for the mountains nearby!

Are you ready to learn more about Jeeps?

Head on over to your local Jeep Dealership and see what offers they have.

Make sure to discuss all of your ambitious getaway plans so the dealership can set you up in the right Jeep!3 Jeep Friendly Winter Getaways

By and large, you owe yourself an adventure.

Lavishly live travel out loud and escape to one of these 3 Jeep Friendly Winter Getaways.