3 Tips For Cats, Fleas and Pheromones

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Raising a cat, ingratiating her into our home as been a true life-altering process. Anyone that has a cat will tell you that they come with their own set of rules and that the attitude is worn big by each.

The endless enjoyment of parenting a cat, and learning them is complimented by the affections shown through eye blinks, and willingness to interact at the weirdest times! Here are a few products that I am helpful for cat parenting and 3 Tips for cats, fleas & pheromones so you can lavishly live cat ownership out loud.

3 Tips For Cats, Fleas, and Pheromones

Today’s post is sponsored by Single Edition Media on behalf of CevaCat and the products that I will share with you are those that I believe any cat will benefit from in every home. 

Fleas & Tick Control

3 Tips For Cats, Fleas and Pheromones

Did you know that even indoor cats are subject to those pesky parasites that can find their way into your home? I was definitely not prepared to learn this fact, but before I have any trouble my decision is to be proactive and use Catego™.

Cats have unique needs and of course, you already know that most have the temperament of less interaction are more.   Catego™   allows you to easily apply this product topically each month to protect and begin killing fleas withing 6 hours (Advantage® II II kills fleas within 12 hours and Frontline Plus® kills fleas within 12 hours)  Love on this product because it is one application a month!

Reduce Stress

3 Tips For Cats, Fleas and Pheromones

Does your kitty cat get super upset when you travel? Perhaps there are a lot of stressors in your cat’s life? Cats truly need to feel safe and welcome in their environment and sometimes it can be hard to make them feel this way.  Is your cat spraying urine in your home? or maybe scratching furniture? They are doing this to show you that they are not feeling safe in their environment, it’s time to be a good cat parent and help!

Familiarity is what cats cherish, it is the way they all are and if you have seen your cat rubbing their head on a chair, couch, against a box it is because they are depositing their pheromones on those items, marking territory.

Bella the cat is always rubbing something from blankets to potted plants to boxes and we know she is happy and content.  You will love the products I have found from Feliway® which include: Feliway® Spray and Feliway® Wipes.

3 Tips For Cats, Fleas and Pheromones

Since we travel we use Feliway® Spray in Bellas carrier.  What we have found is that a few sprays of this inside her bag calm her down as we get into the car and get on our way.  Now an insider’s tip from this Cat Mom is to use Feliway® Spray in the travel carrier before you go to the vet, one of the most unnerving times for most pets. This is non-sedating and it is not a drug.  You can get this product through your vet, what are you waiting for?

Are You A MultiCat Parent?

3 Tips For Cats, Fleas and Pheromones

Have no fear Feliway® MultiCat Diffuser is here.  Unwanted behaviors come from tension and conflict so if you can make the room a little less tense than you can reduce tension.  The diffuser offers a natural pheromone that will help cats bond to one another, something they often do not do on their own.  The pheromone being diffused can make the cats all feel more safe, secure and therefore animosity will be relieved (no cat fights).

We have used Feliway® MultiCat Diffuser in our home for both Bella and Samantha, it definitely mad a difference in the room.  We simply plugged it in, with the fill and let it do its magic. It is simple to use, simple to refill and sharing space becomes a bit lighter!

It’s All About The Products

What I have found time and time again is that if you find a good set of products, your whole cat world can spin with ease. Knowing that the products I have presented today can be purchased through your vet should also help set you at ease when you consider all the products that are out there. Vets provide access to only the best, after all, that’s Adventure. Eat. DIY. Repeat. right? Providing your cat the best of the best!