3 Tips To Find Entertainment On Cruise Ships

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I think the joke was on me while we Cruised recently, as I just kept on going and kind of forgot to act my age.  It’s not like I am a teen who can party all day and all night and then still take the excursions the next day at full throttle, but I fooled myself and just partied on! So, I ask you what after a full day of fun in the sun, playing on shore, walking, talking, drinking and eating, what would be the next best offering on a cruise? How about laughs dished up super-sized, great broadways shows and dinner time entertainment that was even more entertaining and delightful than the food?

My 3 Tips To Find Entertainment On Cruise Ships does mean that you can not order room service the entire trip and it means you have to get dressed and leave your room in order to mingle, but you don’t have to socialize you just have to enjoy!

There is entertainment you can enjoy as a family on a cruise ship and there is some entertainment you just need to attend alone, so check out my 3 tips to find entertainment on a Cruise Ship and find out what not to miss. Are you ready to lavishly live cruising out loud?

Tips To Find Entertainment On A Cruise Ship

3 tips for finding entertainment on a cruise ship, cruise ship, carnival, norwegian, princess, royal Caribbean,family travel, entertainment, high seas, traveling, adventure, food, bars, clubs, laugh, smile, broadway, singing, dancing, stories, acting

If you have not been cruising yet, what are you waiting for? Hands-down, next to a Disney Vacation (Unless you are on a Disney Cruise) this is the most amazing way to travel as a family, solo or as a couple. There is fun around every corner, or you can totally sit in your room (WE never did this).   Get ready for the party that never stops and having fun beyond your wildest imagination.

Many cruise ships include entertainment with your purchase and we were on the Carnival Sunshine and found entertainment in all the right places! Dinner, After Dinner and with adults and kids, there was just no lack of ways to be entertained.

We spent so much time doing stuff, we never stopped the whole time we were on the Carnival Sunshine and even once many might call it a night, we keep on a-going! My kids decided that Camp Carnival, Circle ‘C’ and Club O2 was where there action was at, and they just wanted to be there after dinner, so my husband and I took off to be entertained.

Tip #1 Comedy Clubs On Board

Punchliner, Punchliner Comedy Club, Limelight lounge, carnival sunshine, carnival, comedians, comedy show, talent, adults, families, kids, seating, bar, LimeLight Lounge, george lopez, dana vento, travel, cruising,3 Tips To Find Entertainment On Cruise Ships

We found a comedy club on-board our ship and honestly a few of the shows were good as you might expect and a few were just ‘eh’, but we were out and enjoying ourselves and we had a great tine doing so.  Look for comedy club listings on your ship’s itinerary and head there for fun.

You don’t have to participate, you can just sit there, but I do advise sitting towards the middle or back, because sometimes the comedians do have the last laugh and we have seen this go both ways: people are either really good about it, or really saps about it, so be prepared!

We often found ourselves in a line waiting to get in and hoping for a seat, but one night the seating we had was so far in the back we were watching the show on a monitor, we just should have left. My suggestion is if you are going to the comedy club shows that start at about 9 PM get there early enough to be in front of the line so you can pick your seating and not be lodged in the back where you can only watch from a monitor.

Tip #2 Broadway-Like Entertainment

Chances are one of the other lounges on the ship will have Broadway-type shows for you to enjoy and again, these are a mix of singing, dancing and acting.  Our mix was good except for one show that they just should not have even tried, it was so boring people were all leaving.

Beyond that one show that was on the Thursday of our sailing week, we enjoyed all different types of shows, and entertainment and we always had a drink while watching the show.  After the Broadway-Like show we would go to the comedy show, and the timing usually worked, but everyone else was doing the same thing, so be prepared to MOVE if you are going to the next show or duck out of the one you are in before it ends!

Tip #3 Dining Entertainment

If you have never left your room, you won’t have experienced the dining room.  The entertainment in the dining room is lots of fun and your waiting staff will be as fun as you are. Trust me, if you are not interactive and responsive, it just is not going to be fun!

Our servers sang, danced and we even danced, our kids were dancing, and we were laughing with humorous things that seemed to happen at our table.  Put your fun face on, get dressed, suck up some food and indulge in the fun ambiance that the ship offers.

IF you are looking for more entertainment or less laughter and just music, find a bar on the ship, there are a few piano bars or watch out for your Cruise Director who hosts POP-UP Dance parties on the decks making things a lot of fun.

Lavishly live life on the high seas out loud and experience entertainment where the sky is the limit. Use my 3 Tips To Find Entertainment On Cruise Ships and you will have a blast. Family vacations, singles vacations or traveling as a couple all on vacation, there is truly a way to be entertained for each and every person!

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