3 Tips To Repair Hair After Styling Gone Wrong

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I have been sorting through photos in my home as I am getting ready for the holidays and one thing I see is that my hair changes year after year and sometimes even month after month. Along my path of life, there have been hairstyling disasters. Not that I am proud of them, but I have learned through each mistake.

There’s a photo that shows me a particular mistake. In fact, it is the one photo I wish would go away. Red hair dye, on my body, clothing, pillowcases, and hands! It’s not just color that provided me an education in hairstyling disaster repair. Rather, heat styling, requiring hair repair afterward.

We have all been there, styling our hair with heated appliances, hair dyes, hair styling that went wrong from knots to frizz, our hair is our best friend and enemy all in one! Style your hair, enjoy those ME moments. Then it is time to use my 3 Tips To Repair Hair After Styling Gone Wrong.

3 Tips To Repair Hair After Styling Gone Wrong – Before You Start

I am smiling because I can look back and laugh now. What I have learned over years of experience in styling my hair are all the things NOT to do to my tresses. Wavy as they are, or when I straighten them, I follow rules! Now I will share!

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With every season change, comes hair color changes. It’s true, look around you. Your friends that had summer highlights, are now into the Autumn hues, and hair is cut shorter. Why? Fun in the sun equals hair disasters.

Since the seasons are changing it is time to trim your tresses, update your color, and replenish your hair’s natural moisture. Now for those of you who don’t want the huge salon bill, I am sure you will learn how to do this at home. Using my hair disasters to share what is better to use, you are sure to have a good laugh at the very least. Of course, the laugh is at my expense!

Whether your hair is a disaster from fun in the sun, heating appliances, monthly color or just because, try these helpful tips and items to make a difference. Chop! Chop (ha!).

The Fried Hair Disaster – Repair Hair After Styling Gone Wrong

This is my hair straightened now. I know what to do, and what not to do, but a while back, I have no idea what I was doing. Finding a great stylist, who coaches you, after she does your hair is KEY to learning.

Reading products, before using them and having the right things on hand also helps. Ready for more? Keep reading!

3 Tips To Repair Hair After Styling Gone Wrong, curls, drying, hair appliances, color mishaps, overprocessing, coloring hair, highlighting hair, burns, straigh, curly, drying, things to know, what to buy, beauty, beauty tips and tricks, Dana Vento

My first flat iron was going to be my solve-all as it would take my curl to straight and I would have that much-wanted poker-straight hair. Well, maybe not this time, because I let the iron heat beyond 500 ° and singed my hair. Is there even a setting that allows a straightener to get this hot? Well???

I smelled burning and wondered what that awful smell was and then I saw singed hair fall into the sink. Oh my goodness what had I done? In an attempt to change up my style and rid the curl I had overheated, fried and singed my hair.

A little stubborn, I did not give in, rather I turned the heat down on the flat iron and continued to style, only to see that my hair was frizzing, dry and suddenly created a lot of split ends. What had I done? How would I restore what I destroyed? Did I forget to mention I THREW that flat iron away and got a new one?

Hair’s (lol) My Straightener.

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Travel Too!

In fact, I have their travel size as well as the full size. Both are a straightening magician and do not burn my hair. Also, don’t forget to purchase a heat resistant silicone pouch. The pouch allows you to place the straightener or curling iron ON it while being used and heating and IN it while traveling. Pouch is heat resistant up to 450° F to my working knowledge.

Corrective Procedure BEFORE You Style with A Flat Iron/Straightener

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Since I am not a stylist I don’t know the things you should and should not do to your hair. Well, let me rephrase that. While I am not a stylist, I need to know how to prep my hair for a visit from the straightener BEFORE the straightener/flat iron touches my hair.

Did you know this? Thanks to my little lesson in overheating and Straightening 101 I took a trip to my then stylist. She said, “Dana, never put the flat iron that hot, and, always pre-treat your hair with a heat guard spray.”

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While I was there, I got a deep conditioning treatment and she talked to me a bit more about styling and styling tools. It was totally worth the $35 conditioning treatment as it was basically a fast lesson on what to use before I styled and how to achieve a beautiful end result.

Interesting facts, I wish I would have known before I played hair salon stylist in my bathroom!

Damaged Hair

Damaged hair can be split ends (like mine), weakness from over-processing and color, roughness (and tons of top head frizz), dullness and dehydration. The good news is that hair can be repaired if you know what you are looking for. Let’s see where to turn to for help because your hair is screaming for it!

3 Tips To Repair Hair After Styling Gone Wrong

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ir?t=kidstuff03 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0751LB83DShampoo through your hair to rebuild the fibers, and add a bit of silkiness using L’Oréal® Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo

Don’t stop at the shampoo. Use the L’Oréal® Paris Elvin Repair 5 Protein Conditioner. You will be like, “what? What? ” after you try it!

Before you use your hairdryer on your hair, make sure to apply a heat protectant to your hair. Use a big tooth comb to at least get a tangle out of your hair and do NOT use the top heat settings, rather go for cool! That actually applies unless you have the dryer I have, read on.

Hair Me Now

Last, remember, if your dryer is horrid, old, and cheap, chances are, it’s the root (lol) of the issue. A great hairdryer, a small investment, but so worth it, is the Rose Gold Aria dryer from Gamma+! Did I say, ‘I HEART this dryer!” I’ll talk about it more soon, but, it’s my ‘Porsche’ of hairdryers if that helps!

Offering 6 settings and COOL shots to set the style, there’s nothing like this hairdryer. It’s under a pound so lightweight and No Frizz. Unlike most other dryers I have tried the Rose Gold Aria Dryer from Gamma+ is QUIET. I even use it when the kids are sleeping!

Get ready for the holidays, the over-processing, the blowouts, the drying, the styling appliances. Stock your drawers, showers, and tubs with the right beauty products to get the job done! Lavishly live the season of hair out loud and bookmark my 3 Tips To Repair Hair After Styling Gone Wrong just in case!

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