3 Ways To Prevent Mosquito Bites!


Can you prevent mosquito bites?

As a travel writer, learning to prevent mosquito bites at beaches, resorts and wooded areas is a must!

Today, I will share my 3 ways to prevent mosquito bites that I have personally found helpful.

Everyone has their own methods, but avoiding these pesky bites is for comfort and wellness combined!

Honestly, I consider mosquito bites as nasty as chigger bites!

Prevent Mosquito Bites

My Sardinian Experience with Mosquito Bites

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Sardinia Mosquitoes
Sardinia Mosquitoes

Years back, I traveled to the island of Sardinia which literally sits in the middle of the Mediterranean.

After spending time in Sardinia, I learned that my skin was more than reactive to a mosquito (la zanzara) bite, more allergic.

Then, after being bitten at many different beaches, resorts, and different wooded destinations around the world, I got smart!

I found 3 ways to prevent mosquito bites.

Prevent Mosquito Bites – When You See It Coming

Swat, swish, keep trying to avoid the mosquito, don’t let it bite you!

Don’t bite me, mosquito!

That’s not going to work, because all the prayers are not going to immobilize a mosquito on track to bite you.

What I’ve Tried To Prevent Mosquito Bites

Belize Jungle and Ruins
Belize Jungle and Ruins

The most epic fail at preventing mosquito bites happened on a trip to Belize.

We were in the freakin’ jungle and it had just rained.

Dressed for heat, sun, and just off the cruise ship, we were ready to take on the ruins.

One ruin after the other from the entrance to the back, we followed our guide and climbed up and down.

As we came to the last ruin to climb atop (where the sacrificing altar was) we took a detour per our guide.

The Trail We Should Not Have Followed

Path To Mosquitoes Belize
Path To Mosquitoes Belize

We were going on a trail into the jungle to experience more, but we had to stop!

The mosquito tags and bracelets we had on were not working.

Sweat was a large part of the current state and the mosquito beasts were biting us to pieces!

Belize ruins and jungle
Belize ruins and jungle

I called out to the tour guide and said, “STOP!”

We turned around, bitten about 20x per person, and we headed to the last ruin to climb.

Coil Bracelets Don’t Work to prevent mosquito bites (1)

The coiled mosquito repellant bracelets don’t work at all!

We had them on our ankles and wrists and they don’t work.

Round Patches Don’t Work to prevent mosquito bites. (2)

On every backpack, and on our tops, we all had those little mosquito repellants round patches to avoid contact with the mosquitos.

Guess what, we all still got bitten.

The patches made NO difference and this was the second time I had tried them!

The only person who yielded precisely one bite was my Father-In-Law.

Oddly enough he was the ONE person in our group with a bit of smarts, no matter the weather!

Prevent Mosquito Bites ~ What Did My Father-in-law Do Differently?

3 Tips To Prevent Mosquito Bites
3 Tips To Prevent Mosquito Bites

No. 1 You Can’t Bite What You Can’t See

Mosquito Bite Prevention
Mosquito Bite Prevention

Well, a mosquito wasn’t going to work harder than it had to right?

So look at this photo.

What did my father-in-law do differently?

He wore pants.

Other than a nibble on his one arm, he was scorn-free from mosquito bites.

His repellant?

The pants!

While a long sleeve shirt would have then prevented the arm bite, dress for the area you are uncovering.

Long pants work and long sleeves shirts too!

No. 2 What Essential Oil Could Be Better than Natural Repellant?

Now, no matter where I travel, I take my lemon-eucalyptus essential oil mixture and dab it on me and my bags.

I put it on my wrists, and behind my ears, as well as behind my knees.

Pretty easy right?

Make sure to keep this with you and use it before you engage in outdoor activities.

The downside to this solution is sometimes essential oils can be sticky, but the tradeoff, it does work!

Ciao to those nasty mosquito bites.

No. 3 – Get OFF Me –

So I like easy and available and OFF checks those both off my shopping list.

Prevent mosquito bites before they happen with afew light mists of this before any outdoor activity.

Now for those of you that prefer natural, you won’t like this option.

However, if you are a naturalist I am sure you won’t like this option!

I got you covered too!

Use the Plant-based, Deet-Free Natural version of this.

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