4 Must See New Jersey Waterfalls

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Sometimes the best adventures happen right in your own back yard or really close to your home. There’s nothing like a few hours at a local park to clear your head, take in the fresh air and just relax.

Footpaths are a great way to work those extra steps you need into your day to meet your Fitness Apps requirements. After traveling on a few recent trips, I discovered the glory of hiking to a waterfall.

The paths are never easy, but the end reward is spectacular. New Jersey actually has several waterfalls. After a long discussion with my girlfriend (Gianna), who lives in Somerville, New Jersey, we narrowed our choices down to 4 Must-See New Jersey Waterfalls. Each fall is at the farthest one and a half hours from Somerville, while the closest is less than 35 minutes!

It’s time to pack up your vehicle, grab those hiking shoes and climb the steps, footpaths, and trails. We are going to the waterfalls.

4 Must See New Jersey Waterfalls

After searching for parks to head out to, in the Somerville area or pretty close to, we came up with 5 we want to visit. We chose the Falls because they are not too far from her house and that will allow us time to relax and not fight traffic.

If we decide to go on the weekends, it makes it easier to get to them earlier so they parking won’t be as crowded at a few of them. That is how we narrowed down our choices for waterfall visits. Do know that New Jersey has more than this small list of waterfalls.

In other words, if waterfalls intrigue you, Google them and you will see how many you can visit. Now, I have one other piece of advice. Some of the Falls have bad terrain and mega potholes leading up to them.

For those of you lucky enough to have a friend with a Jeep Wrangler let them drive. Those vehicles were made for these adventures. Enough said!

Buttermilk Falls

Located in Walpack, NJ, it’s not far at all from Somerville. A simple 45-minute drive and you will find a wooden staircase to climb. There are about 165 steps or so but it’s a great workout going up and down.

Stony Brook Falls

This is about an hour and a half drive from Somerville. It is located in Stokes State Forest. The real action, the piece that will be most notable is toward the end of Kittle Field Road. Once you are there you will witness beautiful cascading water.

There is both a lower and an upper cascade so make sure to look for both! Breathtaking and so rewarding after hiking. Just relax and enjoy.

Apshawa Brook at Apshawa Preserve

You will love this destination. About a one hour and few minutes drive out of Somerville and you arrive at Apshawa Preserve. Hike. Bike and bird watch while you are here! Seek out the falls. Take the blue trail to the green trail and you will love what you will see.

Pristine and glorious will be the words used to describe this waterfall. Perhaps you might call it more of a cascading water slope than a fall, but that can be debated later. Walk. Enjoy. Take a picture. #BraggingRights

Norvin Green State Forest & Chikahoki Falls

Drive about one hour out of Somerville, via 1 287 South. Depending on the time of day you go, your drive could be a little longer or shorter. I always suggest earlier on the weekends and before rush hour on the weekdays.

This will be an easier hike, and on a clear day, you might even get to see New York. Chikahoki Falls is a must do destination for a New Jersey Waterfall.

Get Out There And Explore

Now I hope you are curious and want to get out there to visit the 4 must-see New Jersey Waterfalls that Gianna and me are working on exploring! ~ DANA XO