4 Nissan SUV and Crossover Options For Families

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Ask me about car shopping and  I will vouch and say it is intimidating for everyone from the novice to the pro.  Car shopping is like diving into the deep blue sea, the more you shop, the more you learn there is and the bottom seems to never come around.

Being honest, there are things we don’t know and we don’t want to ask. Asking questions makes us look less knowledgeable and we all feel like we should know more before we shop right? How do you save face before you shop for a car?

Have you seen all of the different Nissan SUV’s and Crossovers available? Today I will share a light overview of 4 Nissan SUV and Crossover options for families so you can have a better idea of which SUV might suit your lifestyle.

4 Nissan SUV and Crossover Options For Families

My answer to the ever-present question of how to save face and time is to research and learn all you can about the car you are seeking.  Learn the competitors in that class of car, and what the standard features are on each of them, then you will have a clearer picture of what you are about to buy.

Recently we shopped for cars to learn all about the different SUV and Crossovers available on the market, and you know what I found interesting? Nissan boasts 4 SUV and Crossover options for growing families.  A vehicle has to work for your family and learning all the models available is practical.

Nissan Murano -Mid-Size Crossover 

The Murano is a five-door, mid-sized crossover. Base price on the Nissan five-door starts at around $29,740 while your MPG ranges 21/city/28 highway.  A 4 door striking aerodynamic body that is sure to head turn all those watching as you pass on by.  20″ aluminum alloy wheels that allow the car to look as though it is gliding across the road, and an incredible interior that offers Intelligent Climate control, keeping your ride comfortable.

Perhaps one of my favorite features on the Murano was the cargo area. Space and flexibility in conversion of the seating in order that you can haul what you need when you need as the back seats offer a 60/40 split with the pull of a lever. Think of a child in a car seat while the other seats collapse to haul brooms purchased, groceries, large containers of toilet paper or any purchases at warehouse clubs. You can easily flex your toting capability as you almost double your cargo volume by collapsing the seats! Family car for sure.  Did I mention the power liftgate on the remote?

Perfect for the family of 4 that does not need to flex cargo muscle, but needs cargo space and perfect for the family of 3, because collapsing one of the seats allows for a car seat and hauling your goods!

 Nissan Rogue – Compact Crossover 

Hello to seating capacity for 5, with a base price of $23,820, boasting up to 26 city/33 highway MPG.  5 seats, 4 doors and safety built-in all around the vehicle. As a mom (or dad) there is no such thing as enough ways to protect our loved ones, but Nissan comes holds the bar way high! Blind spot warning, rear cross traffic alerts, lane departure warning and high beam assist headlights to help you drive safer and keep you more focused as you worry about the road, and NISSAN ROGUE worries about your surroundings.  (**Please note..nothing is s substitute for paying attention to the road and your surroundings these tech items help you as the driver)

Rear seats fold down for more hauling capacity and there are 3 seats across the back, so from car seats to strollers, you are set to go anywhere as a family and enjoy life. This car is perfect for the family of 4 that is on the go with or without car seats.

Nissan Pathfinder – SUV 

With a base price of $30,290 and estimated 20 mpg city and 27 mpg highway, adventure is calling your name. Boasting impressive passenger volume with 3 rows of seating, this car is ready for the family of 5 to 7  who travels with sports or loves to get out there and go. Do you have a family of 3 and have suddenly become the soccer pick up mom? Hello to 2 additional rows of seating so you can deliver the soccer team (or part of it) to the field. You can place up to seven passengers in this SUV and yet the vehicle still will have 16 cubic feet of cargo.

If you don’t use the 3rd-row seating, you then gain 47 cubic feet.  Want more space (hauling big items?) drop the 2nd and 3rd row and you gain a total of 79,8 cube feet of cargo- I say SHOP! As a bonus for all your parents that have kids that tote tech, there is an under-floor storage for valuable to stay out of site, so stow it while you on the go and getting out of the car.

Nissan Juke – Crossover 

The Nissan Juke boasts up to 28 city/32 highway MPG and it’s fuel tank capacity ranges fro 11.8 to 13.2 gallons. You are not breaking the bank to keep this crossover on the road. Your Juke is totally customizable with your color, version, and package, which all dictate the end price. Definitely for the MOM who does not want to feel quite like a Mom yet, as the car still has sportiness to it, yet al the safety you yearn.

Base price begins around $20,250 and as you add on features, your price will increase.  The interior of the Juke has 35.9 cubic feet of cargo space which is more than reasonable for a car seat or two and a few grocery bags.  This car is the perfect family of 3 car, or the couple’s car that wants the ability to make some good-sized runs to the store while not stopping at the gas station too frequently. Fun weekend getaways to road trips for the week are what you will find families doing while traversing around in this cool vehicle.

 Crossovers & SUV’s

Choosing a Nissan is all a matter of personal preference, family size and what you need the vehicle to do once you know that, you shop and find a great vehicle. All the Nissan’s boast great safety feature and good gas mileage so everything else just falls into place. What Nissan will you choose?