4 Places Germs Hide In Your Car

4 places germs hide in your car, clean, vacuum, wipe, saniitize

Have you ever really thought about germs that lurk inside of your car or on your car things?

Germs and bacteria are everywhere and easily transmitted by your hands, the kid’s hands and so on.

Every time you pump gas, touch grocery carts, shop, stop and touch you are bringing germs and bacteria to places you might not have considered.

When you buy that new car and ride it off the lot, the interior is shiny and it looks great and rides terrific.

Give it a few months and you might have filled it up a few times with gasoline and maybe you went shopping.

Some days you drive your car to the train, and catch the train, and return to your car to get home.

On the way home, you stop at your favorite restaurant, or drive through, and then stop at the store for a few other items.

Every time you get in and out of your car, your chance of bringing germs into the car increases 10fold. Why?

How? Where are the 4 places that germs hide in your car? How do you avoid this?

4 Places Germs Hide In Your Car

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Now let’s start the cleaning party! You will want to look for sanitizer, a small vacuum, as well as wipes for the car dashboard!

This is just the beginning of your need list, get ready and keep reading!

4 places germs hide in your car

What made me think of this?

We just got inside of a Jeep Grand Cherokee and I watched someone turning in their old JEEP Cherokee.

I asked if I might see inside of the old Jeep just for comparison sake, and then I looked at the steering wheel.

Nope, no way, I could not get into that car, not even if I wanted to. Yuck. Gross.

What, What? All this went through my mind and then the sales associate started talking to me as I must have looked bewildered.

As I stumble to try to find a nice word to describe how bad the interior had been kept, the best I can do is ‘cruddy’!

What the heck went on in this car it was only a few years older than the 2019 Cherokee I was looking at?

The associate explained to me that when cars are loaded with food, people and drive heavily, often they are not cleaned out enough and upkeep.

Ummm, to say the least, this Jeep was just a mess. I pitied the dealership who had to clean this up.

Now that’s where I got the notion to write an article about 4 places germs hide in your car.

Trust me, it does not just happen, you and I create the breeding grounds. Here’s how to keep it cleaned up!

Places Germs Hide In Your Car – Truth In Germ Fighting

After you purchase your new car, chances are you want to keep it clean and ready to roll on demand!

Think about all of the places you travel to, everything you touch, and everything everyone else touches and suddenly you ave a recipe for germs that breed in your car!

When you purchase a new car or a new to you vehicle it’s the most amazing thing in the world, right?

It’s time to wipe up, clean up, sanitize and get down and dirty with 4 places germs hide in your car so you can seek them out and clean them away. Y

our car is new, and you want to drive it, not be driven under your covers from illness bred by the spread of germs!

Germs are very sneaky. What’s even worse, they’re everywhere. Your car is no exception.

Did you know that some surfaces are more prone to germ invasion than others? These are four of the top contenders.

Dashboards are where some Germs Hide In Your Car

You are not gonna defeat the dashboard issue, but you can keep it wiped up regularly which might help out just a bit.

However, Your dashboard is a magnet for bacteria and mold.

Why? Bacteria-laden air typically gets sucked through the vents and collides with the dashboard.

The biggest problem with this is the fact that the dashboard is constantly subjected to sunlight.

Did you know that warmth encourages bacteria and mold to grow at a much more rapid pace? Truth!

Door Handles

Because everyone who gets in and out of a vehicle has to touch at least one door handle, these same handles are prone to attract tons of germs.

Do you clean your handles on a regular basis?

Use disinfecting wipes to help with this.

Don’t do it just once a year instead try it do it weekly.

Especially for those who really use their cars on a daily basis.

Try to upkeep this especially if you have kids, as germs spread fast!

Car Keys

4 places germs hide in your car, clean, vacuum, wipe, saniitize

Since your hands are known to be a resting place for many different kinds of germs, it stands to reason that some of these germs automatically get transferred to your car keys.

Consider this, when you go to a store, you push a car, then you check out.

During this time, you have touched the cart, things in the store, and then the cash register as well as money!

Now you are going to pull out your car keys and touch them.

Wait, there’s more to get sick over!

It’s a common occurrence for people to use the store bathroom while they are shopping, so some of those people didn’t wash their hands or hardly washed them!

Hello to the spread of bacteria, as they touch the cart, clothing and potential products you are putting in your cart.

Did I mention they are now going to touch the cash register before you?


Think about all of this then carry sanitizer with you to cleanse your hands as well as wiping your keys that you use every day!

Steering Wheel

You may or may not be horrified by this fact. Did you know that the steering wheel in your car is much “germier” than a public toilet seat?

Have you ever read the study conducted at London’s Queen New University?

This study revealed that at least 700 teeny-tiny specks of bacteria cover each square inch of your steering wheel?

Now, compare that to 80 specks per inch on the average toilet seat. Yuck!

Really, it’s awful. Now if you need a replay of how germs get to your steering wheel, simply read my car keys passage above.

Next, insert the word steering wheel every time the word car keys populates.

By making a conscious effort to keep these four surfaces cleaner, you’re reducing the spread of germs.

Further, you may also decrease the chances of possible illness that comes with them.

Of course, it’s impossible to eliminate all germs. But, this is certainly a good start when it comes to kicking germs to the curb.

The New Car

When it is time to buy a new car, you are starting fresh.

The best way to keep your car fresh is to sanitize your hands.

Do this each and every time you get in and out of a vehicle.

This will decrease the germ and bacteria transfer from the surface to the surface.

Good luck with your new ride and enjoy it.

Lavishly live a clean auto out loud since you know the 4 places germs hide in a car.

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