5 Things To Know Before Buying A Jeep

Hill for Jeep to go Up

Buying a Jeep

Oh the car market is on fire with great vehicles, and you have time to actually figure out what you want.

No rush-rush shopping, instead, you are able to focus, peruse, and snag what you want.

Did you consider a Jeep yet?

As a Jeep-heavy family 3 of 5 vehicles, I have a lot of insight about different Jeep models.

You know what they say, “don’t say it if its not true!”

I speak the truth because through ownership, we have things we know about Jeep.

Whether a Jeep is your first car or your family car, there are 5 things to know before buying a Jeep.

Sharing what I know about Jeep is easy because I ride in, or drive them daily!

Whether I am visiting my old hometown in Schaumburg (Illinois) or driving through Pennsylvania where I live now, JEEP gets me through the weather!

5 Things To Know Before Buying A Jeep

Shopping is something you will become very familiar with when you are looking to buy a Jeep.

You will shop online and at a local dealer.

Most want to test drive and experience many amenities versus fewer.

Now, there are 5 things to know before buying a Jeep, and I know and want to help you!

Budget (1)

First, do you have your car-buying budget set?

If you do, is it Jeep backup camera or under $20K?

Yes, that’s the beauty of a Jeep, some are below $20K some are over.

Here’s the thing, , do you know how you are going to use your Jeep?

Will your jeep be your daily commuting ride or is it a weekend essential for the warrior inside?

Do you need gadgets, tech, or do you just want simple, no frills included?

All of that needs to be determined before you hit the lot.

Before Buying a Jeep Used Consider if you want a Used Jeep Or New Jeep? (2)

While your budget and ‘wish-list’ drive your purchase, have you considered if you want a new or a used Jeep?

After having a few of them in our own personal car lot (driveway) I can tell you, new or used, it’s all good!

We’ve bought them both ways and have zero preference as to which to purchase, new or used!

Consider this before Buying a Jeep

Weighing out your budget versus the wish list is your first step.

When you price out your Jeep, if you can’t afford the model you want in the New, go for the used.

You’ll get a good bang for you buck, as they often say and it’s true.

Just before buying a Jeep, or heading to the local Jeep Dealer, have a firm want list and a mindset that you might want used instead of new.

Incentives to Understand Before Buying A Jeep (3)

If you are seeking that seductive 0% financing, that is for new Jeeps only.

You might have to give up some things on your wish list if you want to capture that 0% financing and settle in for a NEW JEEP.

However, used car financing rates are also more attractive than they have been in a while.

Just remember, if you want 0% there are terms that need to met like 72 months is your final payment and ‘x’ amount down.

Check with your local dealer for more details.

Making a decision between new and used often just comes down to numbers.

FWD or 4WD (4)

Do you want FWD or 4WD?

Yep, that’s another decision and that can also change the price of your purchase.

Which is important to you?

If you want to go in the snow, personally, I believe you will need 4WD.

No worries, Jeep offers both.

Moon roof, Nav System, Blind-spot Monitoring and Backup Cameras. (5)

At its core, your first need is to really get to a Jeep Dealer and test drive a Jeep.

Try out a Jeep Compass, Jeep Compass Latitude, Jeep Compass Limited, then move into a Jeep Patriot and all the models it offers.

You’ll find that these models all range in price strarting at about 18K depending on packages for each.

Heated seats, Navigation systems, blind spot monitoring, Apple Carplay, backup cameras, Android Auto, AWD, FWD, Jeep color, are all things you need to consider.

Again, if you can’t find your dream car in NEW, check the local Jeep Dealer’s used lot.

Between your budget and wish-list and your local Jeep Dealer’s inventory, you are sure to strike a happy-medium.

Soon you will be driving Jeep!

Congratulations and enjoy! ~ Dana

Dana Vento is a Jeep Enthusiast, and adventurer.