Adventures at Divi Little Bay Resort

Our destination in St. Maarten was Divi Little Bay Beach Resort. Upon arrival, I was overwhelmed by not only its beauty but its size. The photos are real, and it’s a gorgeous vacation destination. 

Do adventures await? Yes, there are plenty of Divi Little Bay Resort romps ahead! 

A secluded peninsula boasts incredible upscale lodging for both couples and families. Its most noticeable asset, the sand and tranquil blue waters that beckon you from the moment you glance from ashore. There, is where you will encounter your Divi Little Bay resort romps and it’s what makes this destination amazing! 

Divi Little Bay Resort Romps. Taming the Excitement 

Water Bay Fun 7 Divi Little Bay resort romps beyond the beach

As one might expect, water sports are a huge part of St. Maarten. The bay is clear as glass, and the beaches all over St. Maarten are much the same.

During check-in, we saw jet ski riders blazing the water, people hanging on the beach, heard fun welcoming music playing, and saw smiling faces everywhere and I am about to share why. 

In fact, we saw so much going on at the beach we had to tame our excitement and remember that we had suitcases to unpack before we could take part in all the Divi Little Bay resort romps! Darn luggage, lol! 

My trip was hosted, images and stories are my own based on my experiences. 

Divi Little Bay Resort Romps? What Can We do Beyond The Beach? 

A Divi Little Bay resort experience is different than other resort locations in St. Maarten, as it sits upon prime real estate located on the bay in St. Maarten. The water as you can see is beyond crystal clear and primed for your adventure pleasure. 

One side of Divi is the Great Bay and the other Little Bay, so a peninsula surrounded by incredibly beautiful water waiting for you to adventure into! 

It’s like a hidden gem that’s not really hidden but instead, busting at the seams with water-filled adventures. One might call these adventures, Divi Little Bay resort romps as they are exclusive to this particular beach! 

What Are Divi Little Bay Resort Romps? 

Simply put Divi Little Bay resort romps are the adventures you can opt to take beyond your beach chair into the water, via swimming, walking, or boating, and more! So, it’s time to romp, let’s go! 

Divi Little Bay Resort Romps You’ll Want To Know ALL this. Divi Little Bay Resort Romps PATHWAY to snorkeling

What You will find here. 

For those that want an unpack ONCE kind of vacation with tons to do, you’ve arrived at the crown jewel of St. Maarten.

The resort is situated between both the Great Bay and the Little Bay. Divi Little Bay resort romps happen on the ‘little bay’ side and are quite luring. Plus, to make it even easier, the water outfitter is right on-premises. 

  1. Jet Ski Rental
  2. Stand Up Paddleboards
  3. Paddle Boats 
  4. Kayaks
  5. Beach Floats
  6. Snorkeling
  7. Scuba Gear

Secret Uncovered: Cruise Ship Snorkeling Hot Spot ~ Divi Little Bay Resort Romps pier jumping and snorkel

So, for those that love to snorkel, you are in luck because you are the Hot Spot that the cruise ships charge mega-bucks for entrance to, yet it’s yours and you can SWIM to it. 

Grab your gear from the outfitter, and go. 

Unlike those guests on a cruise ship that come into port and have to pay for delivery to the ‘best of’ snorkeling experience in St. Maarten, you are already AT the best snorkeling area and they travel over to you! Divi Little Bay Resort Romps beach and pier

Divi Little Bay Resort Romps Can Be ‘Rented’ For Those On A Cruise Ship

Grab a cab and come on your own, as I am about to share the best water adventure outfitter in St. Maarten. The outfitters to rent gear are on Divi Little Bay Beach Resort. Easy Peasy. 

Where Are The Water Outfitters? 

Divi Little Bay Resort Romps outfitter headquarters on premisesIn part, I’ve given the ‘insider’s secret’ away already.

At the pier, in Little Divi Bay Beach Resort, is where you will find Aqua Mania Adventures. Divi LittleBay hosts one of its outfitter locations on the island and it’s perfectly convenient for those staying at Little Divi Bay Beach Resort.

Truly, your ticket to all the Divi Little Bay Resort Romps resides right within this building.

Schedule your water adventures all over St. Maarten and for boat trips to other places right here! Additionally, for anyone that loves just lounging on chairs in the sun Aqua Mania Adventures will set them up for you.

Boat Trips? Really Divi Little Bay Resort Romps Beyond the beach! 


the beach divi little bay beachHave you heard of Prickly Pear? Maybe you want to venture to Anguilla via a Day Sail? Or go with the Edge Ferry to St Bart’s or even to Saba?

After all, you’ve traveled far for your vacation, so travel further and enjoy just a bit more of the area.

You can say you were to St. Barts, and Saba while you were visiting St. Maarten. What bragging rights! Schedule it all with the outfitter, while you are on the beach, sipping margaritas or having fun in the sun! 

That’s truly vacation multi-tasking! 

The Insider’s Tip For Those Cruising To St. Maarten Who Want To Experience Divi Little Bay Resort Romps

Even if you are on a cruise ship, you are welcome to the Divi Little Bay Resort. Whether you want to come and snorkel, suck up the sun on the beach for the day, etc., it’s all pay for play! Come on!  
Divi Little Bay Resort Romps - Jet Ski Rental

Why? Because Aqua Mania Adventures will rent you a chair, your snorkel equipment, or diving equipment and set you up to have fun in the sun. Don’t forget to try a Jet Ski!

Did I mention that if you are visiting from a ship you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas from Aqua Mania Adventures too? Everything you need for a great day of fun in the sun! (they take credit cards and cash).

Little Divi Bay Beach Romps – Don’t forget a towel guests of the resort 

Meet Donna. She’s definitely the go-to for scheduling and rentals etc. We love Donna and we thank her for all the help she provided during our stay at Little Divi Bay!

adventure outfitter st. maarten - towels for your Divi Little Bay Resort Romps

To all those people that wrote reviews in TripAdvisor about Little Divi Bay Beach Resort and made it seem like the ONLY place to get a towel for the beach (if you are staying at Divi Little Bay) was through the Concierge.

SO NOT THE CASE… (look at what I am handing Donna, my beach towel cards…..), Yes, I am about to debunk all the ‘incorrect facts on TripAdvisor!’ someone needs to!

Go to the pier. The pier is the Midway point between all of the lodging and pools.

Get your Beach Towels here at Aqua Mania Adventures OR from the Concierge at the front office space. That’s right Aqua Mania Adventures has towels.

The only difference here is that you can only return towels here until 5 PM but you could always just take them to the concierge until 8 PM for your key card back! There’s the truth!

No Divi Little Bay Resort Romps for you? Grab an Umbrella and ChairsDivi Little Bay Resort Romps beyond the beach in the water

This is an exclusive inclusion for those Staying At Little Divi Bay Resort or a perk. 

How do you get your chairs and umbrellas set up while you are staying at the resort for your vacation week or month?

Visit Aqua Mania Adventures and they set them up for you, no charge ( I still suggest a tip, getting those umbrellas in takes some serious work!).
adventure outfitter st. maarten Divi Little Bay Resort Romps

Again, if you come from the cruise ship, there is a rental fee for the chair and umbrella, it’s reasonable from what the cruisers were telling me!

PADDLEBOARDING:  Divi Little Bay Resort Romps 

Divi Little Bay Resort Romps paddle boarding

We’ve paddle boarded before, but NEVER in water like this. Clear from the top to the bottom. It’s super to be able to see the sand below, it’s just like glass. The boys could not resist.

adventure outfitter st. maarten

I can’t believe how far out they paddled, in fact, I don’t even think they realized how far they went either.

The water just allows you to keep on paddling without waves that interrupt a great workout.


Divi Little Bay Resort Romps  snorkeling and diving

Michael and Where Niko Travels took on the ‘big swim’.

By this I mean they swam from the pier to the cove of the bay below the Infinity Pool.

There is where to really snorkel and see. You will find a helicopter, toilet, boat, etc.


As I’ve said, the best snorkeling is right on Little Divi Bay Beach Resort.

They swam out and swam back. It was not a huge swim, but it was not for the light-hearted either.

Alternative SnorkelingSnorkeling Beachside divi little bay resort romps

Admittedly, I am not the biggest Ocean going girl. Just like in Bonaire, Divi Little Bay Beach Resort has a great way to snorkel and be close to shore. These steps get you into a great cove for snorkeling.

If you see the paddle boat in yellow you also see the Aqua Mania Adventures Office onsite at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort.

Divi Little Bay Resort Romps snorkel right in the shallows of the bay on the beach

Perfect for those of us that are not quite happy about OPEN Ocean ventures, lol. Perhaps I’ve seen too many shark movies or watch Shark Week way too much.

Divi Little Bay Resort Romps  different snorkeling

Anyway, here is the cove for snorkeling right at the pier. Yes, I am perfectly happy floating in here and there are tons of fish to see, I had fun at my own pace and that’s me snorkeling!

adventure outfitter st. maarten - snorkeling close by

Peaceful, tranquil, and FREE Use of the snorkeling gear if you are a DIVI All-Inclusive Guest! (woot!) This fits so many of the guests and here’s something else, inside of the Little Bay location, almost anywhere is perfect for snorkeling and you will see people doing this all day.

Jet Skis To Rip Up The Bay! Divi Little Bay Resort Romps 

adventure outfitter st. maarten Divi Little Bay Resort Romps - Jet Skiing

A lot of people were looking at the Jet Skis and they do get used often.

Make sure to stop at the office, to schedule your time.

I believe that early morning is best before everyone is in the water and before the sun really gets in your face while you are driving.

off the beach - Divi Little Bay Resort Romps 

However, to each his own. We did this in the later morning and it was perfect timing.

Which left the afternoon open to snorkeling to the cove point to see the helicopter, toilet, etc that’s over by the infinity pool. Truly you have to go at your own pace.

Divi Little Bay Resort Romps  on the pier

My guys had so much fun ripping it up in the bay.

Now, Niko is not old enough to ride on his own, so Delroy of Aqua Mania Adventures graciously volunteered to take him out. They had so much fun.jet ski sitting off beach

Then Niko took Delroy for a ride, lol! Seriously they were working that Jet Ski over! The best part to me was watching how comfortable Niko was and how much fun Delroy made it for him (again I suggest tipping the staff, they work so hard, not for tips, but to make it fun.

Tipping is always the result of great service IMO!)

Jet Skiing Fun

MJ took control of his own Jet Ski and had some serious fun. Starting slowly at first as he learned how to handle the Jet Ski and then he took off.

adventure outfitter st. maarten

Sunset Sails & Boat Tours

We actually left the kids and went on a Sunset Cruise. Best decision ever. Aqua Mania hosts 2 catamarans at night and WOW are they busy.

adventure outfitter st. maarten - beyond the beach.

I’ll tell you more about this later, but, here’s one image just so you see how much Aqua Mania offers and why to find them while you are at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort. Enjoy your time at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort. Now you have the insider’s tips for chairs, umbrellas, water sports, and fun! Enjoy~ Dana XO