Behind The Scenes At My Redbook Photo Shoot

Behind the Scenes of Redbook Photo Shoot – 1 Fun and amazing day!

my crew My Redbook Photo Shoot gettin setup
my crew My Redbook Photo Shoot getting setup

I had the honor and privilege to be interviewed for an article featuring my site, and me by Redbook this past Spring.

Purchasing a new vehicle is a real experience and you can get hustled if you don’t do the hustling! Getting featured was about the purchase experience and a bit of what happened along the way!

So now, after all the excitement I want to share the behind-the-scenes photos with you so that you might be able to see what goes on before the final copy of the magazine comes out!

Behind the Scenes At My Redbook Photo Shoot!

dana vento photo only
dana vento photo only

In addition to being interviewed, and photo’d I had a lot of great people that made a difference in what in my work and they were all right there with me, and my children in some way or another.

This is a personal thank you to all those who provided items, services, and things that I used that day to make the photoshoot fun!

There were a lot of pictures taken and the only one makes the cut!

Plus there are a lot of car options out there and only one was purchased.

Between the photoshoot and the car, I am not quite sure what was more exciting?

Challenges of Buying A New Car & The Salesmen

the crew My Redbook Photo Shoot gettin setup
the crew My Redbook Photo Shoot gettin setup

I can’t remember not being a feminist, but I can remember never taking any BS from a guy.

What I don’t like is dishonesty, and jabs at ‘hey lady’ when you buy a car.

Also, I am the customer, and I am about to spend a lot of money on a vehicle and sharing your brand everywhere I drive.

You all do this when you buy a car right?

The vehicle’s name is on the car, you drive it, people notice it, it’s free advertising.

So, dealer, brand, treat us right we all are your future, depending on how good or bad the ride is, that can impact you!

The Behind The Scenes at my Redbook Photo Shoot ~ All The Crazy

My Redbook Photo Shoot gettin setup 1
My Redbook Photo Shoot gettin setup 1

When I got the initial call and interview, I was just living in a dream.

Once I realized what was involved, I was definitely over-the-top nervous.

Prepping My Redbook Photo Shoot
Prepping My Redbook Photo Shoot

A pro photographer, me, my kids, and a makeup artist.

It was exciting and a first in a journey to who I was becoming publicly!

What You Might Notice From My Behind The Scenes at my Redbook Photo Shoot…

You will see that my shirt is even different from the one that is in the magazine (I guess the stripes did not work for the photo)!

Redbook August 2013
Redbook’s Photo + mine Behind The Scenes Photoshoot

Yep, I changed clothes a few times and shoes and sometimes the kids were in the photos and sometimes not!

What they ended up using was a different shot, with a different shirt and no kids!

But the kids still have bragging right that they were part of this and really the reason I ended up in the magazine, to begin with!

2 Backstories almost too unreal to believe but they happened

(Backstory) For My Redbook Photo Shoot (1)

My Redbook Photo Shoot makeup and in car
My Redbook Photo Shoot makeup and in car

I had gone to purchase a new vehicle and went for a large SUV.

Both boys played hockey and my daughter led a very active life with dance and theater.

When I visited one brand, who I totally disengaged myself from, the salesperson (len)told me, “You don’t get a color choice, why do you people have to be so difficult? Pick what is on our floor or you don’t get a car from us. ”

That alone sent lightning into my veins and I can tell you that MAN was placed on a long leave of absence.

While an offer was extended to make up the difference, I did NOT buy their brand and WILL never support it in any way.

The Next Step In Buying A Car (2)

redbook photo shoot
redbook photo shoot

After the first bad apple, I took myself to a different large SUV dealer.

Looked and found the car we wanted, only to head to the dealer to pick up the car with my husband and kids and have issues.

In fact, we were there with our check in hand for the down payment, at our scheduled time with the salesperson when he just got mad because he was too busy.

He threw the check at my husband and the file folder because he was mad at his boss.

I grabbed the kids, my husband took the check, and we left.

Again without a car.

The 3rd Time is a Charm and Why I Ended Up at My Redbook Photo Shoot!

While the full fury of the story does not tell you all that happened above, I do!

I will tell you that years back we had just bought a house, and the kids were in private schools, and hockey, true financial drainers!

Well, I wanted that SUV from the minute I saw it, and after all the other crazy, I went for it, but, I bought it for under the asking price, and trust me, it had NOTHING to do with a trade!

I used the internet pricing and a really good dealer to buy the car I wanted.

Never did I anticipate the crazy that followed.

But, you can see I was behind the wheel of that vehicle and proud to own it.

The article might tell you I had 2 months of car payments in the bank, that was from getting the SUV beyond reduced pricing.

Sure there are 4 steps to a dream car as my Redbook Photo Shoot and Article Share but…

There’s a lot more to car shopping than just starting to save and a lot more that is NOT in that Redbook article.

It’s all about the car dealership that:

  • speaks to you as an equal
  • respects your budget and needs
  • understands you can’t just run in
  • provides you spec sheets and a few different offers
  • doesn’t pressure you because you are inquiring
  • offers more than you need but does not increase the price and takes off what you don’t
  • always works within your budget

For The Female Buyer know these tips:

  • Don’t put up with down-talking by a guy
  • Have your WANT list with you and don’t budge on it.
  • Color matters, get what you want, not what they have to sell you to clean their inventory
  • Shop online and get an ‘e-price’ you might love it better.
  • Check other options and see if they can get worked in, from color to packages (trust me, you can)
  • Bring along your own financing and don’t let them run your credit until you want to work with that dealership.
  • If a sales manager gets on the phone before the sales guy has closed you, don’t chatter, because they are pushing you to what you don’t want
  • Don’t forget to find cars out of state, often they deliver and all you need is inspection.
  • If buying from out of state, find out all the costs that are being added to your bill including delivery!
  • When a sales manager tells you “Your homework for the weekend is…” RUN ladies, they are chauvinistic and think you need your husband to make the deal!

Bottom Line: From Behind the Scenes at my Redbook Photo Shoot

When I set out to purchase a car last year, I never knew it would be such a challenge.

We needed space and I wanted a safe car, but what I found was a way to negotiate effectively and really get the car of my dreams!

In order to have that car, my negotiating skills needed to shine, and then I could tote my kids off to hockey and my daughter to all of her events!

The story actually has many sides to it from saving for a vehicle to how to negotiate a great price.

Redbook captured the savings part and I told the tale the other side of the tale on my old website Pittsburgh Frugal Mom!

I kind of recapped for you above, so you get the overall idea!

Lights! Camera. Action. Before My Redbook Photo Shoot

Car being photo'd for Redbook
Behind The Scenes With Redbook August

On the morning of the photo shoot, my first stop was the car wash, to make certain that the car!

Naturally, it was the focus of the Redbook story that would be clean and shiny. Here we are at the car wash at 6 AM in the morning.

at the car wash in the morning
car wash before photo shoot

Once I got home from the car wash, the boys greeted us, and then we waited for our make-up artist to arrive at the house.

We were getting ready to meet a brilliant person who really knows how to command face, makeup, and all the extras!

Then we met up with our photographer, Jorg, who was setting up camp at the photo shoot location.

Reema working with my daughter
Makeup artist working with kids

So That’s My Story. And Fast Forward 8 years to today + 12 years later Today You Know me As Dana Vento!

dana vento photo only
Thanks to everyone for making my site thrive every day! Dana XO

My article appeared in Redbook Magazine in the August 2013 issue, Page #124!