Best Hotel On Route 66 In Gallup, New Mexico For Families

Gallup New Mexico Route 66

The famed Route 66 definitely covers a lot of miles! Where you stay along the way matters. Each day as you drive a little further, it’s important to have a great place to rest so you can enjoy the area the next day before leaving.

Our recent trip to Gallup, New Mexico was as a family. As a mom of 3 teens, it is crucial that everyone has a bit of space to rest and kick back before moving on! I love when we find a clean hotel, with great space, and in a convenient location. For us, it was about being right on Route 66 and having space. Here is the best hotel on Route 66 in Gallup New Mexico for families.

Trust me, with teens, every moment of travel can be challenging. One minute everyone is the best of friends and the next they are in each other’s face. Yes, it happens in my house just like yours. Traveling tricks of the trade include finding a hotel that offers some fabulous amenities that conquers a little of something for everyone.

Gallup, New Mexico is a treasure chest of outdoor adventures and history, so a comfy sleep gets you ready for your tourism fun! From WiFi to snacks, allow me to share with you where to stay on Route 66 in Gallup, New Mexico if you have a family or pets!

Best Hotel On Route 66 In Gallup, New Mexico For Families

Family-friendly hotel

Our stay was hosted by the Comfort Suites Gallup, however, all opinions and images are my own based on our experience. This hotel is perfect for family travel.

Let’s walk into the Comfort Suites of Gallup New Mexico. What does it look like? Where do you check in? What is the dining area like? All questions answered right here in the video. I believe a testament to any lodging property is best seen through unedited video.

WiFi Please

Hotel wi-fi

There’s nothing more crucial in this day and age than WiFi and Comfort Suites in Gallup has truly remarkable WiFi. I gotta compliment them on the reliability. I am not a teen but I depend on WiFi to answer email and work.

Comfort Suites in Gallup has reliable WiFi that is not complex at all to use. In fact, my teens did their thing and were happy. Never once did I hear this famed phrase, “Mom the WiFi Sucks!” because it did not!


Hotel snacks

Did you ever travel with kids? I am pretty sure that those reading my article have traveled with kids. One thing is for certain, hunger in the afternoon is a gnarly bear to deal with. Teens love to eat and drink and the Comfort Suites gets our vote for totally knocking afternoon sweet snacks out of the park!

How about a cookie tray daily around 3p? Yes, fresh baked cookies with delectable smells that waft throughout the entrance area. You won’t be able to hold back. It’s true that they are good because everyone passing through snags one!

plenty of space

Additionally, the Comfort Suites Gallup breakfast area offers complimentary lemon water (around check-in time), as well as hot water for teas (and a nice bagged selection) as well as coffee.


Comfort Suites breakfast

So, breakfast can be tough with sleeping kids and teens. As a mom, I generally get up a few hours ahead and do my work. What I love about the Comfort Suites in Gallup is the fact that I can just saunter down to breakfast while they sleep.

I grabbed my coffee, a bagel, and a yogurt and just hang. Breakfast is included with the stay. How perfect is this? Once the kids wake up, they go down and eat too.

breakfast suite

We enjoyed waffles, sausage, eggs, muffins, pastries, cereals, juices, hard-boiled eggs, etc. Truly you will find something for everyone. Then you can go back up to your pack up if you are moving on or get set for your days’ adventure.

Front Desk Customer Service

Comfort Suites entrance

Let me provide you with what makes me happy. Most of you know me as a luxury kind of girl. Luxury means different things to different people. For this trip, a simple luxury was having enough towels, a hair towel and a drying body towel. That’s it.

We asked ONE time for a few extra towels and never asked again over our stay. Our room attendants simply provided them day after a day. A luxury of having my towels provided without having to repeatedly ask was PRICELESS.

The front desk attendants were always nice. You know we have been in a few places that after a day or two they get kind of snide, not here. Simply put this hotel wants you to be happy.

Parking Lot

There are no bad parking spots here and you are super close to a Denny’s like you can park at your hotel and walk between hotels to get to it. To turn out of the complex, there is a barrier in the middle to get you going on your way. You will find plenty of lights and parking.


A room for 4 people is not always easy. Our room offered us, 2 queen beds, a rollout couch, a bathroom, television, microwave and a full walk-in area.

I can’t say enough about our room because there were plenty of plugs, and it was CLEAN. Now I admittedly have not stayed in a Comfort Suites in years, so I was so happily surprised with our rooms size and amenities. (there was not a safe in the room).

teen seal of approval

We loved our refrigerator and microwave, making it easy to serve up midnight snacks. After all teens and kids eat! Being able to store cold water in the fridge for the next day was also a bonus. What you want to know is that the beds are comfortable, the bathrooms are clean and the air-conditioning blows cool.

Proximity to Adventures

Red Rock Park is so close to the hotel, out and to the right. Here is where you can hike at dusk for the optimum sunset. Want the best pastries in the area? I compare Route 66’s Glenn’s Bakery to Carlos Bakery. The lines are intense and the pastries are insanely delish!

Intense flavors of Middle Eastern foods, head down Route 66 to Oasis. It’s about 10 minutes out and to the left and totally unpretentious looking. GO in and eat! Hot Air Balloons. If you don’t get on a hot air balloon here, you totally missed. This is the epicenter for calm, fantastic rides.

Historical Downtown Gallup — there are pawn shops (and these babies are not what you think they are), as well as shopping and art and history. Free Summer nightly Indian Dances. There are more than 11 native dance groups that perform from May through September.

Perry Null Trading for buying those precious pieces of silver, and turquoise at kicking prices! But don’t go until you have been schooled on turquoise by the famous Tanner Traders Miss Emerald Tanner. She is totally the Princess of what to buy and what to know to buy!

Craving Starbucks? Stop in because the beans are house roasted, the syrups are made in-house and the ambiance is upscale, simple! Get a cold brew, a tea, or a hot beverage. Sandwiches for those hiking trips? Grab one from Flavour Savour. It’s right in town too!


The owner of the hotel is just about as amazing as can be. His hotel honors veterans, and there is memorabilia all throughout the foyer, honoring Gallup’s finest from WW1 & WW2, and the Korean war, etc.

His generosity and kindness are embedded within the hotel. Never forgotten and memories both treasured and honored.

Anyone traveling down Route 66 in Gallup, New Mexico will love this hotel. It’s close to everything and offers clean, spacious rooms. Lavishly live travel out loud and enjoy all that Gallup has to offer.