Egyptian Adventure Bucketlist. An Iconic Voyage

Uncovering ancient and modern history and culture in Egypt. I feel it’s best done through a big Egyptian adventure. Egyptian Adventure Travel Bucket List Pyramid

Big Egyptian Adventure. 

By peeling Egypt back one layer at a time, almost like an onion skin, it is like exposing its core, magnificent history, and heritage. It’s possible on 1 epic and iconic voyage! I’ll share my bucket list for an Egyptian Adventure I want to take! 

When it comes to adventures, the bigger the better and as far as that goes, I heart when I journey to immerse myself in legacy, as well as the culture. You can make the same bucket list as I am sharing and I’ll share who offers an immense journey that is manageable, and amazing! 

Grab your passport, pack your bags, let’s take a big Egyptian Adventure, I am so ready to go, aren’t you? 

How Do You Take A Big Egyptian Adventure? 

So beyond just flying to a destination and exploring an area on my own, it’s always very prudent to seek out an expert. In this case, Pharaohs & Pyramids from Cairo to Cairo with Viking River Cruises is the perfect option! 

Trips that are smooth, satisfying, culture-driven, interactive, and allow me to understand, and appreciate the countries I visit. I want to learn and be enriched, Search and you will find, that is what I did. 

My Picture Perfect Big Egyptian Adventure Travel List. 

Egyptian Adventure Travel Bucket ListWhen considering an Egyptian adventure, I really studied the area, the history and considered what others offer and what they miss. I filled in the blanks of what I really wanted to see, what was and wasn’t offered by tour operators, and ultimately found an iconic voyage. 

In fact, in this Egyptian adventure, I’ve managed to add have time to shop, as well as time to visit tombs, pyramids, ride on camels and that’s the shortlist! 

Choosing a  particular River cruise allows for independent exploration, narrated exploration, a thorough overview of both ancient and modern history, and culture. What a fabulous blend for an Egyptian adventure.  

Today’s Culture, Yesteryears History. Egyptian Adventure 

I travel with undeniable curiosity to understand where we came from, our roots, in order to better understand how we got to where we are today.  The Egyptian adventure provides perspective on our current culture, wants, likes, offerings, etc. So in my opinion, it’s always good to go back in order to move forward. 

Hearing and seeing the past allows me to grasp how things have evolved in Egypt to the present day. Anytime I journey, I love to learn, and as I learn I feel more intertwined with each destination. 

Overview Of the Big Egyptian Adventure 

From Cairo to…

As I investigated this particular big Egyptian Adventure, I made certain that the Nile River can be experienced. But not only the Niles West Bank, but it’s East Bank as well. 

Cities in the Big Egyptian Adventures:  Pharaohs And Pyramids & More 

21 Big Egyptian Adventures To Enjoy on an Epic and Iconic Journey Egyptian Adventure Travel Bucket List Camel Ride on Sand

Cairo’s Headliners 

  • Sakkara Step Pyramid
  • Giza for the Great Pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure.  
  • Camel Ride
  • Great Sphinx 
  • Citadel of the Mountain 
  • Mosque of Muhammad
  • Museum of Egyptian Antiquities
  • Khan el-Khalili  Bazaar – (shop till you drop!) 
  • Coptic Corner (oldest neighborhood in the city) 

Egyptian Adventure Travel Bucket List Temple of KhufuDon’t forget to try out many of the yummy foods along the way! 

Seek these options for a must experience Egyptian Adventures in Luxor 

  • Temples of Luxor
  • Temple of Karnak
  • Walkthrough larger than life peristyles 
  • Hot Air Balloon over Luxor’s Temple and monuments
  • Visit the Nile’s west bank  Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens 
  • View the tomb of Queen Nefertari, Morturayr Temple of Quee Hatshepsut
  • Jewish Synagogue

Egyptian Adventure Continues in Qena 

Seeking these must-visit destinations will provide more of an encompassing history lesson of how others, not just Egyptians built up Egypt. Captivating backdrops, boundless history, and stories of remarkable architecture and cohesive bonding. 

  • Visit Dendera Temple 

Conquering Esna As We Continue the Egyptian Adventure 

  • Temple of Khnum
  • Esna Village for the market adventure + Temple of Esna remains

A Very Vibrant Egyptian Adventure in Aswan. 

  • Aswan High Dam is a definite must-see
  • Shop and visit the Aswan local market 
  • Experience a cruise on the NILE on a traditional felucca. (YOLO!)
  • Traverse to Abu Simbel to the Great Temple of Ramses II 
  • Philae Temple for a light and sound show like no other dedicated to the ‘God of Death and Paradise’
  • Journey to a Nubian village elementary school and a local home (truly immersive travel)
  • Enjoy a visit to the Temple of Isis (UNESCO World Heritage Site – which are always part of any journey I take abroad)
  • Explore Kom Ombo 

As the Big Egyptian Adventure Continues a stop in Edfu

    • Journey by a horse-drawn carriage and seek out the Temple of Horus
    • Spend time at the Edfu market

Fabulous Times Ahead: Big Egyptian Adventure 

Traveling deeper allows for immersive travel, cultural experiences, and appreciation of history. It would seem nonsensical to travel afar and not learn, live, and dig deep in the sands of Egypt to understand how history brought us forward. 

Journeying for discovery unearths a whole new world, and highly-rated, destination-focused, enrichment-filled river cruises allow you to create your learning foundation by structured itineraries not rigid, just organized in order to cover as much as possible without missing, yet providing in-depth exploration. Traveling with a fulfilling plan delivers big! 

When you are thirsty for the getaway that allows you to unpack less, learn more, experience culture, history, and food you are ready for the Big Egyptian Adventure I’ve found! ~ Dana XO