Can A Microwave Get The Settings Right Every Time?

Can A Microwave Get The Settings Right Every Time?, microwave, cooking, best buy

You know how microwave cooking goes, you either get the food too hot and petrified or not warm enough. It seems to be that there is no in between. Even as a seasoned pro, ex-chef at my own restaurant I can’t get it right a lot of the times! Sometimes I think microwaves have a brain of their own! 

When you really want your veggies cooked right, or a frozen soft pretzels, or nuggets, the last thing that you want is petrified. Your tendency might be to under-cook, then you have COLD food. IS it possible to ever get the microwave to cook it right?

To get your microwave to function at its best you would need it to get the right settings every time, but is that possible? Our world is so tech savvy shouldn’t our appliances be as well? So, can a microwave get the settings right every time?

Can A Microwave Get The Settings Right Every Time?

Can A Microwave Get The Settings Right Every Time?

You get in from a long day, and there’s a few frozen burritos in the freezer. You are starving but, you think about the last time you made them, thus why there are still some in the freezer. You cooked them with the instructions and they overcooked. They were hard, horrible and seriously memorable for the wrong reasons!

What if your microwave could get it right every time? Is that even a possibility? I mean, after using a microwave for years, it seems that all microwaves are pretty much the same, a bleak excuse for a faster method to prep food that normally turns out wrong! Yet, the funny thing is we all have microwaves because faster is supposed to be better!

Your World Of Microwaving is about to change! 

Can A Microwave Get The Settings Right Every Time?

Whirlpool Convection Over-the-Range Microwave 

There’s change about to happen, if you can handle food cooked right every time. Now, before you get too excited, let me share how this happens. First, you need the Whirlpool Convection Over-The-Range Microwave. Now, you are ready to get the right settings every time.

First, all you have to do is scan a frozen food barcode with your smartphone or tablet.  Next, send recommended or customized cooking instructions straight to your microwave for dinner done the way your family wants it. How’s that for easy? One device talking to another all via our very advanced bar coding systems! Woot Woot!

Your creations can range from customized recipes to a customized experience.  The touchscreen on the Smart Microwave learns, adapts and suggests customized presets based on your family’s routines. The dynamic system tracks preferences to learn family favorites – from what families cook, when they cook and how they cook.

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  Whirlpool® Smart Home Appliances

The Whirlpool® Smart Home Appliances work around the way you live. In fact, the line of smart appliances, features 1) Control from anywhere 2) connect you when you need it, 3) wherever you are. The appliances are your food prep sidekicks. You get to cook and enjoy mealtime flexibility and control your appliances from any room in your home.

Meal preparation has never been easier, it is just  click of a button and cooking and entertaining is easier and smarter. Whether using the touchscreen or controlling your range or microwave from your phone, Whirlpool’s connected appliances help keep mealtime hassle-free on your busiest days.

Next time you wonder, “If  A Microwave Get The Settings Right Every Time” you will be able to answer yes, if you have the right microwave!

Disclaimer: WiFi & App Required. Features subject to change. Details and privacy info at  Appliances must be set to Remote Enable.

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