Fabulous Southern Food on Pawleys Island

Southern Comfort Eats on Pawleys IslandWhere can you find fabulous Southern Food on Pawleys Island in Myrtle Beach?

It’s time to fill your belly with Southern love, a.k.a. comfort food!

Where To find fabulous Southern Food on Pawleys Island in Myrtle Beach the door to enter Rustic Table

Fabulous Southern Food On Pawleys Island

By Rustic Table on Pawleys Island
By Rustic Table on Pawleys Island

One thing we ALL have in common when we travel is a love of food.

From long morning walks on the beach, until late morning escapades, hungry will rumble your belly!

With over 60 miles of the Myrtle Beach Grand Strand, you’ll be able to enjoy many different areas for lunch, breakfast, and dinner.

From the Northern point of Myrtle Beach at Barefoot’s Landing area to Surfside Beach, or Pawleys Island there are a plethora of places to try for lunch.

Reminder: Part of your vacation is finding the best of in food!

In other words, leave no fork in those restaurants unused and grab a few souvenir napkins for your car, lol!

Don’t be shy, get in your car and seek out fabulous Southern Food.

Now I will reveal where to find Fabulous Southern Food on Pawleys Island.

Fabulous Southern Food On Pawleys Island (a.k.a. comfort food)

The incentive to go: Pawleys Pot Pie, Smashburger’s with onion jam, shrimp, and grits, and that is the wee short list of food options!

This restaurant is easy to find, it’s right off Ocean Highway in Myrtle Beach!

Inside and exterior of the Rustic Table on Pawleys Island
Inside and exterior of the Rustic Table on Pawleys Island

Pop the words ‘Rustic Table’ into your navigation system (phone) and you’ll find fabulous southern food on Pawleys Island.

Now to be fair, you need to know that it does get busy, as many know about it.

However, that’s my rule of thumb when gaging where to eat. ‘The busier, the better!’

There is outdoor and indoor seating, as well as a bar area.

Crazy Good Eats Others Tried At Our Table

For those that eat meat, try the Angry Gator Bites, those eating them loved them!

While their Po’Boy offers oysters, flounder, and shrimp, totally a way to FILL your belly up!

And yes y’all there is Southern Fried chicken too, after all, how could it be ‘Southern’ without that on the menu?

Start Off With Southern Comfort Food ‘Starters’

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Guilty as charged is all I can say because I love to ruin my meals with starters.

You see, when I munch on a starter, there is no way to finish my entree, which equals, Leftovers!

So I went in big because who could pass up, Southern Fried Pickles, and Warm Brie and Pear Honey?

Fabulous Southern Food On Pawleys Island & Adventure Later

Consider this thought if you are totally not a person that loves shoving in good eats in the name of Southern Comfort Food.

After you eat, chances are you are going to walk it off, with shopping and Myrtle Beach adventures beyond the beach right?

Fried Green Tomatoes are a staple and you will find that as part of your Fabulous Southern Food on Pawleys Island.

Fried Green Tomatoes are Southern Comfort Eats at Rustic Table
Fried Green tomatoes

Smear that brie and pear honey onto the crusty, slant-sliced bread, and don’t forget to lick your fingers Y’all!

A Wedgie!

Wedgie Salad Rustic Table
Wedgie Salad Rustic Table

Look at this wedge salad. Get it.

Meatless Options

To keep my meal, simple and more or less ‘clean’, I ordered their Wedge, with blackened shrimp, iceberg lettuce, with blue cheese.

But, I did not stop there.

I spied Fried Green Tomatoes on the menu and had to have them as well. (see photo above)

What I did not know is that a side dish makes it 4 slices big, not just 2.

So I did the logical thing and shared them with the table.

Outside of the Rustic Table in Pawleys Island

Seeking out the best southern food on Pawleys Island is easy, just make sure to try at least ONE meal there!
You are sure to love the ambiance as much as the comfort food!

My thanks to Vist Myrtle Beach for bringing me along to a fantastic lunch stop. All images and opinions are my own. ~Dana XO