Gen7Pets Treats Bella Purffect

Gen7 Stroller

Having a new kitten in the house is a great addition and after waiting years to merge her into 3 kids and a busy life makes us love her all the more, because we have been waiting for the perfect time to introduce a pet into our family. Our Pittsburgh Frugal Cat, Bella is happy to travel everywhere with us, she basically jumps in the carrier or stroller and off we go. My kids love walking her and she talks the whole time. She gets to see the world from a safe point of view, while getting that much needed breath of fresh air. For the kids, it is a perfect way to add to their outside time because they get to be with their favorite family member, the only thing 3 kids ever seem to agree on! The Regal Pet Stroller is one of the nicest strollers on the market for pets(cats) and you will love it’s features that make it easy to load, as well as pack away. The company we found that offers these strollers is a must find, must visit online retail store hosting one-of-a-kind pet products, unlike any other products found on the internet.  Gen7 Pets will have your cats and dogs looking stylish no matter where they are!

The Regal Stroller is perfect for our Bella it has three wheels(like a jogger stroller) and it is ‘frugal’ because a stroller is a much better investment than a gym membership. The stroller will have you out moving and walking and keeping healthy while offering your pet some fresh air in a safe environment. The stroller is feature-rich and is nicer than many of the baby strollers out there on the market(just comparing, *never put a baby in this stroller) I love the wheels on this because it really seems that no matter what we roll over, it is smooth riding which makes a happy kitty! My phone safely stores in a pocket next to a water bottle holder and there is an entire storage basket on the bottom, you truly are able to pack it up and go with this stroller so when we walk, we are gone for a while!


The Smart-Canopy™ Helps A Pet Stroller Out.
At first I did not know and I began to read more and more about this company and WOW is all I can say because they offer more attention to detail so that when you use their products you are not being frustrated by parts that get in the way, make it hard to use or make the product inconvenient. Point-in-case on our stroller the Smart-Canopy™. If you have ever fussed with a cat/kitten to get them into something you know that if the canopy gets in their way they may hesitate getting in. The Smart-Canopy with Gen7Pets  products moves up and out of the way, and all you have to do is push it back, which creates it to go under the hood letting your pet enter. For Bella, it has meant a less scary transition into the stroller as she enters we then move the canopy back into place and zip. In short, push back the canopy, it goes under the hood and you pet loads.

If you have ever had a baby stroller you know the value of a stroller that sets up and folds away with ease and this stroller offers the Smart-Fold™ feature which simply is a button on the right hand of the stroller that allows you to fold it from an upright position flat! As I walk with this stroller, I think about how nice it is that my stride does not impeded on the stroller. Did you ever have a baby stroller that as you walked you would kick it because the position of the handles and basket were all wrong? Talk about an ergonomic disaster! The basket and the handle are perfectly set on the Gen7Pets  strollers, it would appear that someone actually thought about the design of the stroller and had strollers that were hard to walk with because this feature is again purrfect. It is the Smart-Reach handles which makes the human(me or the kids) able to walk at a good speed without kicking the basket, or wheels. Hmm, I wonder if they can talk to some of the stroller companies for kids out there and suggest how a stroller should be designed?


Inside you will find a way to attach your kitten’s/cat collar, just in case or for when you are getting them zipped up and in.  We spend hours sitting on the patio and pushing her around and all the time she MEOWS and talks.  The Gen7Pets stroller is a quality made stroller and the fact that we can work out while enjoying our newest family member is even more purrfect! Our new fun pass time is walking the kitten and nothing beats the great outdoors! Having a cat/kitten creates the need for transportation and carriers and Gen7Pets has a great selection of on-the-go carriers, and strollers that will help you out on all your outings!

2 Pittsburgh Frugal ‘Bella’ Paws Up for this great online pet store that offers more than just the normal carrying solution, they offer a way to integrate carrying your pets through stylish designs and Smart Features!