Best Cordless Outdoor Power Combo Kit

With every season, there’s a reason to get outdoors and clean up your lawn area and yard. However, to make the job easier, you need the right tools. In fact, I’ve got one outdoor tool combo kit that I use endlessly and I will share it with you!

1 Outdoor Power Combo Kit for yards to trees Best Cordless

Outdoor Power Combo Kit for yards to trees.


yard cleanup hedge trimmerWe are about to rock outdoor cleanup no matter the season or the reason.

Whether you need to cut down tall grass, trim shrubs, edge the beds, or sidewalks, I’ve got you covered with the best cordless outdoor power combo kit!

Better yet, you won’t be storing multiple tools, instead, you’ll be storing accessories:

  1. hedge trimmers
  2. string trimmer
  3. edgers

Get Gas-Like Power with this Outdoor Power Combo Kit.

 Cordless Outdoor Power Combo Kit - trim flower beds with the kit

Before I venture too far into this post, I want to tell you that hauling a gas can in a car is just a train wreck waiting to happen, and I knew there had to be an easier way. Which of course is how I stumbled upon this amazing gas-like outdoor power combo kit.

When I am done working for the day, all I have to do is recharge my 40V batteries. No trips to the gas station, no smell in my car, and no time lost. Instead, right outside to work! YEAH! That’s working smarter not harder.

Outdoor Power Combo Kit

Don’t worry about cutting an electrical cord either while using these accessories in the outdoor power combo kit that I am sharing because they are wire-free, battery-driven!

The Cordless Outdoor Power Combo Kit You Need

Let’s jump full throttle into this and share what 40v gas-like outdoor power combo kit I am chattering about, so you can grab one too!

The outdoor power tools are the Ryobi™ Expand-IT™ Attachments & a string trimmer base (more to come so stay tuned).

Save Money, Time & Space with an Outdoor Power Combo Kit

The battery power is one thing we love but, we also love the fact that the tool is so flexible in use. As mentioned once you purchase the Brushless 40V String Trimmer, which is the body, you can then ‘EXPAND-IT’™ to a hedge trimmer, edger, blower, pole saw, cultivator, brush cutter, straight shaft trimmer, or curved shaft trimmer.

All you have to do is purchase those attachments. A versatile tool as it offers many optional attachments that you need for yard and lawn cleanup! Now, there is no more storing multiple tools, just attachments.

Tips For Creating Fabulous Curb Appeal

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Ryobi™ Expand-IT™ Attachments & a string trimmer base

Power up but don’t use gas, use a rechargeable battery! Formerly, we used to be the 2 that used gas power for everything! However, we have changed and the RYOBI™ outdoor power combo kit accessories are what changed our minds.

More specifically the Ryobi™ Expand-IT™ Attachments & a string trimmer base! The battery-driven outdoor tools are always ready and waiting for us (we make sure to charge them). What’s nice is that even when we are in the middle of a project, we don’t have to stop to fill with gas.

The Ryobi™ Expand-IT™ String Trimmer. My Outdoor Power Combo Kit

string trimmer

Brushless 40V String Trimmer (straight shaft). This is the main body of the RYOBI™ EXPAND-IT™ Attachments that you want to get first. From here, you can change this up to fit whatever need you have around your yard. (trimming, edging, cutting, cultivating, etc, all based on your attachment purchases and needs).

We added a hedge trimmer attachment (which I will discuss below) and an edger attachment. Each of these has multiple functions and purposes. Literally, it takes seconds to exchange the attachments.

You are loosening the bolt and pushing the pin in and pulling it out. Suddenly you have a different tool to work with. This brushless 40 V String Trimmer trims all the edges and hard to get spots around the house, corners, and equipment.

Tackling Tall Grass Our Way Using our Outdoor Power Combo Kit: Hedge Trimmers

17 5 Hedge Trimer

Our first clean-up was on the dead tall grass from last season. As the tall grass is strutting its ugly brown, it needs to go fast! So we decided to use the hedge trimmers. Turn on the power pack (this packs a punch) and trim.

BEFORE AND AFTER hedge trimmer

Look at the tall grass falling, no hand clipping required. BOOM! Instant Bliss.

17.5" Hedge Trimmer EXPAND-IT Attachment cutting tall grass

That 40V battery is amazing. It has great power behind it and the hedge trimmer attachment does all the hard work. If only we could find someone to clean it up, lol! Flexibility is key to having tools that work.


So why we love this tool is because it not only cleans up tall grass but hedges, and evergreens. It has a long reach so it makes getting those higher branches trimmed more easily. No more hard laboring with hand trimmers to cut this down, just a few sweeps of the 17.5″ Hedge Trimmer EXPAND-IT Attachment, and it’s done!

17.5" Hedge Trimmer EXPAND-IT Attachment- Outdoor power combo kit

Getting The Edge with Our Outdoor Power Combo Kit


Year after year we whittle away at our edges on every bed around the yard. Usually, this leads to massive wheelbarrows of yard debris and so many endless trips to our compost pile. Truth be told it is exhausting.

EDGING Outdoor Power Combo Kit for yards to trees

The spade has to dig in, your muscles kill at the end of the day and your foot! Stop the madness, and use your RYOBI™ EXPAND-IT Edger attachment to make it part of your outdoor power combo kit. The accessory will do the hard work for you.


Rather than hauling tons of debris, it will be minimalistic and yet look better than any edging you have done to date. Take a look at how effortless this is for cutting the edge along our beds in the back.

No digging in with a spade and killing your foot, just touch the On switch because it is battery operated. Super easy to use. Coming from someone who is used to use a gasoline-driven edger, the battery pack (40V) is as powerful and easier to use!

What I Know About The Cordless Outdoor Power Combo Kit

Our outdoor power combo kit keeps the volume of physical labor turned down and my creativity level up! I work harder on the beds to build them up and keep them blooming from spring to fall while the power tools move anything in my way!

Choose attachments for the cordless outdoor power combo kit such as edgers, pruners, cultivators, trimmers, snowblowers, sweepers, jet fan blowers, and more. There are a lot of yard chores and a lot of 40V EXPAND-IT options!

Be Your Own Landscaper Using the Cordless Outdoor Power Combo Kit

No need to hire a service, nor to clear out large spaces to store outdoor power combo kit items. Rather check out the incredible tools that convert or ‘EXPAND’ into different tools.

My most happy find to date is the cordless outdoor power combo kit officially known as Ryobi™ Expand-IT™ Attachments with a string trimmer base. Say good-bye to gas, hello to gas-like, 40v battery-driven tools that recharge on-demand! Work at your own pace and feel a sense of accomplishment as you move through tasks in your yard.

Finding a tool that is multi-functional with about a 1 minute changeover time (time from unscrewing and changing attachment to attachment) is a big deal. Most of us don’t have a ton of space to spare for storing outdoor tools so a multi-functional base offering different attachments is key!

Wash The Day Off Outside

I refused to even go in the mudroom after a day out on the property. No way. The mess I have on me is so ridiculous. I start with a good wash-off outside, however, this princess has a table and sink.

Yes, that’s the one I own and I love it. The outdoor sink table is practical and functional. Did I mention that the outdoor sink table is portable and simply hooks up to a hose?

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So how do I use this for gardening, outdoor work, and grilling? For gardening, I rinse off the harvest, the herbs, the tomatoes, beans, and of course my hands. In addition, I can cleanse my garden tools and get them shiny and ready for the next day’s tooling.

For grilling, this table takes my outdoor cooking to the next level. As it is portable, I set the table up near the grill, and as I use the utensils, I clean them off. No need to walk across the cement with dripping, tools.

The other bonus of this is the bucket. Residual wash is in the bucket and when I am done with the grilling, I simply allow the water to drain across the grilling area. Then I follow it up with some cleaning detergent, making it practical reuse and putting the dirt back into the ground where it came from! As a DIY gal, I kind of have a passion for getting things done and then cleaning it all on up!

I am Adventure. Eat. DIY. Repeat. with the ability to clean up no matter where we are inside or out!~Dana XO