How To Gain Personalized Learning Experiences Online

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As a former training manager for a rather large USA-based company, I will personally vouch for how important ongoing learning is.  Just as your child’s brain is a sponge at the beginning of their lives, your brains are also sponge-like and crave new information to absorb in order to be relevant and relatable to all those you come in contact with. 

Our world has so many learning opportunities it is often hard to figure out how to learn more, and where to learn more.  The other big question that comes into play when we are looking to acquire fine-tuning of our skills or additional training of new skills is where to find real time sessions and courses that might help us along.

Today’s inspiring post will share with you how to gain personalized learning experiences online that translate into insightful and enlightening real-time exchange of knowledge.

How To Gain Personalized Learning Experiences Online

Before I start, please note that today’s post is a sponsored post on behalf of Zeqr, however, I have personally registered for an account and spent a lot of time perusing and validating the site and it is amazing, so I want to, of course, share the knowledge with you.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about how to stop smoking and lose weight, guitar chords, piano lessons? Or perhaps you are in love with the online world of digital and want to learn more about SEO? Or maybe you want to learn about blogging because you have never done that and you want to start? Life is about capitalizing on as much as you can, gaining insight through learning and learning through practical methods.

Zeqr, efficient, innovative, inspiring, simple, connected, professional, accessible, insightful, enlightening, real-time exchange of knowledge, global, how to gain personalized learning experiences online, ad, blogmeetsbrand

Now, here is how to gain personalized experiences online, head on over to Zeqr and you are about to experience the instant exchange of knowledge and information.  For the acquisition of learning, there is a fee, and you can search all the different ways to filter out who you want to learn from.

Maybe you have a monthly budget of $100 for education for yourself so simply go to Zeqr , put in ‘SEO’ and then add your filter of pricing and search. You will now see the profiles of those offering, real-time classes, through either video, voice or screen shares and you can choose which professional you want to work with.


Think of Zeqr as a facetime you might do on your phone but on steroids as it is not just with one person you can gain multiple persons, and attend classes, with many or a few, depending on how the selected EXPERT has set the class up.  You also get to choose how many people you would want in your class.  This platform is revolutionizing how we exchange and share information, on every topic, from anywhere.


Ready to become connected, and inspired and have access to those that can offer the real-time exchange of knowledge, globally?  You are ready to set up your profile, so just input the information and decide if you are going to be an Expert that provides the service or a person who is gaining knowledge from the service. It’s a few steps easy. Visit Zeqr and sign up, it just takes a few minutes and you can even use your Facebook login to do it!

Defining Zeqr

Zeqr is a new global knowledge hub

– Zeqr is going to change how knowledge is exchanged on a global level, leading to a better informed and more knowledgeable world
– Zeqr is unique because there are no other platforms offering peer-to-peer, real-time sessions and courses along with service offerings
– Zeqr can help experts develop a new source of income


Zeqr is impressive because it is innovative its approach to sharing knowledge and education.  No one belongs in a one-size fits all classroom, that does not benefit anyone from the Mentor to the student. Companies are seeking ways to gain access to better training, timely training for their employees in different areas and YOU might be able to help. The days of waiting for a class to happen are long gone, digital is here and this meshes perfectly with our current trending culture, real-time, real people, real training, and manageable goal assets. (these are defined in the profile of the class)

What areas are you an expert in? What are you passionate about? Weight management, or blogging, or cooking, or SEO, engineering, freelance writing, etc? It’s time to set up a profile (that’s fast and easy), add in your skills, a small bio, your video and attach your fee and class offering a headline to it and sell your knowledge.  Get ready for a global experience, that will provide your class insightful information from your gift and ability and passion for your niche in life and as a perk, you get paid for it!

Ready To Learn Or Teach? 

Our world is big, and this platform is innovative, connecting us globally.  Who is ready to take part in the online information highway that allows you to provide the real-time exchange of knowledge whether you are providing the classes or attending?  The big world just got smaller and makes so much more sense.  Lavishly live life out loud because you know how to gain personalized learning experiences online.