How To Make a Spicy Abuelita Margarita

Abuelita Margarita

The Spicy Abuelita Margarita

I spent some time at a luxury resort in the Baja of Mexico, at the Islands of Loreto to be exact.

What I quickly learned is that poolside was a quiet time, but on the beach is where the party rocked.

If you want to call it a party, lol!

When I travel you know I always try to bring back a new drink or two to share with you.

This time, I went a little bit over and asked the best bartender there to create a fabulous drink.

Let’s just say the bartender is the ‘guru’ of Mixologists.

Never have I seen anyone mix a drink so effortlessly with such natural intent and the tastes are delicious.

So, if you want to know where to find the party head to the beach mixology hut, and just say, ‘make me a drink!’.

Then cob a squat under an umbrella and enjoy the waterfront scenery.

How To Make a Spicy Abuelita Margarita

How to make a spicy margarita abuelita

Traveling has afforded me some of the best opportunities in my life.

Personally, getting to know everyone who works at a resort is such a gift.

Sitting at a bar may sound funny to you, but when you are on a trip with a bunch of people you have nothing in common with, is a great way to mingle.

Just Because I Am On A Trip…

I was on a trip to cover the resort and experience it.

That, I did!

For my job, it’s about finding the story and sharing, and that is just what I did!

Find. Share. Enjoy.

The bar was where it was at. A great distance from the pools and yet close enough to it all! That works for me!

The pool area at the Villa Del Palmar is very quiet.

Again, this is a luxury resort, and it is laid back and quiet.

There is no blaring music, like a typical resort you might find in other places, this is much more refined.

One of only 4 TPC International golf courses resides here, a heavenly spa and tennis.

Accompanied by a waterfront that is loaded with marine life you just have to experience to believe.

Luxury surroundings and a staff that goes out of there way to make you relax, well, it’s tranquility is all I can say!

Abuelita Margarita

Abuelita Margarita on beach

I had met a couple that returns every year for the last ten in fact.

The couple knew David so well, he is now an adopted part of their family.

They were drinking this fun looking beverage that the couple had taught him about upon a request a few year ago!

David added his own flare and his artistic mixology abilities and suddenly there’s a new Margarita at the Villa del Palmar, but you can’t get it if you don’t know the ‘secret menu’.

Just like Starbucks, this is all about the ‘insider’s menu’

David is the star of the show at the Villa del Palmar, but you have to go to the beach to find him.

He is not up in the restaurants.

Go to the beach and enjoy the day, I did and I will never regret it.

The Main Attraction

It’s as pretty as it is delicious.

You might think that the pepper would be hot, and would hamper your ability to drink this.

Not at all is all I can say.

The lime juice counteracts the heat and all is good to go, ‘Bottoms Up’ or should I say, ‘Feet Up’ after this one! WOWZA!

Big Margaritas

Now let’s take one more look at how perfect the beverage is, definitely needs to be respected, and drank beach-side, IMO!

Luxury Resort Overlooking The Islands Of Loreto