Awesome Gweeches in Pittsburgh!

You are craving those iconic Pittsburgh sandwiches. It’s any night of the week, and there’s no occasion, and there doesn’t have to be! 

Iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches. The Gweech You’ll Never forget! 

Fries, slaw, fresh-cut, huge chunks of bread, and wedged in between your choice of cold cuts, fish, burgers, and more. 

the Iconic Pittsburgh sandwiches are more than just hunks of bread with fries, it’s really a Pittsburgh tradition. The bounty of a sandwich arrives on the waxed branded food paper. Simplicity overrides complexity and every bite provides a truly tasteful charm. 

Iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches Big Gweech

This Pittsburgh eatery created the almost famous sandwiches (since 19330 that are talked about across the USA. Those that live in Pittsburgh are lucky because we enjoy Pittsburgh Sandwiches that are almost famous whenever we want! 

What Exactly is a Gweech + Iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches 

Iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches Primanti Bros Corn BeefFor those of you that want more than a sandwich, because those Jimmy Johns are skinnier and skimpier than a hotdog on a bun, you are about to meet a GWEECH. Before writing this article, I never realized others called a sandwich a Gweech! 

A Gweech according to my husband is a tantalizing sandwich, stacked with ‘goodies‘ that are really the ‘best of‘ ingredients, loaded with fries, slaw, and melted cheese.

Basically, a Gweech is a gourmet mixture of ingredients that when all stacked, is so big, that getting your mouth around it is a unique experience, and the more that drops on out the better, because you can scoop up the ‘goodies’ after! YUMMY!!! 

Yes, a Gweech is a high-standard definition of a sandwich that is on steroids, nothing is skimped on and after you eat it, your belly sinks because it is full! And Primanti Bros. kills this definition a Gweech with their ‘Almost Famous Sandwiches’ which I call, Iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches. 

Now, we can continue! 

Cheers. Weekends + Iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches 

Iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches drinks and ducksOf course, there are those places that you love to head to for a happy hour, the happy hour that begins at 9 o’clock – 11P Saturday Nights, and Sunday at 8P-10P on the weekends, and their bar area is awesome. But, so are their wooden booths, that is part of the charm. 

Tip: Any night of the Week for Food 

  • At the beginning of the post, I referenced you don’t need an occcastoin to vist Primanti Bros and it’s true. 
  • the food is fairly priced
  • iconic Pittsburgh sandwiches are huge and you can upgrade to bigger (OMG!)
  • there are great appetizers
  • A fabulous bar area with happy hour every night of the week
  • carry out/curbside — get the Family Pizza special you can’t beat the deal: Pizza (huge), salad (big), soda, for a very reasonable price 
  • the app is perfect for gaining rewards as you dine, so grab it for some freebies. 
  • family gathering spot or couples and friends – no matter why you go it’s fun! 

The Fries are as Yummy as the iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches 

Primanti Bros Fries

So the iconic Pittsburgh sandwiches have those yummy fries tucked inside, but you need to experience these as an appetizer or a drink buddy, lol. Order a Pan of fries, they are like $8 or something close and you will have YOUR fill of fries. Hot, crunchy, perfectly seasoned with salt, not too greasy, and not dry. 

It’s a fry-lovers dream come true! The only awful part is you have to share with everyone at the table! LOL. 

The Drunk Duck For Sipping and Souvenirs 

Iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches Drunk Duck SittingFor those that are visiting Pittsburgh, this is the perfect drink to sip on, while eating the iconic Pittsburgh sandwiches, but wait there’s more… yes a commercial, HA! What you will find are these sweet little rubber duckies floating along with the drink, until they get drunk and sink. Iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches Drunk Duck sinking in glass

If you drink too many of these Drunk Duck drinks you also may sink! Collect them as a souvenir of fun at Primanti Bros. 

Can You Eat At Primanti Bros. If You Don’t Eat Meat?  

meatless Iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches Primanti Bros CheeseSo I am going to answer this optimistically cautiously! I eat there, and I don’t eat meat. But, for those of you who abstain from eating meat as well, you will be very disappointed in your options. I’ve been eating here forever, and we eat there almost once a week, if not more and the options are mundane. 

My ask of Primanti Bros is to reconsider their menu. Just because many people eat meat, there are those that visit for the sports bar scene to be with their partners and well you need better optoins. Add in grilled shrimp, or shrimp poppers, impossible burgers that can be added to that cheese and maybe a veggie hoagie or a salad with impossible meat or shrimp. Please! 

Meatless Options for the Iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches 

Do you eat seafood? You can get the iconic Pittsburgh sandwiches built atop a fried portion of seafood. It’s called the Colossal Fish Sandwich and it comes with all the ‘goodies’ from coleslaw to fries, but it’s not my thing. But it is a generous serving nonetheless. 

There’s also an option of a Deluxe Double egg and cheese, again, not what I am about, so that’s a hard pass. 

Of course, there is a Southwestern Black Bean and Cheese and it’s never been my fave. It’s drier, and probably because it’s not really what they are known for. There are great options they could source, like the Impossible Burger meat and I wish they would come about and add that to the menu to give other meatless eaters better options. 

What do I eat when I am there? The Cheese Combination. It’s good but inconsistent and yes I can say that because we eat between these locations: Cranberry, Steubenville Pike, Allison Park, and the original location in the strip. Sometimes it’s like lead going down, it’s heavy, and other times you hardly can find the cheese. 

Other Meatless Options rather than dining on the iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches 

Cheese pizzaPrimanti Bros Pizza is delicious. It’s different from most others in our area, as it offers a chewier crust, and a simple sauce that’s not complicated with too many spices! Generously covered with cheese and toppings. 

What I love best are the pieces of crust that come puffed up with a big bubble, those are amazing. 

My son loves their Pepperoni Pizza so have a look at that too! 

iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches Pizza

For another alternative and if you are not overly hungry get the zucchini appetizer it’s so good and meatless! 

Iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches Zucchini Appetizer

You also can order any of the salads without the meat, but, that is kind of not a meal IMO and they don’t offer shrimp or tuna but… (keep reading I’ll share my secret)

Tip: The Iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches at the Original Pittsburgh Location! 

menuOften we head right to the Strip District in downtown Pittsburgh because this is the ONLY Primanti Bros location that offers TUNA on their iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches. Plus, we’ve gone here forever and then some. 

It’s got a crazy style, and the staff is different from ANY Other Primanti Bros location. The food is prepared right in front of you if you eat bar-side. Otherwise, the other side is opposite wall and fun as well. 

Inside Strip District location Food Prep area and order

P.S. for anyone that loves anchovies, this is the only Primanti Bros that offers them as well, so now you have a lot of reasons to head to this Primanti Bros location and it’s not just about the iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches it’s the ambiance. Thriving, and perfect! 

Visit + to try the Iconic Pittsburgh Sandwiches

Go hungry, in a group, solo, on a date, for a GNO, and you will leave FILLED! It’s an inexpensive, great eatery that is Pittsburgh Famous even if it’s just sharing it’s ‘almost famous sandwiches!’ 

A hoppin’ atmosphere, great drink options, screens for all the sports you can suck up, and fun times ahead! ~ Dana XO 


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