Incredible Sheepdog Herding Experience in Ireland

Man in pasture with sheepOur sheepdog herding experience in Sligo was one of the most memorable Ireland experiences I’ve had to date.

Actually, our whole Irish Adventure provided Iconic destinations and adventures each day.

However, our incredible sheepdog herding experience in Ireland is one of the best destinations (IMO)!


We visited a working sheep farm. Traveling deeper translated to learning about all the people, their jobs, and how they do these jobs.

In fact, this destination provided all of that and more!

The owner, Martin, and his dog BOB are truly passionate and dedicated to their work.

Learning how Martin Feeney has transitioned his work into today’s times is unbelievably visually stunning.

You won’t find most updates on work being visually stunning, however, this is an exception.

From old school ways to today’s new roles, Martin’s sheepdogs (and Bob the dog we met) truly have paved the road to making a difficult job so much easier.

Don’t let the idea of change fool you, there is a lot of work still being done, but the change Martin incorporated into herding his flock of sheep does make herding better!

In-Depth Sheepdog Herding Experience

Without knowing what to expect, and without asking any questions, we just went.

What I learned today, is about hard work, and dedication.

There’s history, background, and a family that has worked hard to achieve.

Additionally, the experience of being one-on-one with the person who has created one of the first tours that actually teaches, and demonstrates in the AREA is incredible.

His mornings start early, their work (the sheepdogs and his family) is hard.

From all of this, we visited an experience like no other.

In some ways, it was a show of talent, while other ways it was all pride and in the end, I got it.

Martin, answers questions and tells you enough to keep you interested, and runs a great tour stop!
Man in pasture with sheep

Our travels today, started in the town of Knock and then carried on to Derry’s Medieval Walls.

The stop that intrigued me the most, was the one in between.

We visited an incredible sheepdog herding experience in Sligo, Ireland.

I honestly have never seen anything like this.

What I witnessed was one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen to date, herding sheep.

In fact, Bob the dog was quite intimidating to the flock of sheep and they followed his commands.

Bob, was led by his owner Martin via verbal commands and a whistle.

What you are about to experience is how smart sheepdogs are trained to herd flocks of sheep.

You won’t believe it and it is visually stunning and sophisticated, yet so practical and incredible.

Trust me, this is one activity you won’t soon forget!

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An In-Depth Herding Explanation

Sheepdog herding in a pasture

Martin takes the time to discuss different types of sheep and shares why the sheep are marked with Xs of different colors.

Some sheep are in a pen, where you can get really close to them, as he discusses the sheep and their lives.

What’s even more interesting to me is that Martin has taken his job and transitioned it to a very popular tourist attraction.

You do not want to miss this. Martin will entertain, discuss and converse about his sheep and Bob, his dog, and other dogs.

He welcomes questions, cameras, and Facebook posts!

Additionally, he is very responsive on Facebook!

For all of these reasons, Martin is knocking it out of the park!

While your stay here is under an hour (ours was with CIE TOURS International) you will take away memories that will last forever!

Thank you, Martin, for this incredible and unforgettable experience! Congratulations on all of your success and for training such great dogs! ~ DANA XO