Waterfront Dining at Murrells Inlet. Wicked or Wickedly Good?

Treat yourself to Murrells Inlet Waterfront dining! You’ve arrived!

Wicked Tuna Murrells Inlet outsideNo matter where you are along the 60 mile Grand Strand you are within driving distance of Murrells Inlet.

For those wanting a fresh seafood experience, you need only drive about 13 miles from the Myrtle Beach area, to Murrells Inlet.

Murrells Inlet waterfront dining offers 1 spectacular view and has lots of options as I refer to this area as seafood restaurant row!

Your destination at Murrells Inlet is Marsh Walk.

I was a guest of Visit Myrtle Beach, images and story are my own!

Marsh Walk: Food. Fun. More! Murrells Inlet Waterfront Dining

Waterfront Dining Murrells Inlet boardwalk with boatsWhat is Marsh Walk? It’s a beautiful wooden boardwalk that sits atop the natural salt marsh at Murrells Inlet.

Along Marsh Walk are restaurants, eateries, great bars in the restaurants, and live music and you might even see herons and pelicans while you are there.

Doors to the Wicked Tuna waterfront dining at Murrells InletWhat you won’t find there is a cover charge to enjoy the MarshWalk.

Destination: Murrells Inlet Waterfront Dining Featuring 1 Spectacular View

Waterfront dining Wicked Tuna with wine on pierYou might have guessed by now that the Seafood Capital of South Carolina is at Murrells Inlet. It’s a fishing village rich in both history and restaurants.

Murrells Inlet waterfront dining is situated at Marsh Walk. You’ll experience the best real estate when it comes to the most spectacular view of all the Marsh Walk restaurants dining at Wicked Tuna.

Locally sourced seafood, or as they call it, ‘hook to table’ is served up daily in the Wicked Tuna.

Ask to be seated as close to the water as possible, though this place rocks with people so it might not be possible!

Wicked Tuna: Murrells Inlet Waterfront Dining

Let’s start off our foodie fest with Oysters on the 1/2 shell and get it for the whole table to share!

Wicked Tuna Murrells Inlet Oysters on the half shell: Murrells Inlet Waterfront Dining

A generous portion of oysters, ready to share and enjoy, fresh and fabulous. Served with your basics: hot sauce and lemon! ‘

waterfront dining at Murrells Inlet oysterWash those down with some wine!

Murrells Inlet Waterfront Dining & A Side Of Sushi

Don’t miss out on the freshest Sushi I have experienced on the Grand Strand.

Wicked Tuna Murrells Inlet sushi roll: Murrells Inlet Waterfront Dining

This is the tray that was at my table of sushi. Yes, it was very good. So what’s better than Murrells Inlet waterfront dining? The view!

Eat. Chat. Sip. Repeat. Then, look outside and enjoy the waterfront!

Shrimp Me!

Yes, that’s a buck of Giant Cocktail Shrimp and if fresh would describe how delish these were, I’d use that adjective, but go beyond that word and just know BIG Flavor ahead!

wicked Tuna Murrells Inlet bucket of shrimp

Murrells Inlet waterfront dining is not just about the food, it’s about the ambiance.

What could be more delicious than Crab Rangoon?

I just kept looking outside, because experiencing

It seemed that with every bite of food, the water just looked more divine!

Wicked Tuna Murrells Inlet Crab Rangoon

As the sunlight settles while you are at Murrells Inlet Waterfront Dining…

Once I ordered it was time to take in Murrells Inlet Waterfront Dining on the outside rather than from my chair.

wicked Tuna Murrells Inlet menu lobsterMake sure to saunter outside and enjoy the atmosphere. You’ll have time between your appetizers and entrees.

Even if you are seated close by, walk on the deck and enjoy it.

waterfront dining at Murrells Inlet wine glass time

Take time to savor the beauty, and tranquility of Murrells Inlet.

It’s busy as can be yet when you look straight out on the water, it is suddenly calm and gorgeous!

Then, you will turn around and your food will be on the table! Time to eat!

Lobster Trio: Murrells Inlet Waterfront Dining full of YUM!

waterfront dining at Murrells Inlet Lobster

Tips before you go to Murrells Inlet Waterfront Dining with 1 Spectacular View!

waterfront dining at Murrells Inlet lobster and boats on water

  1. You can make a reservation and larger parties definitely should.
  2. Waits can get extremely long especially during peak hours and summer!
  3. There’s often entertainment along the Marsh Walk.
  4. Don’t worry about a cover charge they don’t!
  5. Sometimes it’s cooler at night, so bring a light sweater!
  6. Also, you can order online if you prefer NOT To dine in!
  7. Wicked Tuna is one of many restaurants here, so you will have many options!
  8. Besides seafood, Wicked Tuna serves steak, salads, and chicken as well.