Old School Glamour and Live Music On The Vegas Strip

On The Vegas Strip

Old School Glamour and Live Music On The Vegas Strip

One of my ‘things’ on my destination Vegas list was a live show, with good music, live and a bit more intimate than those larger venues. Looking for a good show, with some interesting twists to it was easy.  I found a few write-ups about this live show which I am about to share with you. 

If you are seeking that old school glamour and live music on the Vegas Strip, the Mirage is your destination. For those that are staying there, you don’t have to travel far. Get ready to indulge in some sleek dancing, a lovely sounding swing band, and some great vocals. Matt Goss is the show you are looking for at the 1 Oak nightclub at the Mirage.

Get your glitz on, sling back a few drinks and enjoy a bit of Vegas nightlife. Lavishly live old-school glamour and live music on the strip out loud!

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I was provided show tickets to Matt Goss at the Mirage, opinion,  and content are my own based on my experience.

Matt Goss Show

I love a great night out, and dressing up is part of that. Part of me is always drawn to great music, and my favorite is the big bands and Rat Pack, I love it! Earlier in my life, I was an accomplished Alto/Baritone Saxophone player and trained pianist (during college). Therefore,  I came to the show expecting a lot of Sinatra and Rat Pack music, but there’s a bit more there than just that.

Your Entertainment Begins Here

the Vegas Strip

Matt Goss ‘Dirty Virgin Dancers’ 

the Vegas Strip

These ladies are a show on their own and when they are out and dancing the show really comes alive.

From slinky dancing to fun playful interactive ‘audience’ dances, there’s a lot to love!

the Vegas Strip

Note the smile on my husband’s face, lol!

The Show

the Vegas Strip

Matt Goss is very audience-friendly and worked the room, shaking everyone’s hand during one of his songs.

He’s an eye-to-eye guy which enriches who he is and his performance.

There are no denying his vocals, they are crisp, clean and ‘on’ the entire time.

While the show offers some of the ‘Rat Pack’-like songs, there is a deviation from that as well such as ‘Hotel California’ and an Alicia Keyes song.

I am sure this is because Matt has such a big background in his earlier years at the one half of ‘Bros’ with his twin brother.

My preference, Matt’s vocals, and those famed songs from the Rat-Pack era, and a few of Matt’s own songs written because he ‘ex-fiance’ ‘pissed him off’ as he states in his show!

Lesson to ex-fiance as Matt said it:  “Never piss off a songwriter” — Google who she was if you want to know more!

How To Dress

The idea of a show in Vegas at night should certainly give you a good lead into what to wear, but if it does not, let me help you out. While there is no true dress code, what I observed and dressed in myself…

Ladies on a whole were in dresses all with a bit of glitz and fun shoes. Guys were a bit more diverse from ties to no ties, jackets to no jackets, and even some jeans and dress shirts.

If I might be so bold as to suggest dressing up, it is what ‘old Vegas’ was known for and what the show is going for! Leave the flip-flops, tees, and tanks for the daytime and outdoors. Instead, pull out those dresses you buy and ‘woulda, coulda and shoulda’ because you have the chance to dress up.


We arrived just a few minutes before the show and had great seating.  Make sure to pick your tickets up ahead. Our shout out to Rose at the Mirage front desk for all of her help that evening!

Have a fabulous time at the Matt Goss Show we did ~ DANA