Prep Your Car For Summer Road Trips and Vacation

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Even driving your car for a few hours warrants a quick prep up and for those longer trips from 10+ hours to a few days, you really want to make sure you are set to drive.

Prep your car for summer road trips and vacation ahead of time to save downtime while driving.

There’s a lot to consider when you decide to drive rather than fly and it all starts with car prep. You will be spending time on the road, and you don’t want to be at an automotive repair.

Plan ahead and prep your car for summer road trips and vacation and get from Point A to be B with flawless driving execution.

Prep Your Car For Summer Road Trips and Vacation

Buy Local, Maintenance Local

The biggest theme across the USA is to BUY LOCAL, isn’t it? Whether you are purchasing food, home decor, heading out to eat or purchasing a car, buy it locally! Support local businesses and it is handy when you need ‘stuff’ too!

Before you pack up your car schedule your vehicle for a quick maintenance appointment. Then, go to the local dealership where you purchased your vehicle and get the once over before climbing behind the wheel!

Why? From oil changes to brakes, your dealership will only employ experienced and trained technicians for your car brand. That means you can trust that your vehicle gets the right person working on it and that matters!

Last, keep your alerts on from your dealer if they offer email outreach for future optional maintenance offers, then schedule appointments during those time periods!

Windshield Chatter

The unknown is the road ahead and that is part of the lure, right? Your primary objective behind the steering wheel is to be able to see clearly. In order to assure great visibility make certain that you have plenty of windshield fluid for bug spatter and dirt that adheres.

Next, it is very important to make sure your windshield wiper blades, actually wipe and not smear, no need to see double. Or, you really need to see through a clear and clean window.

If your wipers are not working it is easy to have them replaced. You can replace them yourself if you are handy or you can have your local dealership change them up in minutes.


Do make certain to have a few bottles of water in your car. These are not good warm but they can come in handy in case of spills, or thirst.

The Smartphone Wallet –

If you forget your wallet, and you need gas, what are you gonna do? Load your smartphone wallet with your CC. SO many gas stations will accept your Apple Pay or PayPal Here if you have an iPhone. Android users look for Pass2U.

Have you seen these? Now is the time to get one if you are not wanting to load your information onto your actual phone!
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Perhaps you don’t want to put your credit card numbers into your phone’s wallet, use the alternative, a true phone wallet! It is a smartphone credit card wallet sticker!

These are incredibly perfect for keeping your credit cards with you and your phone and some cash!

This particular one is very smart it has the RFID signal blocking tech built-in so that your CC number won’t be able to be hacked while it is ‘on your person!’

A Full Tank

Never leave home without a full tank of gas and the highway, as you don’t’ know where your adventure will lead you. After you have your car serviced, and before you load it up for the trip, make certain to fill the fuel.

Spare Me The Excuses

Check your spare tire out. Make sure you have what you need to change a tire and if you are not planning on changing your own, have your AAA card with you. Don’t just think you have what you need, rather make certain of it.

Use this checklist to get ready and then be safe and hit the road! ~Dana Xo

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