Savvy Reasons To Mediterranean Cruise During Quiet Season

There’s nothing like a cruise through the Mediterranean. Seductively romantic, simply satisfying, picturesque cities and countries, offering all the best in flavorful cuisine await your arrival. Go, but only when it is the quiet season. 

Quiet Season Mediterranean Cruises

Mediterranean Map quiet season Mediterranean CruisesWhen you are ready to bask in the warmth of the Mediterranean and indulge in history, rich cultural experiences, and incredibly flavorful cuisine, you are ready for quiet season Mediterranean cruises. Truly unparalleled experiences await the savvy traveler. 

What you will love most is the in-depth exploration you can conquer in each country and its respective, well-known, and loved cities. Every season is different and the off-season is amazing, unlike any other time of the year.

Fall and winter are welcome changes for the savvy traveler and offer advantageous travel, I’ll share more shortly. 

First, what destinations can I travel to for quiet season Mediterranean cruises

Quiet Season Mediterranean Cruises: What Destinations Can I Expect To Travel To? 

quiet season Mediterranean Cruises Greece FeatureTravel to Mediterranean countries such as: 

  • Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, and Italy (4 countries one voyage) 
  • Greece, Turkey, Italy, Monaco, France, and Spain (6 countries one voyage) AMAZING! 
  • Spain, France, Monaco, and Italy (4 counties one voyage)
  • Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, and Italy (22 days, 4 Countries)

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Be Captivated By Quiet Season Mediterranean Cruises. 

Quiet Season Mediterranean Cruises for the savvy travelerSo what do quiet season Mediterranean cruises present like? Think of the Mediterranean during peak season, as an over-filled Kenny Chesney Concert, those that didn’t get tickets and tailgate while adding in all those with tickets that tailgate. Now you are getting the picture. 


Sure, the Mediterranean is a great destination any time of the year but quiet season Mediterranean cruises have what I’ll term as optimum experiences. 

However, do note that if you like the hustle and bustle of the European cities, this is NOT the time to go! It’s a far cry from your typical spring and summer journies. 

No. 1 & 2: Sightseeing During Quiet Season Mediterranean Cruises 

quiet season Mediterranean Cruises VeniceWhile you will be cruising and you will still have to be responsible about boarding time, you will be able to slow your roadonce you get off the ship and begin touring. 

In other words, you can truly relish at the famed sites, slower and more in-depth.

Ogle, enjoy and not worry about getting pushed, shoved, bumped, and distracted. Linger, enjoy. Why?

With fewer people, you have more space and better options to enjoy. 

Just imagine this St. Mark’s Square above, with even fewer people, what would that be like to experience? Imagine the moment, the images, the ambiance! 

Consider the picture before St. Mark’s Square, the photos in Greece. Reimagine the normally bustling Plaka District and the Acropolis not so hustled. Ahhh, tranquility to enjoy! 

Don’t worry about snapping that extra photo, or if you are getting in someone else’s photo because chances are you are not! Fewer travelers equal fewer people, and that means a better bang for your buck while you are out and about! 

Additionally, the vineyards are already harvested, farms are calming down, and locals congregate a bit more as this is their quiet season as well! A very stark contrast to the spring and summer seasons where work is met with triumph through production, sales, and tourism. 

No. 3 – This one factor alone may create you to book right now! 

Quiet season Mediterranean Cruises Naples Almalfi CoastFor those that have experienced the weather in the Spring and Summer which are when quiet season Mediterranean cruises are actually not quiet and instead popular tourist season, then you understand this element. 

I often compare the Mediterreanean to California weather. It’s always lovely, but quite warm and at times, too warm. While the scenery will forever be picturesque the heat of the day, can absolutely stifle and rival your ‘good’ experience to the point that you will not feel like touring. 

So, if you are a savvy traveler, and love temperate, cooler air, I would always suggest quiet season Mediterranean cruises because you will tolerate and appreciate the cooler air and it won’t impact your travels. 

No. 4 ~ Spectacular Commemoration of Your Journey 

What better way to forever recant, recall, cherish, remember, share and embrace a destination than through a holiday. With Fall and Winter travel you can enjoy a worldwide celebrated holiday such as Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Years Day, Valentines, etc. Yes indeed, quiet season Mediterranean cruises provide that opportunity, and what a festive time of year to travel! 

Consider this your chance to engage in some serious retail therapy with one-of-a-kind gifts, and finds. The lights, the trees, the decor, the lure of merriment will just abound and surround. What a great time to travel! 

No. 5 ~ Savvy to The Euro, Turkish Lira, American Dollar. 

In case you had not considered quiet season Mediterranean cruises, the last reason might be the ace in the hole you have been waiting for to gain the most value for your spend. 

Honestly, in every way, you will get an excellent quality-price ratio.

Depending on the Cruise brand you choose*, you will get lower season airfare, and you might note that the markets and shops have better pricing. It’s not tourism season. 

Goodness, I remember a summer in Italy where we paid $25 American dollars + $3 additional dollars for A sandwich and some ketchup for the Italian fries (true story!) 

You’ll have a better chance to shop, which means you can consider your purchase, before buying because there are fewer people, which again saves you money. Plus, chances are you will spend less during the quiet season overall. 

Off-Season Mediterranean Cruises Are Not 

Are you still contemplating quiet season Mediterranean cruises? I have to tell you, don’t even contemplate it. 

Off-season Mediterranean cruises are not: 

  • boring
  • less staffed
  • uninteresting
  • inaccessible
  • over-priced
  • under-organized
  • Unfun 

Quiet Season Mediterranean Cruises: 

  • offer unparalleled touring experiences
  • are when you find fewer crowds
  • can be much more immersive (because you can meet more locals) 
  • maybe less expensive* (from flights to shopping)
  • offer more festive touring times (holidays, holiday markets)
  • become very cultural because you can access more that YOU want to see and spend more time
  • are definitely more temperate and comfortable
  • Often are less visited 
  • offer more open spaces, which allows you to focus intently on the things you love without bumping into others! 

The Overall Truth About Mediterranean Cruises 

Travel when you can to the Mediterranean. While I prefer fewer crowds, more time, less expense, you know that these are just savvy cruise traveler advantages. Overall, whether you choose quiet season Mediterranean cruises or peak season, as long as you find the right cruise line to take this sojourn with, you will love your time spent. 

Mediterranean cruises are an optimal way to discover, learn, experience, interact and share in history, culture, cuisine, and more. 

For those that live by less is more, be a savvy traveler and visit during the off-season, but for those that just want to experience the Mediterranean just go. NO matter the season, you don’t need a reason, travel to the Mediterranean. 

Dana Vento is an award-winning travel blogger with work featured in Cabarrus, Niagara Falls USA, and Instagram Photography of Southern Delaware photography winner. Dana is also often featured in Google Travel Discover Topics was recently named No. 46 of 101 Instagram Influencers to watch! Contact Dana to cover your destination!♥