Fantastic Berlin Restaurants You’ll Love

It was the best trip I’ve ventured on in a while, and the food in Berlin is awesome. Leaning on the local hoteliers to learn about some of the best basic eats and some of the more ‘local’ favorites, I stumbled upon some really great eateries and foods I want to share with you! 

Really Impressive Berlin Eateries!

Really Impressive Berlin Eateries - food, beer, ravioli

As a serious foodie, you can only imagine my delight in finding really good eateries, bars, and cafes in Germany. The surprise was the different ambiances available. From waterside to traditional indoor dining I enjoyed it all.

Let the truth be known, I did eat a good bit of Italian food in Germany. After all, you can take the girl out of Italy but you can’t take the Italian out of the gal!

What I uncovered was a combination of both food and beverages you don’t want to miss, about 11 of them! 

6 Really Impressive Berlin Eateries: How I Created This List & Why. 

Berlin Really Good Eateries You will Want to FindI traveled to Berlin on a College Trip for Political Science. Every chance I got, my friends and I head out to discover great foods and destinations. 

My list offers a bit of every kind of food and also, I liked some of the really impressive Berlin eateries I am sharing because they had WiFi, and great prices too, which the latter surprised me. 

As a daughter of a travel writer, my mom has taught me one thing: “travel is only as good as the culinary tastes” and she is so right.

After dining in many different places in Germany, I believe I loved the food in Berlin the best. Therefore, after going around, taste-testing and savoring every bite, I decided to curate this listicle of 6 really impressive Berlin eateries so you too can experience the yum factor in Berlin. 

To be honest, I was thankfully not on a budget, so I chose what looked good, as did my friends. We all just wanted to have the best time and eat well. In the end, the prices were super reasonable, much different from some trips I have been on with my parents, island hopping and cruising. 

Last, please know this was not sponsored travel nor were my meals sponsored. Rather, it’s just me, Kallie Vento sharing what I found!

No. 1 of the Really Impressive Eateries in Berlin:  Zille Stube – 

Zille Stube - Really Impressive Berlin Eateries

Let’s start here. We stopped in Zille Stube it is truly authentic German Cuisine. And so you know where it is: it’s smack dab in the middle of the historical Nikolaiviertel.  What an ambiance, great German food, and Berlin music. The walls are loaded with cool ‘stuff’ too. That’s the beginning of why this made my list of really impressive eateries in Berlin, but there’s more. 

So I did eat German food and each bite was ‘WOW!”

This really good Berlin eatery had many options, so, guess what’s on my plate and don’t just say chicken because you are wrong!

(1) Chicken breast fillet topped with cheese and tomatoes and a Paprika cream sauce served with a side salad. Those ‘things’ that look like mozzarella sticks are potato croquettes. Please get your DROOL off the screen thank you. The cost of this may flux but it was only $14 US Dollars. Hooray! Reasonable and tasty!

Dress Tip For Enjoying Really Impressive Berlin Eateries: Zille Stube. 

By night,  I suggest more upscale dressing, such as nicer pants, and sweaters, etc. Just know that this eatery had that ambiance, but it was not mandatory.  This information is just in case you want to know. Business casual would be fine. 

No. 2 of 6 Really Impressive Berlin Eateries  Palm Beach at AlexanderPlatz

7 Really Impressive Berlin Eateries, AlexanderPlatz burgers and fries

Get tasty burgers and fries here

Oh, my foodgasm as my mom might say! The burgers and fries (2/11) here are super good and may give the old USA a run for their money. Yum! Outdoor and indoor seating. We sat inside because of the odd weather today.

So if you are looking for the most visited spot in Berlin, Alexander Platz is the place! In fact, it’s in the central of the Mitte district and it’s always poppin’! Now, as far as burgers go, the cost was only $8 US Dollars, making it very reasonable for such a popular spot.

Why else might you love it here? We loved being here because we are the legal drinking age, so we sipped on a few cool cocktails and relished the fun vibe. 

P. S. For all of you looking for free WiFi get your fill here! It’s where I snapped a lot while so I could chatter with my US friends. A very casual place to hang and dress casual like jeans, tees, etc.

No. 3 of 6 Really Impressive Berlin Eateries:  Solino

It is time to get your Italian on! Get a little dressed here. You can dress up or be business casual but less would not be better. Oh, this is the best date place, cozy and romantic, but let’s be serious I was here for school, not the dating thing!

Wine is a must when you are here, it solidifies the ambiance. A bottle or two, just kidding, but get a glass. Italian is the food theme and delicious is the taste.

My Meal

Pasta in Pesto at Solinos in Berlin

Fresh pasta, in a pesto sauce with pine nuts, parmesan, and a bed of arugula (3/11). I need more of this! It was so perfectly portioned and full of taste. Wildly magnificent and the cost was under $15 to dine!

No. 4 of 6 Really Impressive Eateries In Berlin…Augustiners 

We dined here (we as in me and friends) a few different times, the food is so good. The prices are probably more like a $$$ range in the USA, and worth every penny! 

Augustiners in Berlin. Pork Knuckle + Beer

Pork Knuckle (4/11) and Beers (5/11) holy good food and beer. My first meal after landing and one of the best!

Let’s talk about this pork knuckle! The pork knuckle was crisp and in one piece. I ate the whole thing I was starving and it was delicious. It came with Bavarian cabbage! Running about $21 for the meal.

Augustiner eatery, Beer in glass

I also had a few beers, which were a few dollars each. When in Germany….

On A Different Night, A Different Meal at my No. 4 of 6 Really Good Berlin Eateries 

You might almost call me a regular, ha! Returning on another evening I enjoyed this fab meal. Cheese noodles Allgäu (6/11) with a small mixed salad. 

Delish. Sorry, it looks blue the color somehow messed up. I was not going to share but seriously it is too good not to show you.

Noodle dish at Augustiner

Let’s add a German ber in. Now the photo is much better, don’t you agree? Maybe the beer was why the pic turned blue. Just kidding, a little German humor for you. 

Beer is a staple everywhere and the taste is sweet not like our American Brews. It is different, almost hard to describe. In America, I do not like to drink beer.

Beer and noodles in Germany.

Beyond the Beer at Augustiner ~ Dessert (7/11)

The Grand Finale is strudel and I say, “Keep filling my plate up.” Sweet, flaky, yet not oversweet. Crusty and delectable, light, airy, everything you want it to be, and more.

Meet warm apple strudel with a Vanilla Sauce. How good it is!

Strudel at Augustiner. Really Impressive Berlin Eateries

The last look so you know where to go. After all, I ate here a few times, you have to try it at least once. Plus those pork knuckles are calling your name! Have a beer for me too! 

Augustiners front image of beer barrel

No. 5 of 6 Really Impressive Berlin Eateries Adds In Urban Flair 


 Ready for some Urban flair? I found it at Ampelmännchen. Outdoor, Al fresco-style dining with music and incredible city views. First, look at this dish, it is so European. The food in the dish was even better, but I an appreciation for well-presented pasta dishes. Call it an ‘Italian thing!’

Penne, red peppers, feta cheese, and onions, (8/11) probably other stuff I don’t know about, but totally delish!

Urban Flair at another of the Really Impressive Berlin Eateries. Me and my pasta Find AMPELMANN restaurant in the historic S-Bahn bows near the Hackescher Market.

We loved the ambiance, so hip, and so urban. Trendy dining and affordable. This meal and the wine $14. Yep! Really delicious too! That bowl is deep and loaded total food fest!

No. 6 of 6 Impressive Berlin Eateries: WEYERS Restaurant

Seek this place out and do not stop until you find it. Oh is it good and so really inexpensive? The meal was by far the talk of all who joined in. Outdoor, delicious, inexpensive, and really for lack of a better word FRESH. We loved that we could sit outside, what a plus. A cafe environment.

Weyers Restaurant

Outdoor dining, elegant eats, and mint tea (9/11)to die for. Yes, that is what you will find at WEYERS Restaurant. Stop, go no further a treat of treats awaits you here. Look how quaint. love it.

On My Plate: Asparagus ravioli with wild garlic sauce (10/11) and a small salad. White asparagus, not the traditional green. It is Asparagus season here in May and every dish celebrates it. This was perfection.

Asparagus Ravioli and Arugula

And mint tea that will just send you to a new universe and back. I never had tea brewed like this. Love the fresh mint in the brew.

Homemade Mint Brewed Tea in Berlin

Make sure to indulge in these 6 really impressive Berlin eateries & 11 foods and drinks! ~KallieVXO