Tips For Filling Easter Baskets

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I love the holidays and now Easter is rapidly approaching. I make the most out of every shopping opportunity that I get, whether I am in a mall, a grocery store or an office supply store. Every store offers great items you just have to know what you are looking for. 

Are you ready to fill up the Easter baskets with great treats that your kids and family will love and use throughout the year and not just on one day? You don’t have to fill up the basket with sweet treats to get the attention of your family because the goods you are about to fill that basket with are practical and super for every age!

The hardest age to create baskets for are teens, but I have this solved, so no worries. Let’s grab theses Tips On Filling Easter Baskets With Office Supplies and lavishly live this holiday out loud!

Tips For Filling Easter Baskets

Scribble & Live Life Colorfully

Markers, colored pencils, and all those fun new fantastic crayon products are perfect for every basket and everyone.  Find markers that erase, smear, and create color all over. New pens are great for Easter Baskets for adults and kids love markers and pens! Who doesn’t love a comfort pen or one that flows when it writes? Perhaps your kids are obsessed with how a pen feels in their hand and they love particular grips, embellish that with great pens and bags of pens!

Gift Cards Lavishly Let Them Spend 

I am excited to present this post to you on behalf of Tatu Digital Media, and while it offers a hosted giveaway, the ideas are my own to help you easily and lavishly create fun and giving Easter Baskets. 

Gift Cards are always the perfect gift and if you shop at an Office Max near you buying gift cards will give you added bonuses.

I love gift cards because they are versatile gifts.  When you offer up say a Visa Gift Card the recipient spends it how they want to spend it. Gift Cards are the perfect fit for anyone from kids to adults and the freedom to buy what you want, when you want is lovely.

Get Colorful

Now it’s not just about fun pens and pencils and markers, don’t forget to grab up the paper, and colors of paper and fun folders to store and organize. The kids can give their school binders a fresh makeover with some fun, fresh supplies.  Think creatively, leading you to all the fun grabs, like fun colored clips, and tags, and stickies, this season is about color, lavishly live it out loud.